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Called from Birth

Do you often feel lonely, isolated and at times forsaken? This is a common trait that every watchmen struggles with. These symptoms are natural because our main call is to be with Him. God desires our fellowship. Thus our battle often lies in choosing between the soul realm and the Spirit. While the world beckons at our door, God is knocking on our hearts. We all know that we are created for intimacy with God, but this is actually the job description of watchmen- to be with Him to watch and pray with the Lord Jesus.

David understood loneliness, for as a young shepherd boy he lived in the hills of Israel watching over the families sheep. In the place of isolation he learned as he played his harp he connected with God. It is here in God’s presence through the ministry of worship, that he found comfort, solace and companionship. For the rest of David’s life, even as a King with many wives, friends and advisers, he found companionship and solace in the company of God. The Psalms of David reveal his heart cry to the Lord who was faithful to answer the cry of his heart.  David knew that God had called him for one purpose – to be with Him. He declared that from birth, he was cast upon the Lord.

I was cast upon you Lord from the womb; you are my God from my mother’s belly (Ps. 22:10).

Throughout the scriptures we read of those called from birth to be with the Lord. For example, the prophetess Anna who served God day and night with fasting and prayers came to the temple to give thanks to the Lord for the redemption of Israel. (Luke 2:36-38). John the Baptist was another watchman who “watched for the Lord” that followed a destiny that led him to a place of isolation. Elijah and Elisha are more examples of those that had the reputation of being “isolated” but at the same time were known as men who walked with God.  Enoch is another example, who walked so close to God, that he was translated. All of these men understood that when you abide in the glory of the Lord that the place of your desert is turned into a “well watered garden and a spring of water, whose waters fail not” (Is. 58:11)

Our Fellowship is with Him

Watchmen often find themselves isolated from the world and even from their Christian friends that are socially active. Although being with friends and engaging in activities is permissible, for some reason your heart is hearing a different call. Sometimes in the midst of a crowd you feel alone. The reason is because you are not really content until you are in the presence of the Lord. Let the longing of your soul lead you to His presence so that no matter where you are, you are in good company.

“….Truly our fellowship is with the Father and His Son. But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship (God and man) with one with another” (1 John 1:3 &7).

David understood this when he said “He that dwells in the secret place of the most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (Ps, 91: 1). Our call is to abide in the secret place, the place where we are aware of His presence. Even in the midst of a crowd our fellowship is with the one in whom we love. It is the place where you live and breathe the air of heaven as you dwell on earth abiding under the shadow of the Almighty.

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In his heart and love

Roy Roden