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It’s Time To Dream Again

  Dreaming As children, we play and dream about the things that spark our interest. How we carry out these fantasies through our playful pretend “to be” is really a revelation at an early age of who we are.  Watch a child at play and you will learn what they relate too. The things they draw, the toys they play with and the people they pretend to be, all paint a picture. In their world, their imagination is real. It’s real because it reflects the destiny of their DNA that awaits them.

    Dreaming with imagination is a gift of God. The sanctified imagination is the center where creative thoughts flow. It is the art center where new ideas are conceived, carved to perfection and carried out. Within every imagination there exist a creative means for the entrepreneur to visualize creative ideas, conceive new inventions as well as the answers for a particular solution. What is imagined in the mind actually arises from the passion that lies in a person’s heart. It is what dreams are made of.

  Consider the Wright brothers who dreamed of flying. It was a little more than a hundred years ago when these two bicycle mechanics put their minds together to create that which did not exist, a flying machine. Thomas Edison conceived in his mind a light bulb that became a reality. Unfortunately, as we grow up and mature, we drop the pretension for reality and we loose the power of creative imagination in search of practical solutions. The responsibilities of life eclipse our dreams and hopes we view as irrelevant and impractical for everyday life.

   The religious spirit substitutes creative expression and the freedom of the Spirit, for rituals, theological concepts and traditions. The believer is thus circumcised of their dreams in order to sanctify their hearts. Your dreams are actually the place of vision – what you are called to do with purpose. The reason why so many Christians are orphans is because they have yet to embrace their true identity as sons of their heavenly Father.  We are created in His image, which is life itself.

     The Church is in the midst of change. We are now in a place of transition where the old has passed away and before us lies a new dawn. A whole new area has begun – the Kingdom age. As children of God, we are called to dream once again of unlimited possibilities.  In the midst of change there are new realms to conquer. New possibilities now lie within the grasp of the imagination.  It is our time to dream with God His dreams!

   In the beginning, the first act God did was to create. As children of God, you are called to be creative. Although you may not bring forth a new invention worth millions, you do have within your grasp the creative ability to imagine the possibilities that are yours as a new creation. Like our heavenly Father, We are created in His image to bring forth a new creation right in the midst of our Eden.

     Everywhere people are seeking to discover their true purpose with the quest to live their dreams. People are intentionally encouraging and empowering one another to discover their purpose to succeed in life. In the midst of change, there is arising a dream culture designed to empower believers to face the impossible.

   In doing so, people are learning that God is attracted to authenticity. People are tired of the pretense of being “Christ like” that masquerades as being spiritual. They are finding that simply being who they are created to be is pleasing to God! We don’t have to try to “imitate” being like God when we are were created in His image to be as He is! ALthough this requires a process of change, it is the result of being transformed by His Spirit that enables us to be as He is. The result of learning how to rest in who we are because of who He is in us, brings a newfound freedom with fullness of joy. God is now untangling the tentacles that hold people back from walking in His tangible presence that makes the supernatural life a daily experience.


Your Prophetic Language

     The language of your heart reveals your prophetic passion. Identify your passion and you will understand your purpose. What is it that energizes you that causes you to come to life? What is it that awakens your heart to throb with a love for life? I find that as I write my mind shifts from the place of reasoning to my heart. The heart is the source where rivers of life flow with streams of thoughts that enlighten my mind.

    The thoughts that I write arise from my “heart to heart” walk with God. They stem from the truth revealed to me by the Spirit and His life that is contained in them. As I partner with the Holy Spirit to bring forth what I am called to do, life flows from within. This is what enables me to pen the thoughts that contain the Father’s heart. I have learned that where the river flows is the place to camp.

    The desires of your heart are the dreams of God ordained in your DNA. They are awakened as a result of your intimacy with Him. The reason why God grants the desires of our heart is because they originate from Him! As the Psalmist David declared,  “Delight yourself also in the Lord; and He shall give to you the desires of your heart. Commit your way unto the Lord; trust in Him and He shall bring it to pass” (Psalms 37:4-5).

    When the Spirit of God moves, things come to life! As you delight yourself in the Lord, the life of His presence awakens your heart and mind to a new reality. How often has an inspired thought enabled you to carry out an idea? Or a word of wisdom that revealed the solution to a specific problem? The person in the Bible that you relate to the most is often the person that reveals your call or purpose.

   The things  you receive from the Lord contain within them, your purpose and identity. The scriptures that came to life are to awaken your heart to the reality of God’s truth that is to be a part of you! When the presence of the Lord comes, it is to awaken you into your ordained Kingdom reality of life that is found IN Him.

   Visualize your dream for within your imagination are the blueprints that unveil the rooms of the world that you are called to possess. One day the Lord asked me to go for a walk just to “day” dream. At first, I didn’t see how this would be beneficial as like a lot of people, I wanted to be “led by the Spirit.” I soon learned that which is contained in my dreams, is ordained by the Spirit. 

 As I was on my walk in the woods, I intentionally looked to see what my imagination might reveal. Suddenly, I began to see inner visions of a castle. I understood by this that within this vision, was my call. In particular, to establish a secured fortress of truth where people are equipped for ministry as well as a worship center for all nations. Prophetically, I know that what is in my heart can be viewed on the big screen of my imagination. God often speaks to His people this way. It was the dream that God has for my life!  (See Eph. 1:18)

   What lies in the heart is your prophetic vision. Look to your heart to see what He will say to you. Write the vision and make it plain. (Habakkuk 2:2) All that you can see from the place of vision is yours to obtain by faith! 


What Makes You Smile?

   Recently I attended a “Kingdom Business” retreat at Moravian Falls in North Carolina. Lance Wallnau was the guest speaker.  As the attendees shared who they are and what they did, Lance pointed out the times they smiled. “When you smile, “Lance said, “It reveals the passion of your heart that delights you.”  I thought this was interesting. When it came time for me to share, I was aware when my face brightened with a smile that indicated my passion in life, that which I am called to do. Our identity is not based on what we do, or our gifting or social status, but simply “being” who we are as a Son of God. However, it is by discovering our purpose that arises from our passion that leads us to the path of divine destiny.  

    What makes you smile reveals what is in your heart that energizes you and makes you feel alive. Notice when you smile and ask yourself “What is it that causes my heart to respond with such joy?” Take note of this and look to your heart to search specifically the passion now revealed on your face!

   What gives you joy reveals your call. As you walk in the joy of your call, you will find a profound zeal and inspiration that fills your inner most being with new life. When you do what you are created to do, it aligns your heart with the life of God who ordained you for such a purpose. The Holy Spirit as our helper, will then release the power you need to accomplish your task. 


 Know Your Main Focus

    The time has come to identify with clarity your spiritual gifts and how God has set you in His body and what your central mission is in life. Of great importance, is the need to discover what your main spiritual focus is? For instance, although my ministry mandate is to equip and train Christians for the work of ministry, my main focus is to have a single eye on Christ love and His heart (Eph. 3:16-19).

   One might say, “Well, yes Roy, our eye must be single as Christ taught.” That’s true, but specifically, my main focus is the Father’s heart and His love, which is what I try to integrate into all that I do!  Without the Father’s heart and His love, I would be ministering from my understanding rather than from the life of His presence. The main Kingdom gift I have is the Father’s heart and His love. Thus, as I focus on intimacy with God, I become centered in His presence. It is from this place of His presence that we minister His love that touches others with His life. 

    God is love and He who abides in love abides in God and God in Him. His love releases rivers of life. The river of life that flows in love is the pulse from God’s heart that runs through the veins of my natural gifs and talents as well as the spiritual gifts. It is His life in my being that enables me to touch others with His life. Everything that I am and all that I am created to be, is simply an extension of the life of Christ who lives in me. Whether it is in business, creating art, visiting friends, or even at play, when I keep my main focus on intimacy with God’s heart, all that I do is energized by the life of His presence that works by love. Thus, we are His dream that reveals His glory on earth.  


In Conclusion

     It is by hosting His presence that empowers my natural talents as well as my spiritual gifts with the life of His presence.  Love releases the life of God’s presence, for God is love. It is who He is. We must always seek to move in love, rather than in power. Power does not define who we are, but love certainly does. When our natural talents and abilities are infused with God’s love, thy come to life! We are to love God and abide in His love until we become love, which is the true essence of our being.

     Jesus did not come to rob us of our identity, or to make us robotic Christian. He came to give us more abundantly life. There is now a move of the Spirit to restore our true identity with wholeness in every area of life. Much of this is breaking the religious bondage that robs people of their dreams and true purpose. Christ did not come just to redeem us from sin, but to restore us to authentic Christianity as a new creation IN Christ. To be alive with character that displays our talents, gifting and purpose that is infused with the life of the Spirit.  God loves to show off through those who show up who are authentic.  

   Look to your heart and Identify the area that cause you to feel alive. What is it that makes you smile and you will discover your field of expertise. Proceed to Identify and list your signature strengths and your talents, and you will discover how you are naturally gifted.  Look to see what your spiritual gifts are and list these as well. As you walk forward to fulfill your purpose, the power of the Spirit is released to help fulfill your destiny. These are the tools that enable you to carry out your passion to fulfill your purpose with excellence.

  Identify your main focus that centers you in God’s presence, and all that you do will flow from the place of life. This is the faith that works by love. Friends,  as lovers of God who is our creator, it’s time to creatively dream again!

   In His heart and love,

                                   Roy Roden


 Recommended Reading: You can order these books from the Bethel Church Book store located at   1.) Dream Culture by Andy  & Janine Mason and 2.)  Dreaming with God by Bill Johnson.

   I also recommend that you check out Lance Wallnau’s website who offers three short videos called “The Passion Process.”  These fantastic videos can be seen at

    I love the teaching on Youtube by Mark Chironna located at  Following this try to rent the DVD “Field of Dreams” starring Kevin Costner.  It will come to life with a fresh outlook of how your dreams and imagination works together to bring about the fulfillment of your destiny that is your inheritance in Christ.