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God’s Kingdom Force – Part 5

There is a battle that must be waged in the spiritual realm.  On every front the enemy is assaulting the culture of nations with a barrage of weapons to establish an evil reign in the hearts of men. Whether it is in the government, family, education, church, the media, arts and entertainment, the military or finance, the adversary’s intent is to rule by taking dominion through his wicked devices to establish his Kingdom. It is the age old battle that rages between the forces of the kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of God, between that of light and darkness.

Kingdom warriors are now gathering with the resolve to never retreat before the enemies of the cross. A new breed of warrior is emerging that are battle hardened that will wage a spiritual war against the greatest powers of darkness that now cover the earth.  With a fire in their eye due to a burning passion in their heart to see truth and justice prevail, they are fierce in their stand against the hordes of hell. These brave knights of Christ are gathering to form a cohesive Kingdom Force led by the Lord. They are a new breed with the heart of our heavenly Father with the blood of Christ the warrior King pulsing through their veins.

Although the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual, there are lessons we can learn from those that have fought epic battles. Today there are Special Military Forces waging war against evil such as terrorism, drug lords and fanatics. Although the battles fought by the Church must be waged in the spiritual realm, if we are to prevail, our fight will require the same resolve, courage, endurance and focus that these modern knights display, such as that of the highly acclaimed Delta Force.

In 1979 Congress approved a highly secretive new fighting unit called “Delta Force” that answered only to the President. This special unit consists of the worlds premiere fighting men. The most powerful army of the world is an elite group of professional soldiers that are swift, efficient, and lethal. The only promise they received at the time of selection is a medal and a body bag.

The soldiers of Delta Force are specialist trained to bring down warlords, war criminals, dictators and drug lords. As an indispensable element of warfare, they are experienced in battle with proven combat skills. They are equipped to penetrate deep into enemy territory and collaborate with its native citizens to gather intelligence. Wearing civilian clothes they work as an assault team performing special operations such as rescuing hostages, combating terrorists, sabotaging enemy installation, and disrupting illegal operations and then vanish like a wisp of smoke.

The Need for a Special Force

During the 1970’s terrorist groups began to emerge. As the decade unfolded, the severity and frequency of these assaults became more widespread. Airlines were hijacked with greater frequency and the pace of suicide bombers quickened with acts of terrorism becoming more brazen with increasing devastation.

Although the US Military had Special Forces the Army did not have the kind of secret and lethal organization that was compact, highly skilled and versatile that could employ at a moments notice. What was needed was a task force that could operate outside the military’s “field manual” approach; a unit that could execute operations outside the limited realm of conventional training and the militaries capabilities.

A man by the name of Charlie Beckwith, seeing the need for a special elite fighting force, petitioned the US Army for a special unit that could deal with the terrorist threats facing the nation. A lone voice crying in the wilderness, Beckwith fought and argued with the Army for the need for such a fighting force. Like many visionaries he was faced with tremendous rejection, opposition and scorn.

Colonel Beckwith had trained with the legendary British Special Air Service, an unorthodox unit that specialized in counterterrorism and clandestine operations. He was a man that was familiar with combat in Viet Nam with the reputation of a tactical genius. Due to the times, Colonel Beckwith saw the need for a special unit that was lean and mean with men in top physical condition. A fighting unit trained to engage in operations that specialized in counterterrorism that could adept to any situation with the resolve to prevail and survive in harsh and unusual conditions.

For Colonel Beckwith defeat was not an option. He persisted until the Army relented and gave him the chance to develop a fighting unit. This lethal organization was cloaked in secrecy and flew under the radar of the US Military and the hierarchy of the Army. Their mission and identity was a closely guarded secret. Only the President and high level members of the Pentagon and the Military knew of its existence.

After months of some of the most intense training imaginable, a small group emerged that formed the first unit called Delta Force. Because they did not wear uniforms they were able to work undercover as stealth operatives. The ranks of the soldiers were undisclosed except to the soldiers themselves. As expert snipers their aim was deadly. Their assault teams were versed in demolition, wilderness survival, all manner of weapons of war and communications. Each man was trained to operate in adverse conditions improvising as needed to get the job done and then vanish without a trace.

On Nov. 21st, 1977, Delta Force was birthed by orders of the Armies headquarters. Still clothed in secrecy, the unit began to execute difficult and unusual special missions. It was not long before the effectiveness of this highly skilled mobile task force made it the most premier fighting unit in the world in the war against terrorism.

Today with little fanfare, the Delta Force operatives are still doing great exploits.  They do not wear uniforms as they do not want to become a target. They remain hidden in order to be more effective to accomplish their mission. When they complete a mission, no one gets the credit, nor do they receive any public recognition, bonus pay or commercial endorsements.

These are the unsung heroes that risk their life for their country, life and liberty. Although their deeds may never be known, the victories of these warriors and the battles they lost are written on the hearts of the Delta Force operatives. Forged in the archives of history, some of the greatest stories of courage and devotion the world has ever seen are celebrated only by the memories of these modern knights that fought and lived through them; or that died with them in battle.

Today, there is the need for a unique Kingdom Force that consists of faceless and nameless operatives devoted to Christ and His purpose. Brave soldiers of the cross with the resolve to stand against evil to reclaim the land the enemy has stolen. A Kingdom Force to free hostages from the bondage of sin and perform special operations lead by God’s divine wisdom with effective strategy. A cohesive tactical unit to cast down strongholds, route out the enemy and impact their community for Christ.

God’s Kingdom Force

The times require something new and different. You cannot put new wine into old wineskins.  Just as Delta Force was created because Colonel Beckwith saw the specific need for a highly trained fighting unit, there is the need today for committed warriors that are able to stand and persevere. A Kingdom Force to free the world from the grips of the power of sin and its reign of terror. A Kingdom Force that can demonstrate the authority of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Unbeknown to many, God has chosen a select few that are in reserve. These are the brave, the elite and the courageous that have answered the call. When the call to duty comes, they rally in a minutes notice and report for duty. Their mission is to advance the Kingdom of God, take territory and secure it. Those who make us this special force are highly trained in the divine weapons of warfare.

Like the Delta Force, these warriors fly under the radar of the hierarchy of the Church. Enduring rejection, misunderstanding and persecution, they stand and preserve against the attacks that come from within Christianity because of something that is new and unconventional. They do not wear the uniform of any denomination, but the robe of Christ that is washed in white. Nor is their commitment and loyalty to any theology or ministry, but to the Lord only. They fight for His cause, which is to combat the enemies of the Cross, for His Kingdom and His people.

Without the need for recognition or fame, these Kingdom warriors minister the gospel of Christ as a special force rescuing hostages from the bondage of sin to destroy demonic strongholds. Penetrating deep into enemy territory they engage in rescue operations to open prison doors to set the captives free. They engage in sabotage operations by converting people to Christ and disrupt illegal operations by casting down strongholds by the divine nature of God, such as His eternal love.

These are true Knights of the Cross that uphold the Biblical standards of honor, integrity and morality. They are defenders of the poor and the oppressed. Their word is their bond and they keep their vows. By their faith, service, love and humility, they stand as one to turn back the forces of hell. To retreat from honor or chivalry, or surrender to the enemies of the cross, is never an option.

They do not fight for the honor of men or for earthly conquest, riches or fame, but for the Kingdom of God. Their courage stems from the love of the Father and for their love for Christ and His people. Their weapons are not carnal but from the arsenal of heaven that are mighty in God to the pulling down of strongholds. The greatest weapon employed is the Father’s love that never fails. Because they are motivated by His love, their hearts are united with their deeds, thus displaying their faith by their works.

God is mobilizing an army and He will lead it. A Kingdom Force that follows the Lord of Hosts wherever He leads them. These warriors of destiny have heard the call to “Ride with Me” and have answered the call to serve in the Lord’s army.  Out of this Army the best of the best soldiers are being summoned to come up to a higher level to serve in the universe most premiere fighting unit – the Lord’s Kingdom Force. You may be one of them called to serve for such a time as this.

In His heart and grace,

Roy Roden