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New England Round Table Report

rtThe following is a brief summary of the New England Round Table.  Following this will be a conference report on the Father’s Heart Conference, which was off the charts. You can purchase the 3 CD set of the Round Table for $15.00 dollars plus $3.50 for shipping. I also highly recommend that you obtain Tom Hardiman’s teaching that he gave on the Fathers Heart (2 sessions) that was outstanding. Tom also gave a powerful message on Joshua Chamberlain, our inheritance in Maine and the mantles that are ours to pick up. You can purchase all three sessions by Tom for $24.00 plus $3.50 for shipping. Just send an email to with your request and how you desire to pay.

New England Round Table Overview

In retrospect, Tom Hardiman stated that the Round Table picked up from the one that we did last year, and that it was powerful and dynamic and at a higher level.  His desire is that we not only receive good information with a significant depth of revelation, but with the wisdom of God to walk it out. To this we agree.  We are not only interested in the acts of God, but His purpose. My prayer is that you, along with those who were present, will inquire of the Lord for further clarity and implementation.

New England Round Table Review.

Maine is the main key: Just before Tom came to Maine, he spent a number of hours with Bob Jones. Bob showed Tom a key hanging on his wall, stating that Maine is a main key that the Lord will use to impact this nation. The year 2013 is significant. Could this be the year that the glory of the Lord will rise upon Maine as the Eastgate of this nation as we have anticipated for so long? We know that 2012 is the year the apostolic church will become visible.

Maine Thing: Intimacy with God and walking in love is the major key for New England to release a movement. We know that the Father’s heart and His love are being revealed to His children that will cause the church to become ablaze with His glory. We must keep the Maine thing the main thing, which is intimacy with God.

A New Dawn: It was mentioned that Lubec is the most eastern part of Maine. Much was brought forth about the sun (Son) rising upon the State of Maine first in this nation. A new dawn is upon us with a great awakening. As sons of light, we are being called to walk in His light to fulfill the call. (Is. 60:1 – Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen.”) The Sons of light are rising as the manifested sons of God.

The Sons of Issachar: And the children of Issachar were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do and their brethren obeyed. (1 Chr.  12:32.)

There is much prophetic revelation that has been brought forth in regards to our times. It is imperative that we seek the wisdom of God to instruct those that have an ear to hear and prepare them for the times. Joseph not only interpreted Pharaoh’s dream, but issued the wisdom that prepared Egypt for the coming famine. The counsel of God not only preserved the nation of Egypt, but the family of Joseph. We need to not only hear what the Spirit is revealing to us, but seek His guidance in regards to how we are to respond.

New England Agriculture – New England will become a major producer of food for this nation. Due to various destructive forces, the agriculture of California and the Midwest will fail. The main producer of agriculture will shift to the East.

Purchase Farmland: A word was brought to purchase farmland located inland away from the coast of Maine which the Lord will use to grow crops for export. We also know that the time will come when we will need to depend upon our natural resources for survival. In light of this, we need to capture how to preserve food, such as canning, freezing, using root cellars, utilizing intensive gardening methods and greenhouses, etc.

Many are seeing the need to plant gardens, store up basic staple goods, and water for a time when a siege may take place. (Such as oil shortage where rationing takes place, isolation due to the bird flu, natural disasters, war etc.)

It is also believed that the Lord is reserving large tracts of land, not only to produce agriculture, but to establish prophetic communities, places of refuge for healing and restoration as fortresses of truth. The Lord will also use tracts of land as spiritual military bases where many will become equipped, trained and released as the Lord’s army to go forth and do great exploits.

Church Fathers – The Lord is bringing forth Fathers of the Church. There are many orphans that have never been “Fathered” properly by the Church.  Many have felt they were used instead to build up an organization or ministry, rather than being equipped in their gifts as well as to become deeply rooted in Christ and grow up into the fullness and stature of Christ.

The apostle Paul tells us that there are many teachers but not many fathers. Our Father wants to father His church. As a natural father cares for their children, a spiritual father cares for the Lord’s own. This is the year that we shall see fathers and mothers emerge that will nurture and care for the Lord’s own that reveals the nature of the Father and His heart. We have been declaring for years that a movement will arise from the revelation of the Father and His love that will bring healing, restoration and renewal to the Church. It is now upon us.

Speaking the same language- The Lord is bringing a heightened sense of the times and the people will talk the same language – His. The movie “wind talkers” was mentioned. The Wind talkers were the Navaho Indians that used a code that the enemy could not break. (The Navaho Language)  The language of heaven is a language given to those that have ears to hear that which the Spirit is saying. A great resolve will take place by a people that know their God and they will do great exploits as they follow the Lord of Host marching in unity to the Father’s heartbeat ministering in His love.  Jesus said, “My sheep know My voice and they follow Me.”

The Army of the Lord: The New England Round Table is bigger than New England and its impact will be much greater. There is an army that God is gathering across this nation. There is a mobilization now taking place that will enable us to rally to that will enable us to march from. A great mobilization of the Lord’s army has begun.

The people of New England are coming together for battle.  A picture of people during Colonel Times was seen that were armed for war. (Our weapons are not carnal…) The Lord is now preparing a people for war. God is gathering an army and He will lead it.

(Much of this dove tails with the Round Tables held in the North East over the past few years. Items such as the ride of Paul Revere that alerted the Colonist of impending danger, the re enlisting of the older generation that will ride again, the minutemen of New England that will rally at the sound of battle in a minutes’ notice, the coming tsunamis that are both spiritual waves and that of the adversary, and much more.) New England will once again be known as the Sons of Liberty. Within the DNA of New England is that of freedom.

Mobilizing Watchmen of Intercession: In order to prevail in the days ahead, the Lord is mobilizing and equipping watchmen and intercessors to take their stand upon the wall. It is needful to enlist those that have the gift of administration that can mobilize them for fellowship, intercession, interchange and communication. (I saw God’s marvelous strategy for this and will be writing on this soon.)

Prophetic Names: Much was brought forth about the significance of the names of rivers and towns of Maine. Within this are many prophetic messages of the Lord. The Indians were well adept at naming landmarks that reflect their natural characteristics that also have spiritual implications.  For you interest, I recommend a book called “The Names of Maine” by Brian McCauley. This book covers the origin of the names of Maine’s rivers, towns, and hills, their meaning, the history of town names, when they were first settled, which names came from Native Americans and what they mean in English and much more.

Practice the Basics: We are also being encouraged to master the basics and practice that which we know. When Tiger Woods was asked about his secret for success, he stated that he practiced the basics faithfully for hours each day. Don’t wait till you have more training or experience to minister that which you have. When Jesus feed the multitude, he started with that which He had, 5 loaves of bread and three fish. As you give, the Lord will bless and multiply that which you have sown.

Now is the time to sow for the harvest: Because of the economic times we live in, it is wise to sow during a famine as well as during in time of plenty. In Genesis 26 is the account of Isaac, who during a famine that experienced crop failure after crop failure sowed for a harvest. Because of his faith, he reaped a hundred fold in the midst of a severe famine. It takes more faith to sow during a famine than during times of prosperity.  (I would recommend that you rent a movie called “Faith like a potato.” It is a true story of how a man of faith grew an abundant crop of potatoes during a famine in Africa WITHOUT WATER.

Native Americans: There is a new cooperation taking place between the native Indians that will release a blessing upon this nation. We must remember that the Indians were here first. Their people and the land have been cursed due to broken covenants, treaties and abuse. God’s desire is to bring restoration and thus healing to the Land and His people that will release the Eastgate with a blessing. (Psalms 133:1-3).

The Micmac tribe is known as the “Keepers of the Eastgate.” Without the blessing of the keepers of the Land, our prayers for the Eastgate to open for the glory of God to arise upon this nation are hindered. The heart of our Father is always for restoration, renewal and redemption. This is now taking place in New England. We not only need to bless the people of the first nations, but to bless one another regardless of our denomination, race or affiliation.

Our Sphere of Authority: We are being called to operate within our sphere of authority. Our authority is determined by our responsibility given to us by the Lord as recognized by His people. Many problems arise when people try to operate outside their sphere of authority. Another way of stating this is there are many chiefs but few Indians. A spirit operating behind this is the independent spirit that is prevalent throughout New England. Those who are free of this are dependent upon the Lord and one another, walking in love serving with the Father’s heart for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

We all need to know how we are gifted and called to function in the body of Christ. The army the Lord is mobilizing consists of those marching shoulder to shoulder with one another. They are action orientated as a team and they will leave no man behind. They are free from selfish ambition, gossip and slander, as their heart is to serve the Lord and one another. The success of any mission is determined by everyone marching in unity to accomplish the same goal – His.

In Conclusion

A great mobilization has begun.  New England, arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen! We have now come to a place where we can march from. Let him that has an ear to hear, hear what the Spirit says.

In His heart and love

Roy Roden