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The SNOW Initiative Summit

The times require deliberate action in order to gain positive traction. In response to the call, on March 19th-20th, a SNOW Summit meeting is scheduled at Hills Mansion in Augusta Maine that is open to all Christians. (Click here to view website flyer) Our intent is to conduct a series of Round Table meetings to discuss how we can unite as a region to create a network of watchmen. This also includes mobilizing and equipping a spiritual force to conduct tactical operations to take territory and hold. I call this THE SNOW Initiative; SNOW standing for “Strategic Network of Watchmen.”

Please note: The word initiative speaks of freedom, innovation and opportunity.  It is not the Initiatives purpose to create a new umbrella to place people under its covering, but to enlist proactive Christians to work together as a cohesive force that is part of a Network. It is the sum of all that will enable the Network to be effective for all. The following topics are a few that is open for discussion at the Summit.

  • What have you heard from the Father?
  • The formation of a Network of Watchmen
  • The  training for Watchmen of Intercession
  • Creating a communication network to distribute Intel
  • Developing SWAT teams (Spiritual warfare and tactics)
  • Equipping  equip the army of God -Special Force Training
  • SNOW conferences to hear from international speakers

If you are already part of a prayer network, or have a group of watchmen that is active, or you are thinking of developing a Special Force team – please come!

About The SNOW Initiative

The Lord is mobilizing watchmen with prophetic vision with the ministry of intercession that are not afraid to stand their watch with the resolve to see truth, justice and righteousness prevail for such a time as this. To do this, Christians must be empowered with the tools they need to be properly equipped in order to accomplish their task and to be the light and salt that they are called to be.

The Snow Initiative consists of bold Christians that can organize and train a “Spiritual Force” to take territory and occupy it. This Spiritual Force consists of both watchmen and warriors of the Cross with the courage to face and overcome obstacles. They have the resolve to find practical and tactical solutions to issues that can make a world of difference in their community.  These are like the Sons of Issachar that understand the times and how to instruct the people. (See 1 Chr. 12:32)

The SNOW Initiative mission is “together as one” to shift the spiritual atmosphere on earth with that of heaven and displace the forces of darkness with the glory of God. Its members are skilled in the use of the divine weapons of war from the arsenal of heaven that are mighty in God to the pulling down of strongholds.  The clarion call is to,

Arise and shine, for your light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. (2) For behold, darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people, but the Lord shall rise upon you and His glory shall be seen upon you (Is. 60:1-2).

In Summary The SNOW Initiative seeks to enlist Kingdom minded Christians to be part of a Strategic network of Watchmen to cover a region with intercession. These are the warriors called to carry out strategic operations as a tactical force to impact their region with exploits for the Kingdom of God. The Initiative seeks those that can help train a Special Force and empower them with the “divine weapons of war” to take the Promise Land and occupy it.  For more information concerning the vision and purpose of the Strategic Network, please read the article, “God’s New Grid of Watchmen.”

The Key to a successful mission is when everyone marches in unity toward a common objective. Together as one we can take the land and occupy it in the power of the Holy SpiritRoy Roden

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