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The Health Care Scare


Recently Rick Joyner wrote a Prophetic Bulletin called “The Health Care Scare.” In this article Rick shares his concerns about the evil behind this health care reform if passed. Following this is a report of a brief outline of the bill put together by Mat Staver of the Freedom Foundation and Liberty Counsel. You can view the Prophetic Bulletin by clicking here.

As you know the battle continues in regards to the formation of the Health Care takeover that the Obama administration wants to pass through congress. I invite you to watch a video presented by the American Family Association last night. It is located at

In this video, senators and congressmen share their concerns which includes,

  • All taxpayers will be paying a tax that will fund abortions
  • All health care plans must perform abortions upon request.
  • Your present insurance will change by a government takeover.
  • The government will evaluate whether or not you should receive health care or not, depending on your age and financial burden. They will determine who gets to live and who gets to die.
  • You will receive an “end of life” consultation that includes assisted suicide.
  • Every five years you will receive a mandatory health evaluation to determine your course of action in regards to making out a will and your “death options.”
  • Because of the denials and delays, your health is at risk that could lead to death.
  • All Catholic hospitals will have to follow the Federal Health Care guidelines to receive Federal funding whether it violates their conscience or not.

This video includes what you can do while congress is in recess during the month of August. The video is 1.5 hours long, so be sure to schedule the time that you need to watch this and take notes. Our nation’s current health care, which is the best in the world and your family, is at stake. Not only in regards to life and death choices, but your right as a Christian to make moral decisions based on Biblical principles. The end goal is to remove Christianity from America entirely. Because of the debauchery that exist in America; we are at a critical crossroad.

It’s time take up arms and fight the good fight

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