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A New Breed of Warrior part 3 -The Power to Tread

There is a form of terrorism coming through the internet, the media, politics, education and government. This form of terrorism is holding people captive to perversion, deception, lust, greed, humanism, legalism and political influences that are eroding the morality of our society.  Much of what is being accepted culturally that is termed “politically correct,” is […]

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Warriors of Destiny – new subscription service

Please note: We are pleased to announce a new teaching subscription service with archives called, Warriors of Destiny. These teachings pertain to equipping the army of the Lord and cover topics such as SWAT training, the art of spiritual warfare and breaking the power of strongholds. It’s time to take the Promise Land as a […]

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A New Breed of Warrior part 2

We are living in a time that requires deliberate action in order to gain positive traction. To aide in this, a shift is taking place in the mindset of Christians. This mindset is a militancy imparted to them by the Spirit of might. The Spirit of Might is the infusion of courage, boldness and faith […]

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The SNOW Initiative Summit

The times require deliberate action in order to gain positive traction. In response to the call, on March 19th-20th, a SNOW Summit meeting is scheduled at Hills Mansion in Augusta Maine that is open to all Christians. (Click here to view website flyer) Our intent is to conduct a series of Round Table meetings to […]

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