Prophetic Tidbits


Time To Align With Heaven

  There is a company now rising with the heart of David. David had the heart of a lover with the spirit of a warrior The Lord is strategically connecting His people with the right alignment that He can build His Kingdom upon. David’s band of misfits went through a process on the backside of Israel where they fought against the enemies of Israel. Likewise, there is a remnant now banding together that have gone through the training.

  When David became King, the faithful and loyal men of David’s company were promoted as leaders of the army and rulers of the Kingdom. God is now shuffling the deck that will reveal His hand that will trump all that is established by man. The Lord of glory is coming to His house.

  We are living in the times when it is crucial that we find and network with those aligned with the heart of God in the heavenly realm. It is this network in the heavenly realm by those aligned with the heart of the Father that God is birthing a new thing upon the earth.

  The hand of God is removing every obstacle that stands in the way of fulfilling our destiny. Every relationship that hinders the call is being pruned to make way for new growth. Thus, it is imperative that we align with the relationships that impart His life one to another. It is these relationships that we need to cultivate to reveal His purpose on earth as it is in heaven.

  Today is a new day for Christ has risen and His light has come. Let your light shine with those you are called to network with. The favor of the Lord is now rewarding the faithful, the just and the loyal, with the real treasure of heaven – the Lord Himself.

                                       In His heart and love – Roy Roden