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Apostolic Vision by Paul Keith Davis

Fireheart4I just returned from attending a MorningStar retreat for MFM ministers with Paul Keith Davis as the main quest speaker. (June 3-5, 2013) During this time I witnessed the birthing of apostolic vision that carried with it the weight of apostolic anointing. There was also an impartation of the anointing for signs and wonders that John Wimber carried as well as the “fire” of Elijah for the Malachi 4 anointing, which is to restore the hearts for the Father’s to the children and the hearts of the children to the Fathers.

It was a life transforming experience. I am all about transformation. For me the impartations that we receive are the grace that empowers us to reveal the resurrection life and power of Jesus Christ to the world. It’s not about what we can receive or need, but the power to reveal the Kingdom of heaven – the gospel that Jesus preached with signs and wonders that reveals His love.  The Kingdom of heaven comes in His presence.

Messengers of fire are now emerging that carry the heart of the Father that reveal the heartbeat, life, light and glory of God on earth as He is in heaven. It is this “heart fire” of His love ablaze that reveals the light of His magnificent glory to the world. His presence is now becoming visible as light that radiates upon the faces of His people (Isaiah 60:1-3).  You know them by their passionate love for Christ.

God is drawing us closer to Him. It’s all about presence. (Ps. 91) We are coming into a new level of authority. At this level, instead of ministering from the place of gifting, it is ministering His life from the place of His presence where we are seated in heavenly places where the gifts flow in power and demonstration of the Spirit.

God is imparting to His faithful stewards a greater measure of His manifold grace with a new level of authority and gifting in preparation for the coming harvest. We will need the gifts of healing and miracles to minister to those who come in during the harvest (2013-2015) that is upon us. These servants of the most high will seek to restore the fivefold ministry of Christ to the Church as well as establish Christ as the head of the Church – a building fitly framed together for a habitation for His glory. True apostolic vision is the revelation of Jesus Christ.

You can get these dynamic and timely messages of the June MFM retreat from MorningStar by calling their order line at 1-800-542-0278. I suggest that you order the DVD’s, as you will not want to miss the power point presentations by Paul Keith Davis, and the times of impartations and ministry by Paul Keith Davis and Nathan Scott as well as the powerful messages  brought forth through the MFM members.

In His heart and love,