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Prophetic Tidbits, Dancing with Angels and Various

New teaching called Prophetic Tidbits and various


I just created a new teaching section on our website called “Prophetic Tidbits.” These are notes I created for our sessions at the School of Ministry. They contain some rather good tidbits that can be used for equipping and training that will also bless you with fresh revelation into the heart of God. Click here on The Power of Honor” for a sample tidbit and see what you think.

This week I will be attending the Global Awakening “Healing and Transformation” School of ministry in Florida conducted by Randy Clark and Bill Johnson. I plan to bring back with me a new level of anointing and impartation but most of all a much closer walk with our heavenly Father. We are in the days where the Lord is giving Kingdom Keys to unlock others as to how to live in the Spirit being clothed in light hosting the Glory of God.

Our Father is restoring His people to their ordained inheritance to reign with Christ in His Kingdom as a Royal Priesthood. Those, who like King David, can access the gates of heaven with the counsel and wisdom to rule at the gates on earth. To rule with dominion in the presence of our enemies while demonstrating the Kingdom of heaven in power that testifies of the reality of the person of Jesus Christ. In this year of transition, we are accelerating as the Sons of light stepping through the doors of opportunity that will manifest destiny. The Kingdom of heaven is about to invade earth.

New England School Dancing with Angels

Kevin Basconi, author of Dancing with Angels, is coming to Maine to conduct the New England “Dancing with Angels School of Ministry” on April 14th-17. The Location is Hills Mansion in Augusta Maine. (Formerly St. Paul center.) You can view the flyer and note the conference schedule and register by clicking on the banner below or going directly to the Kevins website by clicking here.

You can also view the interview that Kevin did with Sid Roth did on “It’s Supernatural” by clicking here. Or perhaps you would like to hear a message by Kevin given at a MorningStar Church. As you listen to this message, you will hear Kevin calling out words of knowledge and hear the testimonies of the incredible healings that took place. Click here to hear this message. At every evening session at the New England School of Dancing with Angels Kevin will be conducting a healing service.

As an added bonus, I have included a video message by Bill Johnson below called “Healing through intimacy with God.” It’s awesome!

In His heart and love

Roy Roden