Prophetic Bulletins


A Season of Change and Transition – the Number 11:11 for New Beginnings

I was on my way home from the YMCA when I heard the Lord say, “You are now at the beginning of a new dawn in your life.” We are truly in a season of new beginnings with the number 11:11 appearing too many. This number not only means a double blessing but it also refers to the grace of God for a “second chance” to recapture what the enemy has stolen, redeem the time and capture our inheritance in Christ. (See Is. 11:11)

As part of our preparations for a year of new beginnings with a “second chance” to fulfill our inheritance, on January 9th, 2011, we launched the Destiny School of Ministry here in Midcoast Maine at the Teen Center in Camden. We were not disappointed. A strong presence of the Lord’s came as the School began that established His kingdom in our midst. His presence literally brightened the room with His light along with the atmosphere of peace that prevailed throughout the evening.

As a passing note, we will be conducting the School of Ministry at the Teen Center for the first three Sundays of each month. ( Times 4:00 pm– 4:45pm Watchmen Ministry with intercession and from 5:00-7:00 pm is the Maine service with worship, teaching, impartation and activation. )The last Sunday is reserved for the Heart of David Worship Extravaganza at Hills Mansion in Augusta, where we continue to meet.

Click here for more information about the Destiny School of Ministry and also here for the monthly Heart of David Worship Extravaganza.

We recently improved PDM’s website to make room for video that will greatly enhance our mission as training and equipping ministry. Please visit our website at and let me know what think.

A Word for This Year

I am writing an article called “The Sons of Light” that I will post soon. However, I ran across some very powerful teachings that I feel you will really enjoy. The first video is a 15 minute message by Larry Randolph entitled “The eye of the Storm.” (Morningstar’s video of the week – Click here to view this.) As Larry Randolph so eloquently states we are living in the best of times and the worst of times. Following this I would encourage you to also view a short video by Lance Wallnau called “The Angels in Your Field.” (Click here to view this.) Lance Wallnau message fits with Larry’s message like a glove that will not only bless you, but the two videos combined will impart to you a sense of eternal destiny!  (At least it did for me!)

There was also a powerful prophetic word written by Mark Chironna posted on the Elijah List called, “We are facing unprecedented change and transition.” This too is a timely message that dove tails with the two video messages. If you missed this message, please to click here to view the article. Enjoy and may the Lord bless you in this year of new beginnings – Roy Roden