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New England Dancing with Angels School of Ministry

There is still time to take advantage of the early registration for the New England School!
Details are below!

King of Glory Ministries International is pleased to announce the new school Dancing With Angels, School Of The Supernatural, an Intensive 12 Hour Training School Designed To Help You Understand: The Anointing Of The Holy Spirit, Open Heavens, & Angelic Ministry Today.

New England School of Angelic Ministry – Augusta, Maine April 14 – 17th, 2011.

Your life can be transformed as you learn:

Angels are involved in the lives of people working to answer their prayers and meeting their daily needs.

To prepare your heart to access the realm of angels.

To activate your ability to “see” and discover techniques to work with God’s angels.

How angels are involved in miracles, healings, and the approaching global outpourings of God’s Spirit.

How Jesus modeled angelic ministry and continues to employ angels today.

This school is designed to help people grow into the image of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. This school was birthed over the last decade and is based upon material taken from the trilogy of Kevin’s new books called The Reality Of Angelic Ministry Today. These 3 books are being published by Destiny Image America. The trilogy is designed to help ordinary people understand the Kingdom of God and to realize that Jesus has given us all power and authority. At times God will allow people to co-labor with His angelic hosts to manifest Christ’s Kingdom. Kevin teaches in great detail about the role angelic ministry will play in God’s approaching global healing revivals.

In the school Kevin shares material that is taught in the books: Dancing With Angels 1: How To Work With The Angels In Your Life, & Dancing With Angels Two: The Role Of The Holy Spirit & Open Heavens In Activating Angelic Ministry In Your Life. People around the world are being impacted by these powerful prophetic books. They are learning to step into Christ’s Kingdom and are learning how to co-labor with God’s angels. This school is firmly based on sound biblical principles and can help to transform your life as you learn that angelic help is available to you in your everyday life. Understanding how you can work with God’s angels is exciting! We will also explore the critical role of the Holy Spirit in opening the heavens over your life to release blessing, favor, and Gods supernatural power and anointing upon your life. All teachings are based upon Jesus Christ’s example, life, and ministry. Jesus often taught, spoke, and prophesied about angelic ministry, and He is still employing His angels today. (See Revelations 22:16). If you are interested in angels you will love this intensive school focused on sound biblical teaching about God’s angels! This school will revolutionize the way you think about angels. It illustrates that angelic encounters should be a normal part of your daily life; not fearful “hyper spiritual” experiences. Jesus is currently opening up the realm of angels to ordinary people.

We will be offering a study guide for this School of The Supernatural. Numbers are limited so please indicate if you wish to purchase a manual to help you enjoy the school. Each student manual will costs $15 at the School. When you order yours at registration you pay only $12 per copy. Manual’s outline all scriptures & course materials for future study and reference. Teacher?s manuals are available for $25 At the school.

Kevin and Kathy Basconi are ordinary people who love an extraordinary God. They co-founded King of Glory Ministries International. They have a heart to share the gospel with the poor and, the Love of the Father to widows and orphans. They have visited 22 nations preaching the gospel and demonstrating the Kingdom of God in churches, conferences, and crusade meetings. Kevin and Kathy are actively seeking to help Aids/HIV orphans in the African nations of Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa.

School Session Topics:

  1. Angels In The Canon of Scripture
  2. Jesus Our Role Model
  3. Angelic Ministry In the Life of Christ
  4. Jesus and Open Heavens
  5. The Holy Spirits Role In Open Heavens
  6. How To Open The Heavens Over Your Life
  7. Maintaining An Open Heaven Over Your Life
  8. Positioning Yourself To Activate Angelic Help In Your Life
  9. Angels And The Gift Of Discerning of Spirits
  10. Evaluating Your Angelic Encounters
  11. Preparing Your Heart As The Priesthood of All Believers
  12. Understanding Your Role As A Priest After The Order Of Melchizedek
  13. Angels That Serve

Other Topics:

  1. Understanding The Duties of Angels
  2. The Restoration Of The Gifts Of The Spirit
  3. And Angel’s Role In The Approaching Global Revivals

Dates: April 14 – 17th 2011

Hills Mansion
136 State Street
Augusta, Maine 04330

$60 Per Person
$90 Per Married Couple
Early Registration valid until March 15th:
$35 Per Person
$50 Per Married Couple

To Register online: click here

To Register by mail, Mail to:
King of Glory Ministries International
P O Box 903, Moravian Falls, NC 28654

To Register by phone (M-F 10AM-5PM EST): 336-921-2825

New England Dancing With angels School Of Angelic Ministry Schedule


Session One: 7PM


Session Two: 10AM to 12 Noon

Session Three: 2 to 4PM

Session Four: 7PM to 10PM


Session Five: 10AM to 12N

Session Six: 1 to 2:30PM

Session Seven: 3:30 to 5:30 PM

Session Eight: 7 to 10PM


Session Nine: 10AM – 12N

Session Ten: 6:30 – 9:30 PM

*subject to change

Hotels and Directions Augusta Civic Center
110 Community Drive
Augusta Maine, 04330.

To register for a room please call (207) 622-4751.
For directions, click
here or visit their website at

For More Information call: King of Glory Ministries International: 336-921-2825
We hope to hear from you soon!

God Bless you…and may the Lord of Glory make His Face to shine upon you!

Kevin and Kathy Basconi
King of Glory Ministries International