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PDM’s Ministry Overview and Update

  A little more than a year ago, we shifted from conducting weekly meetings of the School of the Spirit here in Camden at the Teen Center, to hosting on line webinars here in my home office. This has turned out to a wise move as it is launching us into an international media ministry.

  Although we still have a vision to establish a regional worship/equipping and training center, we are laying the media foundation we can build upon to equip the nations for ministry and to prepare for the harvest. This involves four phases of media. 1. Creation: 2. Production:  3. Marketing: and 4. Broadcasting.  



   Creating a Media Studio – In order to film videos I turned my home office into a media studio to produce video training resources and to conduct on line webinars. We purchased two video cameras, a studio lighting kit and created a background setting along with two iMacs, editing software and so on.

    Website Redesign – Last June of 2012, we began to create a new look for Destiny Eastgate Ministries Website. Formally known as Prophetic Destiny Ministries, the website was overhauled to provide the capacity to host videos on demand, a means of broadcasting live sessions and to provide on line School of the Spirit training courses. Our motto is, “Reaching the nations through media technology.”  Our website is at

    The redesign was completed February of this year.  Check out the websites media ministries by clicking on Destiny EastgateTV,  Eastgate Podcast and the Eastgate School of the Spirit. The website also host prophetic articles.  They are the “Nugget of the Week,”  “Prophetic Bulletins “and “Prophetic Tidbits.” The website is receiving over 2500 visits per month with over 5,500 pages read by international visitors. Click here for more information about the Prophetic Teaching articles we offer.

    On Line Webinars  – We taped a short “introduction” video for each of our webinars and how you can be involved. These webinars are interactive with an eye to equip you for the work of ministry, for fellowship and for interchange. They are the Eastgate Sunday Webinar  the monthly SNOW Initiative, (Strategic Network of Watchmen) and monthly DFF Fellowship. (Davidic Forerunners Fellowship)

  All one needs to participate is a computer, an iPad or iPhone, an Internet connection and a headset.  The program we use is like Skype but on steroids. It enable us to show video replays, Power Point presentations, art, and our guest speakers. Those who participate converse using the audio feature and if they have a webcam, can be seen with others on the program. 

  DestinyTV On Youtube  – This site was updated to compliment our new Eastgate website at     

   Destiny Eastgate Facebook – This is a Facebook Business page for our website


Phase one was completed May 2013



     We have slated this phase for the summer/early fall to create training material that we can post on Destiny EastgateTV,  but especially for our line School of the Spirit Courses. Each course will contain a number of audio teachings, articles and videos designed to empower and equip you for ministry. Such as the ministry of the watchmen, prophetic ministry, healing and deliverance ministry and so on.

    We look forward to create training manuals along with instructional DVD’s that contain activation exercises along with the ministry of impartation of spiritual gifts (Romans 1:11). These materials are designed to equip leaders to conduct their own School of the Spirit in their home or ministry location. They will also be used as a resource for sale located in our webstore.

  Media In House Production – Chris Walker is a local media instructor who has offered to help us throughout the summer. He has been providing the quality training we need to utilize our cameras for video filming along with the editing software required to produce videos. Our desire is to provide an in-house media ministry to produce, edit quality videos. Some of these will be packaged into DVD’s as a training resource as well as videos on demand for the websites on line courses and for those equipping others for the work of ministry.


Media Hosting

     We use Webex for our on line interactive meetings. Webex provides us with our own meeting room with an audio feature for live conversation and interaction with one another. We use this program for our on line webinars as we love the interchange, fellowship and interaction we have with those on line. 

   Another program available is Adobe Connect.  This program is best suited for recording my teachings. It provides decent quality recordings of audio, HD video along with the video replays, art work and PowerPoint presentations that I use. These recordings can be edited and created in a video/DVD format for our Websites EastgateTV, SOS on line course, DVD’s, etc.  

   As far as video hosting we use Youtube and Lightcast.



  The fall/winter is slated to redo the Webstore and to focus on marketing our ministry resources. We want to carry special items such as T-shirts, worship CD’s and prophetic art that is unique to our ministry. 

   Establishing Satellite Schools of the Spirit – Those who wish to establish and lead their own SOS in their home or ministry location will have our personal attention given to them. Our passion is to equip leaders to lead. Thus, a lot of the training we are developing is designed to equip leaders who can equip people for the work of ministry, especially to prepare for the harvest.

     To date, we have two Satellite SOS established. One in Newport Maine and the other in Oklahoma City.  Rick Joyner has prophesied there will be over 500,000 thousand home groups established across this nation. During the harvest, home groups will play a major role in ministering to those who come in during the harvest. This will be our main – which is to equip people for ministry.

    Finish Book – I plan somewhere by the end of this year to finish my book called “Manifest Sons Arise.”  I pray that I will be able to do this when phase one and 2 is completed and I have at least one media ministry assistant to work in the office with the first three phases mostly completed.



    Worship Center – Our ultimate goal is to establish a regional worship center. Based on Amos 9:11 we are on fire to see a worship center established where people of all nations can come to worship and be equipped for ministry. A locations where we can broadcast the sessions live to the nations.

    Live Media Studio – Our first step to establishing the worship center is to establish a regional media studio where people can come and interact with the Lord and with one another. A live School of the Spirit where the love, healing power and ministry of the Spirit can take place that is broadcast live to the nations.   How this works – People are seated in a studio setting that is being broadcast. A guest speaker and host presents the training material, testimonies and engage the audience to participate by ministering to one another what is being taught, activated and imparted to them on a real time “hands on” basis.

   Internet Channels – We have been given a free ROKU channel ($5000 value). Roku along with Google TV, are two internet channels that host various programs for viewing. Most of your new TV’s enable you to view Internet programs on the screen.  The trend is also towards ipads and iphones and other mobile devices where people can obtain instant information. Our website is mobile friendly as well as our webinars.


How You can help

    The future potential for all of this is unlimited. Pray for us for we are in a whole new area of development to reach the nations for Christ. We have tapped into media technology where unlimited possibilities exist to minister the full gospel of Christ with signs and wonders and to disciples the nations and equip you for the work of ministry. This of course requires finances.

   We rely upon those who feel the Lord calling them to network with us to help support our administrative needs to underwrite these new advances. You can help by becoming a monthly Eastgate Support Partner. To learn more about partnering with us,  please click on this link that takes you to our website.  Or you can make a one time donation by clicking here.

  Or if you prefer, you  can help underwrite this Kingdom endeavor by sending a check to DEM, PO Box 711, Camden Maine, or call our office at (207) 236- 4904.

 Thank you –

 In His heart and love – Roy Roden