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Video with Lance Wallnau and word by Bill Yount


founderLance Wallnau recently gave a teaching called “Out with the old and in with the New.”  In his encouraging word for 2010, he taught that this is the year of completion, the year to complete the mandates that the Lord has given to us that we have yet to finish. Please view the short video at

I have much to complete that the Lord has given to me over the years! I have a list located on the side of my desk as a daily reminder of the tasks at hand. However, I often get so distracted with the daily administration and details of ministry that the main mandates slip by the wayside and thus remain uncompleted. Sometimes in my frustration, I ask the Lord, “Why are we not growing as a ministry! Why are we not exploding? We have the proper covering, the call and the anointing?” Feeling that we must be missing something, I ask, “Father, what is it that I need to do?” It always comes back to the list posted on the side of my desk! I wonder how many like my-self in the region are not advancing because of a lack of discipline and focus to complete their assignments. Jesus said if we are faithful in the least, we will be faithful in much.

Some seem to be waiting for the coming outpouring of God’s glory – a revival with miracles, signs and wonders. Thus, nothing of eternal value is being accomplished in the Kingdom today! Others are seeking the thrill of one manifestation after another for the personal blessing while the world is lost in sin and dying. Thus, many go from one conference to another to get recharged, renewed and ministered too. Others that are hurting and wounded, simply hide away. I have to wonder, “Why does the body of Christ need so much personal ministry?”

A question I also ask is “How many people have I led to Jesus in the past year? How many did I baptize in the Holy Spirit and how many people have I visited in jail and the hospitals?  How many lives were changed in response to the command Jesus gave in Mathew 10:7-8, And as you go, preach saying, the Kingdom of heaven is at hand. (8) Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely you have received, freely give.”

I also ask myself, in comparison to the time that I gave to fulfill the divine commission, how many movies have I attended at the theater? How many times have I eaten out at restaurants, spent time watching sports, TV and hanging out with friends? Although God isn’t against these things, the question is, am I using my time wisely to draw nearer to the Lord and impacting the lives of others with His love? Has the American way of life that promotes prosperity led the church to a place of slumber and complacency? Has this robbed her of the power and anointing with Kingdom authority? Have I really invested in others or myself?

Is it possible that because we are self serving always seeking our own entrainment, fulfillment, comfort and pleasure, that we leak the anointing and the blessing that we received from the last ministry meeting? Is this why we need to be continually recharged? How many DVD’s do we need to watch and conferences do we need to attend in order to be equipped to do what we have been commissioned to do? How many blessings, mantles, and impartations do we need in order to be effective in ministry?

What did the disciples rely upon in the book of Acts that empowered them to change the world? They didn’t have the Bible, DVD’s, Webstreaming or TV. Nor did they attend conferences. But they did reveal the Kingdom of God in power and demonstration doing the works that Jesus did.

I wonder – has the American dream of prosperity bred a self seeking style of Christianity? Has the faith message been tainted by a personal gain theology that rules our mentality? Always looking for more from God for our own personal pleasure, comfort and security? Is it possible, that revival hasn’t broken because we are the ones that are impact the region with the life, light and presence of Christ?  My Bible tells me that this comes at a great price of self sacrifice as I take up my cross daily to follow Him.

Recently the Lord told us to tend to the fire burning within our hearts and the main ministry here at home that we have been given and not to become distracted. As exciting as new truths are and the prospect of launching new ministries and all the events taking place in the region, it is the year we are being prompted to complete the task at hand. The time we have is God’s grace to draw close to Him, complete our task and prepare for the coming harvest. Soon we will not have the time that we now have due to the harvest and world events.

Below is an encouraging word by Bill Yount posted on the Elijah List. It is not the time to feel regret but to put the hand to the plow, and in doing so, the Lord will redeem the time that was lost.

Obeying God Will Not Always Give You Goose Bumps!

bill-yountI am learning that many things I do are not because I “feel” led to do them…but because it is the right thing to do. Most of the “right” things I know to do take faith instead of feelings. It’s the prayer of faith that saves the sick, not the prayer of feeling (James 5:15). I have seen more people receive their healing when I didn’t even “feel” like praying for them…but I did anyway.

Once I prayed for my sister who had a cyst the size of a golf ball in her ovary. I felt helpless and prayed what seemed like an un-anointed, lifeless prayer. But hours later, she woke up with a warm sensation from her waist down, and the next day’s x-ray showed the cyst was gone! I think the feeling part was meant for her, not for me.

When We Do Feel Goose Bumps…It’s Usually Preparation for What’s Coming Next!

For years now, most mornings when I wake up, I soak in the most anointed worship and praise music I can get a hold of. Nothing changes us like being in His presence. I am learning that when God’s presence becomes so strong and great, that it is too much for just me alone. Often after being in His presence, I find that something was in the making for me to release it to someone, somehow, somewhere.

For many years, the presence of God in that living room where I soak has released a strong anointing, saturating the walls, ceiling and floor of that room. For many years, I thought this was my secret place just for me to be with Jesus. Recently though, through uncontrollable events, my mother who believes for another touch from the Lord for her health, may be coming to live with us soon. The only room she will be able to make as her own room is the part of the living room that has been soaked with the presence of God for years. God is amazing how He goes ahead of us and prepares us and even our homes to be used for His Kingdom purposes. God has prepared my wife and I for the next great move of the Spirit that will challenge us to do some practical deeds of love, which will release supernatural healings and events.

Matthew 25:35,36 For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I (was) naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.

I Am Going to Redeem the Times that You Said “NO!” to Me

I believe we all have missed one of those golden opportunities that we said “no” to by being led by feelings instead of faith. Can our disobedience ever be redeemed?

Recently, I blew a silver trumpet to open up a meeting. Silver” represents “redemption. When I blew that silver trumpet, I sensed the Lord saying: “I am going to redeem the times that you said, ‘No!’ to Me! I am going to give you other opportunities! Other opportunities that are going to cause you to forget your regrets. When I look at you, I see no regrets, for there are other opportunities I am bringing your way. And if you will say ‘yes’ to these opportunities and follow through, it will produce a hundred-fold first fruits today, more than they would have yesterday or years gone by!

The Lord says, “This is a turn-around day! This is your turn-around day! I am going to turn things around for you. I am going to turn many of you around who have said ‘NO’ to Me to say ‘YES!’ I am going to turn things around and cause you to say ‘yes’ with joy. For you are now going to delight to do My will. Forget the past. Your past is not your present. The winter is over and gone. And what has been working against you in the past is now going to work for you! Rejoice, for I have greater and better opportunities coming now than ever before! Opportunities that will restore to you the years the cankerworm and palmerworm have eaten from you.”

Worshiping God through daily obedience is perhaps our greatest challenge. Obeying God will not always give us goose bumps but will often cost us something. Have you ever obeyed the Lord and you felt like you didn’t get anything out of it? Do you know why? It is because God got it all! Our life is not for us. It is all for Him. “Sacrificial” worship, perhaps Heaven’s greatest attention-getter, is when we don’t feel like obeying or praising the Lord but we do anyway. But when we do, God’s heart skips a beat to be with us, whatever the problem.

I am pretty sure Paul and Silas didn’t “feel” led to praise the Lord at midnight in prison. Their backs were against the wall as a result of their obedience in preaching the Gospel. But they had learned by experience that the midnight hour was perfect timing to worship in their perfect storm. They knew God could not resist praise and worship. His foot was bound to tap on the earth again for them, and you know the rest of the story! The jailor got the “goose bumps” as he witnessed his whole household receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

Bill Yount  Blowing the Shofar Ministries

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