Prophetic Bulletins


A Word by Chuck Pierce

I recently posted a Prophetic Tidbit on PDM”s website called “A Time to See and Decree” by Chuck Pierce who delivered a powerful word at the recent Advanced Prophetic Conference at MorningStar Ministries. In his message Chuck talks about entering into a spiritual dimension where we have not gone before. God is now establishing “Goshen’s, places of life where a person will come in one way and leave with seven times more light. We are now in a vortex of visitations with an increases revelations from heaven to reveal how to build now for the future. This outline contains some real golden nuggets. Click here to read the outline of his message

We are meeting this Easter Sunday at Hills Mansion in Augusta Maine, which is our monthly “Heart of David” Worship and Praise Meeting. For more information such as meeting times for the “New Dawn” intercession for equipping watchmen, and the Fireside chat with Pastor Roy and the main worship session, please click here.

It is now our policy to start every meeting with healing prayer. In the past two weeks, we have seen some incredible healings. Some of these are as follows. A lady was healed of a throat tumor. A woman whose neck was injured in a car accident years ago is now pain free. A lady visiting from North Carolina found emotional healing due to a miscarriage. The Lord dissolved the metal staples and a basket used in a hernia operation that gave a person constant pain who is now pain free . A lady visiting from the state of Washington that suffered from a constant ringing in her ears  is now completely healed. These are but few of the healings that we witnessed as the Lord’s grace moved to heal the sick. Bring the sick to any of our meetings  and we will pray for them. God’s hand is moving graciously to demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven is for now! Christ has risen and He is Lord of all, which is the Easter message.

Click on the two banners below for more information about our upcoming “Warriors of Destiny” and our annual New England Round Table. Following the two banners is a short video by Bill Johnson called “Healing through intimacy. Be blessed – In His love and mine Roy Roden