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The Oak Initiative

oakThe recent Summit held at MorningStar was off the chart!  All indications are that America is headed for another Revolution in the quest for liberty right here on American soil. There may never have been a more desperate need for another Great awakening in our country than right now.

Before I speak more on this, click on the banner below to listen to the opening message by Samuel Rodriguez, then return to read the rest of this message. Samuel is a Board Member of the Oak Initiative who passionately introduces the vision and purpose for the coalition, a strategic network of ministries and leaders committed to the practical and spiritual advancement of the kingdom of God on earth.


Summary of the Summit

As Samuel so eloquently stated, the purpose for the Oak Initiative is to mobilize Christians with a clear objective as the body of Christ to defend life and liberty. This is a new American movement comprised of passionate followers of Christ committed to righteousness and justice while standing against the darkness of our times. Theses patriots refuse to surrender upon the altar our core Christian values in exchange for political expediency.  Part of the Oak’s Initiative agenda is to restore America to its Christian roots and heritage as peaceful citizens of the Kingdom of God.

The Lord is truly establishing anointed voices, messengers of fire that will stand for righteousness and justice in the power of the Spirit. The throne of God comprises of righteousness and justice and the Lord will establish His throne in the midst of His people as well as the seat of our nation’s government.

I believe this Summit is just as strategic as the day that Martin Luther King declared, “I have a dream” that set America on a whole new area and course of history. We have a vision is see God restored in all segments of society, including the government.

Just as during the American Revolution when the Sons of liberty stood up for freedom, an army of God is now being mobilized to become one voice. As history dictates, this will be met with fierce opposition and even persecution. And like the Civil War, divisions may take place that divides the people. However, our alliance is to nothing else but to the Lamb of God. The purpose of the Oak Initiative is not to demonize the government or its leadership, but in the peace of God to stand up for truth, righteousness and justice as one voice united in Christ.

To quote one of the Summit speakers “As the scriptures reveal, when a nation is given over to wicked or immature leadership, curses prevail, but when the rightness rule the Lord prevails. The pressing and immediate need of this nation is that of good leadership. True leadership requires that a people are willing to step out and press forward. Our greatest hope for victory in this hour is for every Christian to grow in the Lord and in the strength of His might.”

The time has come to fight the good fight of faith. Soon there will be no choice. Those who refuse to engage in the ensuing conflict, as noble as that may be, will be forced to choose between light and darkness. We are living in the times spoken of by the prophetic Isaiah who declared that darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people. (Is. 60:2) In the midst of this conflict the true church will arise as the Sons of liberty. Friends, the call today is to,

Arise and shine; for your light has come, and the gory of the Lord is risen upon you. (2) For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall rise upon you, and His glory shall be seen upon you (Is. 60:1-2).

The Renaissance

There is a renaissance coming that will launch the Church with a platform to impact this nation for Christ. The word “renaissance” means a new birth, a rebirth that includes revival. In the 14th century, a great renaissance took place in Europe in the arts, architecture, literature and learning that catapulted Europe from the medieval world to the modern world. It was renaissance, the rebirth of a culture that propelled Europe to move rapidly forward. It is said that the main catalysis that caused an explosion that transformed a nation, was the invention of the printing press.

It was this invention that enabled the common person to own a Bible.  Before then, the Bible consisted of scrolls written in Latin painstakingly reproduced word for word by hand. At one time, only the rich and Clergy had access to the scriptures. Few could read Latin. With the advent of the printing press, the Scriptures were placed into one edition by King James that we now call the Bible. As Bibles were massed produced, they eventually were transcribed into different languages that enabled every person in every nation access to the Bible. It was this light, the truth of God’s Word that spoke to the hearts of men, such as Martin Luther, that brought about the great transformation.

Likewise, there is a spiritual transformation coming that will awaken the Church to her true calling and destiny.  It will be the revelation of God’s love that will be the catalyst to revolutionize the spiritual culture of this nation by a people on fire for God. It will be His love that empowers His people to be strong in the Lord and they will do great exploits.  Love is the source of courage – a love for God, His truth and His ways. It is this testimony of the martyrs that loved not their lives unto death. (See Rev. 12:11)

To quote a famous author in regards to the Oak Initiative, “It will require boldness, courage, sacrifice, unyielding resolve, and uncommon endurance to prevail. This can only be accomplished if we take up our cross and follow our King who has already prevailed. We will no doubt have battles ahead, but it is a great honor to be called to fight the good fight of faith for truth, and we have the unshakable testimony of His Word that He will always lead us in His triumph (See 2 Corinthians 2:14).”

Everything that can be shaken is being shaken and it will continue. We cannot do business as usual because nothing is “usual” anymore. We cannot rely upon the old ways to do a new thing. This is the hand of the God to remove all debris in order to prepare a people to become carriers of His glory. This shaking is coming in waves and it will increase until we see a great tsunami, what some have termed as the perfect storm. In the midst of this the Lord is raising up a Kingdom of priest and Kings, a Holy nation. All that the Lord has spoken He will do.

The Abundance of Rain

As a side note, you may be wondering about the prophetic implications for all the rain this year?  The news recently reported that it is official; the amount of rainfall this year has broken ALL RECORDS.  What I believe the Lord is saying through this is that “where there is an abundance of rain, these areas are being targeted by the Holy Spirit to receive an abundance of God’s Spirit.” God is about to rain upon our desert.

As Acts 2 declares that in the last days the Lord will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh (the fullness of the Spirit in all believers) with the results of prophecy, visions and dreams.  All of New England and Canada is about to receive a visitation of the Lord with an outpouring of His Spirit that will break all records! As the prophet Isaiah tells us, in the midst of the greatest darkness, Gods’ light will shine even brighter. (Is. 60:2)

In Conclusion

The Lord anointing messengers with the sound of a trumpet and their voices will be heard. These are the “Oaks of righteousness” that will rise up for the display of His splendor.  To quote Cindy Jacobs, “This organization is not a hierarchy but consists of the body of Christ doing a lot of things on a lot of levels.” Everyone is called and everyone is needed. The message soon to be heard around the world is not the gospel of our denomination, but as one Holy nation, the gospel of His Kingdom.

Liberty is in our DNA. New England has a role in this battle as the seat of liberty as revealed by its history. The government is about to make laws that will prohibit Christians from walking in the liberty of the Spirit and speaking freely. In order to obtain this liberty and regain that which has been stolen, a civil war is inevitable.

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It has been stated that America is a pre Christian nation, but we say no, we are a post Christian nation. New England, your finest hour has come and the glory of God has risen. Arise and shine as Oaks of righteousness for the display of His splendor. The Oak Initiative will obviously grow in numbers and strength, as well as opposition. A great mobilization has now begun.

If you would like more information about the Oak Initiative, please click on the banner below. You can purchase the entire set of DVD’s or CD’s of the Summit by calling MorningStar at 1-800- 542-0278. Believe me your investment will be worth it!