Nugget of the Week


Word for Week 12-24-12: The Heart of Christmas

      Christmas is expressed by our celebration of joy with thankfulness to our heavenly Father for His Son Jesus. His presence is our greatest present and the Father’s love is our greatest possession and the peace and joy of the Spirit is our daily inheritance. And for good reason! Because of God’s love the Lord Jesus Christ came to redeem us. We are not only redeemed that we may have eternal life, but that we may be present with Him in this life, for He lives in us, which is “Christ in you the hope of Glory,” (Col. 1:27).

     The greatest miracle of Christmas is the gift of God – HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. It was because of God’s love that He sent His Son that we may have eternal life. And it was Christ love for His Father that He freely gave His life that we may be born again of the Spirit. For me, the celebration of Christmas is not only the joy of the birth of Christ but also the joy of my birth as a new creation in Christ. The fruit of Christ birth and His life is a new life that is ours in Christ. It is through Christ that we are redeemed for intimacy and fellowship for a “heart to heart” relationship with our Father.  Thus, every new conversion brings joy to our heavenly Father that causes the host of heaven to celebrate. At the heart of Christmas is that of love.

    The greatest power from the arsenal of heaven is the Father’s love –which is the reason for Christ birth, crucifixion and resurrection.  It this love of the Father that is ours in Christ that abounds in our heart that renders the adversary vulnerable in the presence of those who radiate with the light and majesty of God’s love. You are His star that radiates the light of God’s gift of love to the world – His Son Jesus.

    As the angel of the Lord declared to the shepherds tending to their flocks in the field, it is the season to resound with a loud voice the sound of “good tidings of great joy.”  And just as this declaration was followed by a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, it is the season to declare the good tidings of great joy expressed from our heart to the Father in worship. This is the reason for the season.

   As our family gathers together, with the unwrapping of each present, I will be unwrapping with joy the love in my heart as an offering to the Lord with thanksgiving for the birth of Christ. As our family sits at the dinner table to feast, I will be silently recalling how the Lord has set a table before me and anointed my head with oil in the presence of my enemies. As I fellowship with family and friends, I will be with great gratitude that I remember the fellowship of joy that we have with our heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ  (1 John 1:3).

  As I write this, I feel the warmth of God’s love glowing in my heart. I also hear the bells of glad tidings ringing with the resounding joy of the heart of Christmas, which is the birth of Christ and the Father’s love. Christmas is the season for rejoicing with thanksgiving, but then again, so is every day!

                           Merry Christmas,

                                    In His heart and mine

                                                     Roy Roden