Nugget of the Week


The Power of Wisdom and Revelation

   WisdomWith every revelation of Christ, there is an impartation of His life that enables us to be as He is. You cannot see Him without being changed by Him!  Whether it is His divine nature, His truth or His wisdom and counsel or His power and authority. What is revealed to us is imparted to us. Like water, you cannot enter in without getting wet. Nor can you be in His presence without receiving His life. It is the impartation of His person that has the power to transform our lives. 

   When you walk in what has been revealed to you, the Kingdom of heaven becomes a part of you. That’s because the nature of heaven is the nature of Jesus. When you put on the nature of Jesus, you are putting on the nature of heaven itself.

     It is not God’s intention to increase our knowledge, but to increase our understanding of Him. To understand God is to understand His heart, which is for redemption and restoration. One of the purposes of Scripture, prophecy, visions and dreams is for the Spirit of revelation to unveil the Father’s plan and purpose that His heart may become our own. The prayer of the apostle Paul to the Church is,

     That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the Spirit of Wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. That the eyes of your understanding being enlightened that you may know what is the hope of His calling, and what the riches of the glory of His inheritance that is yours (Eph. 1:17-18).

    The Spirit of revelation is given to enlighten our hearts in the KNOWLEDGE of HIM! To see Him is to know Him. The result of this experience is an impartation of the Lord’s nature to our person. As Paul states above, this is the glory of His inheritance that is ours as a manifest Son of God. A manifest son is just that – one who manifests His presence that reveals His glory as a new creation in Christ.

     As a personal example, the ministry of Glory of Zion led by Chuck Pierce, has created an outdoor garden called the “Garden of Israel.” Located in Corinth, Texas this garden is a tribute to Israel that consists of walkways that lead to each of the 12 tribes of Israel. Each tribe has its own section with a brief overview with artwork that represents each tribe’s ordained purpose.

    When I first entered the garden, I saw directly to the right on a top of a knoll that overlooks the garden, a statue of a Lion. My focus was so riveted on the Lion that my entire being was captured. The power of God came upon me so strong, I couldn’t move. In awe I raised my arms to worship. I then heard the Lord say to my heart, “This is the tribe of Judah – your tribe.”

    Under the weight of His glory I fell upon my knees and heard the Lord say ” “Welcome home.” The first time I heard the Lord say this was during the Easter season in 1977. As a new Christian during worship I lifted my left arm towards heaven. Suddenly I sensed my heavenly father grasping my hand and I heard Him say, “Welcome home son.” At the same time I saw a brief vision of heaven.

   I understood by this revelation that I had received the spirit of adoption whereby we cry “Abba Father” (Ro 8:15).  By this experience, I felt His love for me along with His acceptance.  As a prodigal son, I knew that heaven was my true home!

    It was His revealed love for me that transformed my life and strengthened my inner man that would steady me throughout the years ahead. It was this same revealed love of God that filled my entire being with His living presence that enabled me to love others with His love. Along with every revelation there is an impartation of God’s nature that enables us to live in the power of His resurrection life.

     Now, 36 years later I was once again welcomed to enter into a new dimension of Kingdom life. When my Father said, “This is your tribe,” I felt a shift taking place within that brought me into a new season and Kingdom reality.  Along with this revelation was a fresh impartation of the authority of Christ, the Lion of Judah.  I have learned that it is the revelation of His person that touches our spirit with His divine nature that quickens us with His life with the power of transformation to be as He is.  Such is the power of revelation.

   For instance, because the nature of God is love, when He reveals His love to us, we become as He is- that of love. This is why the apostle John was able to say that God is love and those who abide in love abide in God and “As He is, so are we in this world” (1 John 4:16& 17). The key to true spiritual life and growth is to abide in all that Christ has revealed and imparted to us. This comes by cultivating an intimate relationship where His life is freely given to us by His very presence. 

   I share this testimony with you because we have entered into a new season where God is anointing His people with fresh oil to strengthen the inner man by the Spirit of His might. (Psalms 92:10 and Eph. 3:16) The Church has gone through a long season of transition, which is the Lord’s handiwork to prepare His people with the grace to enter into a new season. Many are now being commissioned with a fresh impartation with a profound boldness and courage to rule with Kingdom authority. As darkness increases upon the earth, we will need the impartations of Christ to rule victoriously as overcomers within our sphere of authority with the resurrection power to take back the acquisitions the enemy has stolen.

    In the next article, I want to share with you the relationship between the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation (War) that when properly understood and implemented, becomes a weapon of war.  A weapon that not only defeats the enemy, but unlocks within you the power of destiny – your inheritance in Christ.