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Ministry Update for PDM and Goals for 2011

Greetings,                                                           March 14th 2011

The following is a brief ministry update for Prophetic Destiny Ministries and our goals for 2011 and recent changes.

Media Ministry

The website of PDM continues to be our major source of ministry in terms of impact. We just broke the record for pages being read per month, which to date are 4,273 pages. This averages over one thousand pages being read per week. According to our analytic program, these pages are mostly the teaching articles that I write and post in our media section. The traffic is coming from every State in the United States and nearly every nation. Obviously people are turning more and more to the media for their ministry and equipping and training.

I just posted a new teaching section on the website called “Prophetic Tidbits” that also receives a lot of hits. You can view this page by clicking here. The Tidbits are teaching outlines that I use at our Destiny School of Ministry. Although brief, they contain meat that you can glean, as well as a teaching outline that you can use.

One of our goals is to produce video training on DVD’s and post them on PDM’s website and as a marketplace resource. We also have a Youtube page called DestinyMinistriesTV where our teaching videos can be posted and viewed. People have told me for years that we produce some high quality and timely teachings with the encouragement to capture them as a resource and make them available to the body of Christ. We are praying for the resources to capture these teachings and post them on the internet and market them which will help to provide a source of income for PDM. I am also working on creating teaching manuals to use at the School of Ministry with teacher editions for others to use.

Leadership Structure of PDM

I have always had the vision to enlist the five fold ministries of Christ which are Christ the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher as noted in Ephesians 4:11. This is the ministry structure used by Bethel Church by Pastor Bill Johnson and Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries. It is also the Biblical order for the ministry structure of PDM. Those called to the five fold are ministers that carry the Fathers heart with the vision to lead and build ministry teams to equip them for the work of ministry. They work together “as one” team to assist in the work of ministry and…

“For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ” (Eph. 4:12)

Since we don’t care to wear titles such as Apostle or Prophet in our ministry, we called those that are part of the five fold ministry team “Ministry Assistants.” Our goal at the School of Ministry is not to build up a congregation for me to pastor, but to provide a ministry to the Church. Thus our ministry assistants are not co pastors or assistant pastors, but equippers. Our quest is not to use people to build a ministry but to use the ministry to build up people – the body of Christ. Our purpose is to equip believers for the work of ministry regardless of the church they belong too.

In light of the fact that I function at the School of Ministry as a ministry equipper, (facilitator) we feel that the term ministry assistant accurately defines the role of those that assist me in ministry that are part of the five- fold ministry team. Because we are a ministry to the region, we often use regional people to assist us in the work of ministry. Whether they are male or female, or of various denominations, race or ministries, a ministry assistant is one who assist to help build and lead ministry teams. Such as the worship team, healing and deliverance team, prophetic teams, and so on. To date I have one ministry assistant with a request in for our heavenly Father to bring in those that are likeminded and gifted that are able to work well in the unity of the Spirit for the purpose of God and His Kingdom.  This requires a Kingdom mindset, not a church mindset.

This is all in preparation for the coming harvest. There is no pastor on earth that will be able to handle the influx of believers that will come in from the harvest. Congregations of 50 will soon swell to 250, and that of 250 to over a thousand. Every church will need ministry teams to do the work of ministry. As we know, the year 2011 is the year of transition for preparation for2012 being the year that God will establish apostolic churches where the five fold ministers of Christ will work together as one. We must prepare those that can care for the Lords own and equip them for the work of ministry. The first harvest will produce the laborers for the next harvest which will be even greater.

By request I asked a prophetic counsel team from MorningStar that consist of 5 major prophetic voices to speak into my life and ministry. Our board was present to witness the event.  Aside from the personal ministry that brought healing and direction to my life, they spoke very clearly about our ministry formation. The following is an abbreviated excerpt from the transcribed recording of the words that were spoken,

“You have built your house out of brick on a foundation not of sand but of solid rock! People from all nations will be coming to your place that you have built out of bricks – upon the solid Rock (Christ). They will come there to worship, they will come to be taught and they will come to learn how to walk in God’s path. And His teachings will not only be there but it will go out to all over the world. God is going to reward your faithfulness to build your house out of bricks and you will end up teaching others how to do the same.”

We well understand that our “brick house” in the way that it is built and structured may be very different from the traditional church structure, but it is after the pattern of God’s own heart. Within the house is our household of faith – our brothers and sisters of the family of God that God is fathering. This is the Malachi 4 mandate to restore the hearts of the Father to the Children and the hearts of the Children to our Father.

We love our culture of honor for we are a loving family fellowship with hearts that adore and love one another. God is attracted to those that honor Him that truly love the Lord and one another. After all, this is the first and second commandment with promise. This is evident by the Father’s love that is present and the Kingdom work that bears His signature. That of eternal fruit as evident in people’s lives. What God has tailored for us by the hand of God works well for us and thus our motto is, “If God is not in it nor are we. But if God is in it, so are we.”

Camden Teen Center

We are now a few weeks into our relocation of the School of Ministry from Augusta to the Midcoast area. Although the influx of newcomers is slow in coming, the Lord is present at our meetings during our time of worship in an unexpected but wonderful way. The Spirit is there as Christ the Lamb, which is a gentle breeze saturated with the Father’s love that fills the atmosphere with the sweet fragrance of Jesus.

As you know Christ is both the Lion and the Lamb. In Augusta He is more present as the Lord of Host but in Camden, as the Lamb of peace. It reminds me of the charismatic movement that was popular in the 60’s and 70’s when multitudes were baptized in the Holy Spirit that brought life to a dry and thirsty land. This type of anointing is very peaceful and paves the way for healing and restoration that touch the lives with the Father’s love.

At this time we are laying a teaching foundation at the School of Ministry for intimacy with God, knowing our identity in Christ and releasing the Kingdom of heaven on earth as it is in heaven in the power of the Spirit. Our goal is to form ministry teams to reach the community for Christ.

To equip and release ministry teams such as healing and deliverance ministry teams, prophetic ministry teams and evangelism teams that are equipped to fulfill the commission of Christ as noted in Mathew 10:7-8,

And as you go, preach saying, The Kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils, freely you have received, freely give.

For more information about our Destiny School of Ministry please click here. We meet the first three Sundays at the Teen Center in Camden and the last Sunday at Hills Mansion in Augusta. We call this our “Key of David” worship and praise ministry.

Key of David Worship and Praise Ministry

The last Sunday of each month we meet at Hills Mansion in Augusta with the vision of Amos 9:11 and Isaiah 22:22, which is to establish the tabernacle of David, a regional worship center where the keys of the Kingdom are used to unlock and release people into their destiny. Rather than expound on this here, please click here for more information. Also please see our “Event” section on the navigation bar on our website located at to view the conferences and events that are scheduled for this year.

In His heart and love,

Roy Roden