Nugget of the Week


Captain, The Watch Is Set

On January 10, 2009, I was working in my office when the thought came to me, “Turn on the Television.” I turned on the television in time to watch the U.S. Navy commission a new aircraft carrier named in honor for the former U.S. President, George H. W. Bush. On a platform on the dock side of the ship stood the former leader and his son, President Bush, participating in the ceremony. Among the 20,000 spectators, stood hundreds of sailors watching the ceremony on the dock as they waited to come aboard to man the ship.

I then heard a declaration that captured my attention.  A Naval officer informed the ship’s captain, “Captain, the watch is set!” The first order of the day in commissioning the warship was that of setting watchmen at various outposts on the ships massive decks. Before the sailors could man the ship and perform their duties, before any personnel took their assigned position, security measures were taken to set watchmen on the walls to establish the ships watch.

After the watch had been set, President Bush then gave the command to put the massive nuclear powered ship into commission stating, “May God bless and guide this warship and all who sail her.” The ships sponsor then called out, “Man our ship and bring her to life.” With that declaration hundreds of sailors charged up the gang planks from the dock to man the ship as the band played “Anchors Aweigh,” the song of the Navy.

The Aircraft Carrier George H. W. Bush

This aircraft carrier is the largest nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the world. The flat top alone is 1,092 feet long and the ship is over 20 stories high above the water line. It can carry 150 F-18 fighters and 50 helicopters along with 6000 sailors and marines. It is equipped with state -of-the-art technology and it is the largest warship in the world of its kind.

Prophetically Speaking

The commissioning of this warship represents the Lord commissioning a whole new breed of leadership.  Prophetically speaking ships represent leadership. God is commissioning a whole new breed of leadership to make a great advance.

However, without watchmen on the walls, the ship cannot be properly secured. When the officer declared, “Captain, the watch has been set,” he was stating that it was now safe for the crew to come aboard. The military recognize that in order to provide security for our great nation, there has to be watchmen at their post in order to provide the necessary internal security to protect those who serve this nation.  It was not until a watch was set that the crew could come aboard. It was at this time that the ship “came to life.”

When I was in the Marine Corps fighting in Viet Nam, the first thing we did when we made an advance, was to set watchmen around the perimeter of our base camp. Without setting a proper watch, the camp was not properly secured. A breach in our security would allow for the enemy to penetrate our line of defense. Our adversary is always on a watch looking for every opportunity to penetrate our defense to maim, kill and destroy.  Our very lives depended upon the security provided by the watch.

The Church is no different. Today because of the lack of watchmen on the walls, the adversary is having a field day creating havoc, confusion and division in the body of Christ. It will not be until the church sets watchmen on the walls to provide the necessary security that the Lord will allow His people to come aboard to function in the church as He has called each one. (1 Cor. 12:18) When this takes place, the Lord will release those who are called as helpers to come aboard, at which time the Church will “come alive.”   Without a proper watch, the Church is not properly secured and thus the people are in harm’s way.

It is because of the rampant problems that prevail that many Christians feel unsafe and unsure about committing themselves to the life of a Church. The statistics is that the majority of Christians do not attend a church regularly because of the fear of being wounded. Many of these Christians are suffering from being grossly misunderstood, rejected and betrayed. These soldiers are needles casualties of war that were wounded by their own comrades.

The Lord is in the process of healing them but will not return them to duty until the ship is in ship shape. One of the most powerful revivals is about to take place as God reveals His love to His people that will bring healing, unity and restoration in the body of Christ. God’s love cast out fear because His love is perfect without fear. Love never fails. It will be the restoration of the Father’s heart beating within the bride of Christ, that will cause the love of God to flow through the veins of His people that will give to her new life – His.

Equipping and God’s National Reserve

There are hundreds of watchmen and intercessors being prepared by the Lord to set a watch in the church. They are waiting in the cave of Adullam for the time when the Church leadership issues the decree; “Set the Watch” that will provide the necessary security that a ministry needs. We have seen visions of multitudes of watchmen and intercessors being prepared by the Lord for such a time as this. At this time, they are hidden in the heart of God where they have learned to rest in His love abiding in the secret place to dwell under the wings of the Almighty. When they emerge, they will soar on the wind of the Spirit as a butterfly.

However, basic to the watchmen’s ministry is the prophetic ministry. In order to set a watch, Church leaders must embrace the prophetic ministry. Prophecy is simply hearing God’s voice that reveals His heart for His will to done on earth as it is in heaven.

Hearing God’s voice and understanding the language of heaven is fundamental to those who have prophetic vision that are called to intercession. It is also basic to all Christians who desire to follow Christ. Jesus said “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (John 10:27).  Jesus said His sheep HEAR HIS VOICE and they follow Him. Inherent to hearing is that of discerning sound. Jesus is a person with a distinct voice. Those who know Him and hear His voice will follow Him. The question begs itself, if we are not developing the prophetic gift in our midst to hear His voice, then whose voice are we following?

We were created for intimacy and fellowship with God. God created mankind in His image and likeness to be recipients of His love. Because we are created in His image and likeness, we were created with the ability to hear His voice to know His thoughts, passion and desires. God created mankind with a voice, just as He has a voice.

God is neither deaf nor dumb, nor are we. God create mankind in His image for fellowship. Hearing His voice is basic to the hearing of faith that enables us to be led by the Holy Spirit to live a vibrant spirit filled Christian life.

Many churches are praying for revival. With every revival there is an outpouring of God’s Spirit with prophecy, visions and dreams. Whether we believe in this or not, Acts 2:17 declares it. It was the outpouring of the Holy Spirit with prophecy, vision and dreams that birthed the Church on the day of Pentecost and the Azusa street revival in Los Angeles in 1903.

T he leadership that fails to properly equip their people in prophecy, visions and dreams, will find their people leaving in order to fulfill their call. John the Baptist said that Jesus will baptize His people with fire and the Holy Spirit.  Fire is useful but wildfire can be dangerous. Unless we build a fireplace where the fire can burn brightly to give warmth to the people, the sparks that are not contained can burn the house down. We must be a host for the move of the Holy Spirit.

One of the roles of Watchmen is to detect wildfire. Just as a forest ranger sits in a high tower in a strategic location on the top of a mountain to detect fires, so can a properly trained watchmen from the place of prophetic vision, discern wildfire.  The leadership that does not properly train their watchmen and set them on the walls will remain prone to the devastation, divisions and strife that is presently immobilizing and wounding the members in the body of Christ. Because of this neglect many churches will experience shipwreck.

New Beginnings

The number 8 often prophetically stands for new beginnings.  In 2008, there were new things birthed in the Church and the lives of individuals. Like all new beginnings, such as the day we were born again, we are not born in maturity but as an infant in obscurity. We must establish a prayer watch over that which God has entrusted to us, especially during the early stages of growth. Like a new born baby, that which is birthed in the Spiritual is often frail and vulnerable.

Last year we made a powerful transition on 8-08-08 that brought us out of the wilderness with a whole new assignment. The first assignment that the Lord gave to us was to provide the required training to equip watchmen to take their stand on the walls. This we have done.  We can now declare to our Lord, Captain, the Watch is Set!

Although the watchman’s ministry is still in its infancy stages, we have been given a new assignment -that of establishing the ministry of intercession. We need the ministry of intercession to help undergird the ministry of the watchmen and net work them together. As you know, all watchmen are intercessors but not all intercessors are called to be watchmen. Just as every member of the household of faith is called to prophesy, (see 1 Cor. 14:31) not all who prophesy are called to be prophets.  We need both ministries, that of the watchmen and that of intercession for they compliment, guard and strengthen each other.

We also need to build bridges of trust to bridge the gap between watchmen and leadership. Because of misunderstanding, the lack of proper training and wisdom, many Church leaders will avoid those who operate in the prophetic and many, who operate in the prophetic, tend to avoid Church leadership. This will change as both are needed in the body of Christ.


As we continue to establish the watchmen and ministry of intercession, the Lord will bring the right people aboard, especially those who are called to help man the ship. We are not interested in building up a large organization or congregation, but an effective ministry. Everyone one has a call and everyone is needed. When the Watchmen and intercessors are properly in place, the Lord will decree from heaven, “Man the ship and bring her to life.” This is the harvest and it is now upon us. Now is the time to prepare.

We also understand that the Lord is also establishing the tabernacle of David, a place where a Davidic company of worshipping warriors will ride with the Lord of hosts to engage in the battles of heaven. (Acts 15:16) Anointed worship is in itself warfare. I have during worship as the people lifted Christ p on high, the Lord move on behalf of His people that changed the spiritual climate of our region. As in 2nd Chronicles when Israel was surrounded by their enemies,  as we march to the cadence of the Lord’s heart beat and send out the Praisers before the army of God, the Lord will set ambushes to set His people free.

The aircraft carrier “George H. W. Bush” is a warship. After Israel crossed the river Jordan, the Lord appeared to Joshua as the “Lord of Host” which means Lord of armies. The Lord is anointing His people for war.  Moses is dead and the old is passed away. Like Joshua who led the army of Israel into the Promise Land to possess it, God is mobilizing an army and He will lead it!   He is victorious, He is the ship’s captain, and He is the Lord of Hosts. Friends, it’s time to set a watch and declare to Christ our Lord, “Captain, the watch is set.”

Prophetic Revelation

The following are some things that our watchmen and intercessors are receiving. I share them with those of you are following our progress and the inner workings of this ministry in hopes that you will glean from them.

A fluffy white cloud was seen in the sky that came to our watchmen on the walls. They in turn leaned into the cloud. Interpretation- clouds often represent the glory of God. God’s glory is coming to His watchmen for them to lean into. This reminds me of the apostle John, who rested upon the Lord’s bosom. We are to lean on Him to rest in His love.

A New Sound Coming – Last Sunday a declaration was made during the church service that change is coming and that a year from now, there will be a new sound of worship in our midst. Although the Lord is pleased with where we are and our progress, we are in the stages of “small beginnings” birthed by the Lord. (Destiny Church Fellowship started last September).

Come Ride with Me– This song keeps coming to a number of people. It is the Lord’s clarion call to be with Him to fight the battles of heaven, not our own, or that of others. To refrain from doing our thing and get aboard with Him to do all things with Him, nor for Him.

God our Divine Leader – The scripture Micah 2:13 was given Sunday.  “The breaker is come up before them: they have broken up, and have passed through the gate, and are gone out by it: and their king shall pass before them, and the Lord on the head of them.”

This speaks of Christ as the one with the “breaker anointing.” A breaker anointing is that which breaks through or breaks up something to pave the way for that which is new.

In this scripture, it speaks of the Lord breaking up the obstacles in the gateway that is hindering His people so they can pass through. Gateways often represent a port of entry. The Lord with a breakers anointing will provide a way for the people to pass through and He will be on “the head of them.” This speaks of Christ being established as the head of His church. I believe this will take place through a people who enthrone Him as the head of the Church in worship and in truth, for God inhabits the praises of His people.

Prayer Focus -The Lord has specifically asked us to pray for the following,

1.    That the portal of heaven be open in our midst

2.    Psalms 24:6-10, for the gate to be open for the King of Glory to come in.

3.    For His people to be ready to receive Him at the gate when He comes.