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Use Your Gifts by Bill Yount

Below is a word of wisdom by Bill Yount in regards to that of exercising our gifts by developing and using them. We are not born again as mature Christians ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit, but we mature as we walk with Christ and use them. You obtain wisdom from experience and you gain strength by exercising your muscles. The same holds true for the development of our spiritual gifts and talents. You may have read this recently on the Elijah list. I have posted it here as it a timely word of wisdom to help prepare for the church for the times.

It Takes Practice to get into the Super bowl and the Super-Natural

bill-yount“But strong meat belongs to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.” Hebrews 5:14

The word exercise means: something practiced so as to increase one’s skill. What dawns on me about the Super Bowl is that these teams don’t get there by just winning enough games. They won enough games to get there through exercise and a lot of practice!

I would like to quote the words from an announcer, Mike Keith, from a football game called the “Music City Miracle” on January 8th, 2000. With just sixteen seconds left in the game, the Tennessee Titans were losing by one point. As the Buffalo Bills were getting ready to kick off to the Titans, Mike Keith wondered prophetically, “Do the Titans have a miracle left in them in what has been a magical season to this point? If they do, they need it now.”

Then as the Titans received the kick-off, they performed some unusual maneuvers and a lateral pass that caused the announcer to start shouting, “Forty, thirty, twenty, ten, five, end zone! Touchdown Titans! There are no flags on the field! It’s a miracle! A miracle for the Titans! The Titans win!” (Quotes taken from “And the Fans Roared,” narrated by Bob Costas.)

Some Miracles Begin in the Mud!

Now let me bring you back down to earth. Even by this announcer’s words, it was a supernatural intervention of God and they called it “a miracle.” But did you notice that God did not carry the football? God didn’t touch the football! God works with and through men, women and children to bring about the supernatural.

I personally believe this miracle and many miracles have a beginning or starting place. This miracle started long before that football season even began; it started way back in the everyday, ordinary grind of this team’s practice sessions of getting mud in their face, bruises on their bodies, and some broken bones. Some miracles begin in mud!

One day Jesus picked up some earth and spit on it and made mud, and He touched the eyes of a blind man with it – and the blind man saw! How many of us today would get in that prayer line? Naaman was told to go dip in the muddy Jordan River to get healed! He came up a “muddy healed” man!

For the Titans, this miracle kept growing inside of them in spite of some losses of games throughout that season. I believe they practiced to get into that supernatural zone of miracles! Just like in the natural, we practice to get into the supernatural things of God.

I have heard coaches talk before a game, saying that they have confidence to win if they had a good week of practice. In fact, if a player misses practice that week, they normally don’t get to play the next game. Great players esteem practice even above the game! The games become the outworking of their practice sessions!

The Greatest “Super Bowl” in Heaven is About to Be Tipped Over Upon the Earth!

I believe there’s a Super “Bowl” in Heaven about to tip over and pour out signs, wonders and miracles upon this world. I know that I have been in practice for 35 years for this “Super Bowl”! I believe we have not seen some miracles, healings and wonders because we have missed some of our practice sessions. In my 35 years of walking with God, I am finally learning what I have been doing – I have been practicing!

I have been practicing walking with the Lord in the Spirit – in the everyday grind of life. I get hit hard at times and fall down, getting mud in my face. I get bruised. I have gotten a few broken “spiritual” bones. I have been practicing – hearing His voice and obeying it. I keep practicing – believing for healing and miracles. I practice the presence of God and I let my imagination run wild, believing in the supernatural.

I am practicing for the greatest “Super Bowl” in history, a bowl that is about to be tipped over to pour out the greatest outpouring of miracles and wonders this world has ever seen. I practice believing for it!

We Mature through Practicing

I believe we have to practice our spiritual gifts, to mature in them. We are not born mature in the natural and we are not born mature in any part of the spiritual either. If you notice, the more you speak in tongues the larger your vocabulary becomes. The more we practice praying for the sick, the more our faith grows and we see more healings.

I pray for people who are dying, most without the hoped for result, but I am still practicing building up my spiritual muscles to soon see resurrections from the dead take place! The more we practice writing the prophetic, the more prophetic our writings become. When I first started writing, my writing was pathetic, but now it has become more prophetic. The more we practice prophesying, the more accurate our prophecies become.

Practicing Having the Mind of Christ

“For ‘who has known the mind of the LORD that he may instruct Him?’ But we have the mind of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 2:16

It’s believed that we have two sides of the brain. The one side is analytical and the other side is creative. I have met people, including myself, who seem to lean on one side or the other. I have met people who are so analytical that they are not open to the supernatural creativity that God has given to us. Others I have met are so super-spiritual that they don’t know how to live in the ordinary, everyday stuff of life. They are not practical at all.

I believe the Lord wants to bring the Practical and the Supernatural together this hour. He wants to bring both sides of our minds together to glorify Him.

Compassion Unlocks Creativity in Us that Causes Miracles and Healings to Begin

Here is an example – Jesus needs to feed five thousand people. Here is the analytical side from the disciples: “Five loaves and two fishes, what is that among so many?” Now that is practical. Jesus looks upon the multitude and He can hear five thousand men’s hungry stomachs growling plus their wives’ and children’s’. He actually feels that Himself, as He knows what it is like to go hungry for forty days for you and me.

He becomes overwhelmed with compassion and the “creative” mind of Christ kicks in. Jesus thinks a moment. “Five loaves and two fishes to feed five thousand men plus women and children…equals…Twelve baskets left over! Go ahead and start feeding them!” Compassion is always the key to releasing miracles.

Let’s keep practicing using our gifts with compassion. The greatest “Super Bowl” on the earth is just ahead for us!

Bill Yount – Blow the Shofar