Nugget of the Week


Word of the Week 12-31-12: The Power of Alignment

During 2012 we began to see the unveiling of the curtain for a prophetic view of a new administration. As we know the number 12 stands for apostolic. The true apostolic vision is for the household of faith to become ONE in Christ. There were 12 tribes of Israel but one nation and there were 12 Disciples of Christ, but one gospel of the Kingdom. Likewise, there are many members of the Church, but only one body – His. The result of the new order will reveal the fullness of Christ as the victorious Lord through His people. When God’s people join their mantels and gifts to work as one, their authority is greatly multiplied and the glory of God is magnified.

   There is power in alignment. For some time a realignment of relationships, purpose and motives has been in motion.  God is doing a new thing that we cannot do in the old way. This transition process continues in 2013 to shift mindsets, ideals and motives to align our heart with the Father’s heart to fulfill His purpose. This alignment requires that every member function in the Church as God has set each one   (1 Cor. 12:18) and the establishment of the five fold ministries of Christ that work as one to establish Kingdom order. (Eph. 4:11)

   We must be properly aligned with those of the household of faith as well as well as with our tribe (our ministry covering).  When the household of faith is properly aligned and fitly joined together, the people will become the temple that will host God’s glory. (Eph. 2:19-23, 4:1-17) As Isaiah 60:1-3 declares, the nations are about to see the reality of the light of God’s glory upon a people that move in demonstration and power of the Spirit by those aligned with heaven.

    Many have gone through seasons where they experienced major battles. The purpose of these battles is to strengthen us for the intense battles that lie ahead. These champions are answering the call to go through the process. The result is that they are not only aligned with the Father’s Heart in purpose and in deed, but in soul and spirit. Aligned with heaven, these freedom fighters along with and their angels, will align with others to establish fortresses of truth that the enemy cannot penetrate or withstand. We must understand that the time to establish divine alignment and being properly positioned in God’s Kingdom plan is NOW and it is critical to our success.

  Most battles that we face are on the battlefield of relationships. All our spiritual training is relational. It is training for reigning. It is all about learning how to relate properly to God and how to relate to the people around you. While many are seeking to move in power, God is looking for those that are motivated by love from which His power flows. The goal of God is to make us into His own image. Thus, every trial and every tribulation is designed to bring us more into His likeness and image.

    The real battle is to take territory within – our soul. We cannot take territory in the region until our inner most being is transformed. The fruit of the Spirit is peace, love, joy, longsuffering and so on. Love is the cohesive power that bonds the brethren together in the unity of the Spirit. When these natures of the Spirit prevail within, they become the divine weapons of war that defeat the enemy without.

   Many of the battles that rage within the church is due to the adversity and conflicts from within, not from without.  It is the inner man out of alignment with God’s nature that becomes a pad for the opposition to land upon. The enemy knows a house divided will not stand, thus he will exploit every avenue to create strife within the body of Christ. There is now a cleansing taking place to rid the church of  faultfinding; blame shifting and criticism and spiritual racism, that host the powers of darkness. Many that are held captive because of unhealed wounds, rejection, fear and the deception that blinds them from seeing the truth of their own condition, will now be set free. 

   God is now ordering the steps of His people to establish apostolic centers that have the power of redemption The real work that lies ahead, is to bring healing and restoration to the fractured lives of God’s people, the burnt stones that are in need of healing. The wind of the Spirit is now moving to heal the wounded warriors and bring restoration to our comrades who have fallen.

  Thus in 2013; we will see an outpouring of God’s love that will bring healing to the heart of His people for love never fails. Our Father is coming to His own house to father the spirit of His children. His love will bring about the unity of the Spirit by a people who know their true identify. This is the Elijah anointing spoken of in Malachi 4, where the heart of the people merge as one with the heart of our heavenly Father. It will be from this alignment with the Father’s heart and with one another, that will bring healing and restoration to the household of faith. This in itself will generate a powerful supernatural healing move Go-.

  Those who carry the Father’s heart for restoration, redemption and renewal, will be empowered with the Spirit of wisdom as God’s wise master builders, to rebuild the Tabernacle of David. (Amos 9:11) Like the prophet Nehemiah, they will encourage the people to redeem the burnt stones that lie in the ashes of the rubble, to restore the breach and rebuild the Tabernacle of David -a building fitly framed together for a habitation for the Spirit of God.

     A remnant of freedom fighters that have been set free from religious captivity and demonic oppression are now mobilizing to march forward in the unity of the Spirit. And they will reveal the love of the Father to a lost and dying world in power and demonstration of the Spirit. This is all in preparation for the harvest. In order for an outpouring of God’s glory to take place their must first take place an infilling of His love. The results is a people empowered from heaven to reveal to a lost and dying world, the light of Gods glory that brings the realm of heaven to earth – the faith that works by love. 

  In 2013, we will continue to explore the blueprints of heaven, the restoration of the Tabernacle of David, and the work at hand to establish Apostolic centers for such a time as this.

      In His heart and mine – Roy Roden