Prophetic Bulletins


Healing Services 6:30 PM at Hills Mansion this Friday- Sunday

Healing services at Hills Mansion 6:30 PM this Friday- Sunday


I want to invite you to attend the 6:30 pm healing services being held this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening at Hills Mansion (formerly the St. Paul Center) located at 136 State Street in Augusta Maine, 04843. The evening services are free. For more information please call me at 207-975-1849.

The healing services are being conducted by Kevin Basconi. At these healing services, Kevin often witnesses tumors disappearing, the critically ill healed, the deaf hear and the emotionally and mentally ill set free. Kevin invites you to bring ANYONE that you know that is in pain or in need of healing and deliverance.

This is part of the “Dancing with Angels School of Ministry” that Kevin is conducting at Hills Mansion beginning this Thursday evening and ending this Sunday evening with the 6:30 pm healing service. For more information about this event, please click here. You may register at the door when you arrive.

Kevin also invites you to watch his recent video message located on XP Click here to view this message.


Advanced Prophetic Conference

I recently attended the Advanced Prophetic Conference conducted by MorningStar Ministries located at Fort Mill South Carolina. Some of the guest speakers were Rick Joyner, Church Pierce and Dutch Sheets.

Some of the messages were so in depth and filled with insights, that I purchased the DVD set so that I can glean the fullness of what was being said. I wish to say that a lot of what is being said is very serious for we are in serious times.

I felt that it would be wise to transcribe as many of the messages as possible, not only for review, but to circulate so as to inform the body of Christ the seriousness of the times and the need to prepare for the times.

The first one is a message given by Rick Joyner called “The Prophetic Ministry.” In this message Rick speaks of the Japanese earthquake, its significance and the coming economical collapse.  I posted a short 3 page transcription of the main points from the DVD on the section of our website called “Prophetic Tidbits.

To read this transcription please click here.

In His grace – Roy Roden