Prophetic Bulletins


A Prophetic Word for 2009

The year 2009 is a continuation of 2008, which was a year for new beginnings. The number 8 prophetically often stands for new beginnings.  What the Lord began in 2008 He is building upon in 2009.  God has a purpose in all that He does. For every church, ministry and Christian, there is a foundation that God is laying in order to bring forth something glorious – a Church that reveals the glory of God. I believe that in 2008, God birthed a “new thing” that will usher in Church life the way that God intended it to be – filled with the power, glory and manifest presence of God.

With every new beginning there is a starting point with an objective. In 2008, there were new things birthed in the Church and the lives of individuals. For our ministry 2008 was the best year we have experienced.  As early as last January, the Lord began to speak to us about the Promise Land. We crossed the River Jordan on 8-08-08 that shifted us into a whole new spiritual level that launched us into a new beginning. In September Destiny Church Fellowship was birthed along with the mandate by the Lord to establish watchmen on the walls, which we continue to develop and build upon.

Although in the natural, the things birthed in 2008, may seem like small beginning, they have the potential to become powerful ministries. Anything birthed from the heart of God, is not to be despises, no matter how small or insignificant they may appear to be. What God began in your heart is to be nurtured with prayer, the word of God and His Spirit, until that which He revealed to you from heaven is manifested on earth. This is the essence of faith.

Prophetic vision requires faith in order to perceive and call forth that which was decreed in heaven through intercession until it is revealed on earth. What God reveals through prophetic revelation to His people, always requires a proper interpretation, timing and wisdom in order to bring it forth. It is calling those things that are not and navigating through the process until they become a spiritual reality.  Unfortunately many people go from revelation to revelation, without laying a foundation for God to build upon. In other words, it’s like receiving seeds that God sows in our lives, that do not take root in our hearts in order to grow and bear fruit.

What many Christians look for, is the blessing. God is looking for farmers who will prepare the soil, (hearts of God’s people) plant the seeds (His Word) and nourish it with the watering of the Holy Spirit (anointing) and tend to it until it blossoms to bear fruit. For example, we knew after we crossed Jordan last August, that the Lord wanted us to establish the watchmen’s ministry. What was decreed in heaven was proclaimed on earth that those who have ears to hear what the Spirit says might respond. Then a series of biblical teachings followed in order to lay the proper foundation for the Watchmen’s ministry.  This brought the understanding. Like seeds, by faith people heard His words and received them in their hearts.

For those who heard the call to become a watchmen, respond to the call. This was followed by mobilizing them and providing opportunities for them to function in the church as Watchmen on the walls. Through time, experience and exposure to this ministry, the Watchmen’s ministry was established. It is however in it’s infant stages. The foundation that was laid in 2008, God will now build upon in 2009.

The Maturing Process

The events that led up to this transition however a lengthy process was. Instead of wandering around in the wilderness facing the same obstacles going around the same mountains year after year, we responded to the work of the Lord’s hands in our lives by allowing Him to deal with our heart issues and attitudes to conform us into His image and likeness.

New beginnings are not birthed in the state of maturity, but immaturity. For example, when you were born again, the first day of your life in Christ was just the beginning of your journey to maturity in Christ. Your born again experience did not stop at the foot of the cross, but was the entry place to the realms of heaven, “for we have been delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the Kingdom of His Son” (Col. 1″27).

As you know from experience spiritual growth is a process. Part of the process is the cutting away of that which does not bear life, and the pruning back of that which does. From the time of your salvation, the Lord has been purging the old to make way for the new that you may bear more fruit. And that which is bearing fruit in Christ, God is pruning “that it may bring forth more fruit” (John 15:2). This was the process of change required in order for us to be able to move on, which involves purging and pruning the dead branches that were not bearing fruit. For whom the Lord loves He chastens as His own Son.

Our ultimate goal however is not just to reach our destiny to fulfill our ministry, but to abide in Christ each day while traveling on the journey to our destination. Whether the goals are short term or long, your aspirations, zeal and fire for God, will depend on how close you walk with God. He is our purpose and our destination. The heart of God is that we abide in His presence continually for fellowship. God is all about relationship. Without this, our new beginnings would simple turn into another project or social activity that we call ministry. What God births are not to become a program, but to fulfill His will on earth as it is in heaven.

This of course He is doing through His people. To be carriers of His glory, requires that we rise and shine with His glory that reveals His image and likeness. It is through our everyday life’s experiences that God uses as the means to take us from “glory to glory” by the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The purpose of change is to bring us closer to the Lord, which of course involves a process. Although the process of change is most often difficult, it is well worth it as the results is more of God in our midst and personal life and ministry. That’s our quest, more of Him!

The apostle Paul tells us that it is by many trials and tribulations that we enter into the Kingdom of God. I interpret this to mean, “As you overcome your trials, you will be given more Kingdom power and authority.” Every trial and tribulation, every circumstance and situation, is our golden opportunity to become more Christ like.

How long we stay in the wilderness being embittered by life’s battles, wounded by those that have hurt us, suffering from rejection by those who have misunderstood us, harboring envy and jealousy, creating divisions and strife in the body of Christ, will keep one from living the life of an overcomer in Christ. We cannot possess the Promise Land until we are first possessed by Christ. We cannot be carriers of His glory until we have His divine nature, which reveals His glory. The purpose of the wilderness journey is given to us in Deuteronomy 8:2,

  • To humble you
  • To prove you
  • To know what is in your heart

Those who overcome will inherit the promise given to us in Deut. 8:8, “A land of wheat, and barley and vines, and fig trees, and pomegranates; and land of oil and honey.

The exodus from Egypt to the Promise Land is a journey that every believer must take. The time that it takes to enter into the Promise Land to where they are not only overcomes in Christ, but taking the land and possessing in, depends upon their response to conform to His ways. I see this Exodus as a continual flow of people coming out of the wilderness. This is not a onetime event, but the call of every believer. It is never too late for a Christian to give up the old to come into the new.

The apostle Paul tells us that it is by many trials and tribulations that we enter into the Kingdom of God. I interpret this to mean, “As you overcome your trials, you will be given more Kingdom power and authority.” Every trial and tribulation, every circumstance and situation, is our golden opportunity to become more Christ like.

In His heart and love

Roy Roden