Nugget of the Week


The Process of Transformation

It takes faith in the believer’s life to see what they are called to be in Christ; that of a butterfly soaring above the earth carried about by the wind of the Spirit. One of the crises that Christians go through is that they feel like a caterpillar when they know they are called to soar like a butterfly. In the place of intimacy, God reveals to you your destiny. The frustration is this, you know you are called to soar in the spirit, but you feel confined like a caterpillar crawling along on the earth. This is because a caterpillar has to go through various stages of growth before they are transformed into their final destination – a butterfly.

Whenever you try to tell others you call, they look at you with unbelief because they are seeing in the natural. It takes prophetic vision to see the possibilities and potential of that which God wants to manifest in the present. There are times that even you will doubt your call because what is manifesting in the present, doesn’t line up with that which God has revealed to you. Have faith, for in due time you will fulfill your call.

Like Simeon the prophet, who could see in a mere infant the salvation of the world, (Luke 2:25-34) it is by faith that we see now what we are called to be in Christ. This is your destiny. This is why Paul declared in Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

It is through prophetic vision that by faith we see NOW that which brings hope to our hearts for the future, the time when God’s destiny for our lives becomes a living reality. We must understand however that there is a difference bet a call and being commissioned. Moses was called to lead Israel out from bondage to the Promise Land. Although Moses heard the call from the time as prince of Eqypt when he began to have the burden for his people, it wasn’t until 40 years later that he was commissioned. In between the call and the Promise Land lies and desert. The highest calling always requires a longer process to prepare you for the time of your commissioning.

Jesus was called from birth, but began His ministry at the age of 33. Joseph was called to become the prince of Egypt, but first went through the process of being betrayed by his brothers, sold as a slave in Egypt, betrayed by Potipher’s wife and cast into prison. What most people do not understand is that it is the process that they are to embrace that God uses to refine them that determines how soon they are commissioned to rule with Christ in their Promise Land. It is not our destiny that is so important, but walking with Christ abiding in His love for intimacy and fellowship, which is our highest call. In doing so, He will lead us to our destination.

The Metamorphosis

One of the most frustrating events in the life of a Christian is the process required for the transformation to take place, the process which a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. It is our goal as Christian for the old things to fade away for a new nature to emerge. It is during this stage that we feel like a caterpillar. Although by faith we see that our call is to soar like a butterfly, there is vast difference between a caterpillar and a butterfly.

The caterpillar is a worm that has to crawl on the earth, while the butterfly however soars high above the earth and is carried out by the wind of the Sprit. Have you ever felt earthbound? In essence, we are caught between two worlds, the one that we want to emerge from, and that which we want to live in. This is the struggle that every Christians experiences.

This metamorphosis takes place as we fulfill Romans 12:1-2, which is to be conformed to the image and likeness of Jesus Christ by the transformation of the renewing of our mind.

I urge you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present our bodies as a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed b the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

The Greek word that is translated “transformed” in this text is the word that we derive our English word “metamorphosis” from. The definition of a metamorphosis is the process that is required to go from one state of being to that of another.

When a person is born again, they are far from being what they will be when they are mature. Like a new born infant in the natural goes through various growth stages to become an adult, a Christian must go through a growth process that is required to become a mature and profitable citizen in the Kingdom of God. We are not born again as mature Christians, but we mature as Christians after we are born again

The Chrysalis Stage

The Chrysalis stage is where the caterpillar is confined to a cocoon. The caterpillar creates a house around itself where it goes through one of most remarkable transformations that God has designed. While hidden from view, the caterpillar over time is transformed into a butterfly.

One of the most difficult stages for Christians is that of the chrysalis stage, the place where you feel confined. No matter how hard you try, or long to break out to soar in the spirit, you find yourself unable to do much of anything. As much as you struggle, nothing seems to happen. You long to leave the place of isolation in order to accomplish something, but as hard as you try, you can’t seem to get free.

Some will blame Satan for this condition, their circumstance or Church. It is actually however the Lord Himself confining you to a place where you finally quite struggling and find your rest in Him. But yet, when you direct your heart toward heaven, suddenly you find the Father greeting you with open arms.

This is the stage where we die unto ourselves to live unto Him. While a caterpillar is in this state of confinement most of its flesh is rotting. It is in this state of decay that the dead flesh provides nourishment for the muscles and wings of the monarch butterfly to grow. Jesus said that unless a seed is buried it cannot be resurrected. As we die to the soul realm to ourselves and draw near to Him, we are raised up by the resurrection power to sit with Him in heavenly places where there is clear vision and spiritual life.

When we understand the purpose of isolation and accept the process, we can redeem the time by drawing near to our heavenly for intimacy and fellowship where real transformation and growth takes place.

Use every opportunity to draw near to the Lord for fellowship. Let every trial and tribulation, every circumstance and situation, be your golden opportunity to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. While it is the circumcism of the heart that cuts away the dead flesh to make way for new life to develop your wings, it is the struggle to prevail over adversity that develops your spiritual muscles to empower you to soar on the wind of the Spirit.

The Time Has Come

Recently one of our watchmen has a vision of a Monarch butterfly that was observing hundreds of chrysalis (cocoons) handing inside the ledge of a large rock. The interpretation is that the Lord has birthed a lot of watchmen and intercessors that are now in their chrysalis stage of growth. They are hidden in Christ, the rock. In time they will emerge to take their place as watchmen and intercessors upon the walls of the Lord to watch and pray with Him.

I believe that the Lord is preparing them for the time when Church leaders, businessmen, and politicians, will call for those with the Joseph and Daniel anointing, to watch and pray over them. When this takes place, the anointing for prosperity as well as a firewall of protection by setting up a guard, will create a great advance for the Kingdom of God and His people.

Soon, we will hear the Lord say to those that are hidden in Him being prepared for such as time as this, to “come forth” and they will soar on the wind of the Spirit.

In his heart and love

Roy Roden