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The Number 11:11- A Time to Recover, Restore and Gather

TimeMany of you have been seeing the number 11:11 for quite some time. This number has been recurring frequently since 11-11-2011, the year of double transition. The year that a major transition took place to bring God’s people out of the old, into the new. It was the year of the eye of the Lord – the time to “see again” what the Lord was saying.  The time to see “The New” that is being birthed out of God’s presence.

The Spirit of Revelation is opening the eyes of our understanding in this specific season with the wisdom to know how the hand of the Lord is moving. The key to unlocking the meaning of this number is contained in Isaiah 11:11, which states in part, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set His hand again the second time to recover the remnant of His people….”

    It is God’s passion to move again to “recover” the remnant of His people and restore them back to their Promise Land and to their Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.  The ministry of reconciliation and redemption is a deep passion of God’s heart.  There is the grace released at Calvary to “Recover” the acquisitions the enemy has stolen. God’s hand is moving to recover the destiny of His people who have been sidetracked, misled or fallen.  It is the heart of the Father to redeem, restore and recover the inheritance of His people “For this purpose was the Son of God manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8).

God is the author of life. From the very beginning we see God’s heart is to bring light where there is darkness, life where there is death and order where there is confusion.  In the midst of the new creation, God established the Garden of Eden. Because of the fall, Christ as the second Adam came to redeemed mankind for intimacy with our creator and to restore the earth to the paradise it was intended to be.  At the very core of the heart of God is the restoration of God’s people!

A remnant must be recovered and restored to their inheritance in the body of Christ, which is the current move of God.  To be used in this great awakening, seek out those that God brings to your heart. The Holy Spirit will reveal the details as you walk forward in love.  God’s love has a purpose. As you walk in love, just know that the Lords hand is moving to gather a people that are ready to move to a higher level with the passion to network together. You will know them by the fire that burns in their heart for the things of the Spirit.

God is calling His people to gather around His throne to receive His strategies and blueprints to make a Kingdom advance from the realm of heaven. The old has passed away and there is a new dawn rising. Rather than gathering people under a common umbrella and calling it “unity,” we need to gather with those walking in Kingdom reality. It takes courage to come out of the old to pioneer something new.  In order to walk in the new that displays the power of transformation, we must reveal the light of His glory that manifest the sweet aroma of the KNOLWEDGE of HIS PRESENCE in every place (2 Cor. 2:14-15).  Nothing else will do nor should it!

  Deuteronomy 11:11 tells us that the land of our inheritance that is ours in Christ, is a land that is saturated with the essence of heaven. This is a verse of promised inheritance for those who are sons of God as joint heirs with Jesus ” But the land, whether you to posses it, is a land of hills and valleys, and drinks  water of the rain of heaven.”

  If you have seen the number 11:11:11, God is letting you know with the assurance to have the confidence that the power of the Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is working on your behalf to bring you into your full inheritance. You are called for such a time as this! ( I will be speaking more in another article on the number 1:11 and 11:1) 



Because November 11 fell on Veterans’ day this year, I believe a fresh wind of the Spirit is blowing upon the wounded warriors and the fallen soldiers As we see in Ezekiel’s graveyard, it is the dry bones that God raised up by His resurrection power and the Spirit of the Lord came upon them and they became “an exceeding great army” (Ez. 37:10).  Today, in the midst of a land overshadowed by religion, God is gathering His people to mobilize as an army and He will lead it.

    The Lord is recruiting those with the heart of “gathering” that have an eye for restoration and healing.  God is awakening hearts by the power of His love with an impartation of His great mercy.  Just as the scripture tells us in Isaiah 11:11, the Lord’s hand will move a “SECOND TIME” to recover the remnant of His people. This is the mercy of God. If you have fallen, you have a second chance, for God will never leave you or forsake you! If you are in captivity, the Lord’s hand is moving to open the prison doors to set you free!

The scripture tells us that even though a righteous man may fall seven times, yet he will rise again. (Prov. 24:17) It is not our “falling” that displeases God as much as our “rising’ up to move forward that pleases Him. As the apostle James declared, we all stumble in many ways.  Praise God through Christ Jesus, there is a pathway for recovery and restoration as Paul informed us in Galatians 6:1,

Brethren, if a man is overtaken in a fault, you who are spiritual, restore them in the spirit of meekness, considering yourself, lest you are also tempted (and stumble).

    Anyone can look at a barn that needs repair and proclaim it’s condition, but it takes a craftsmen that yields his hands to the work to restore it to it’s original condition. Instead of casting one another down, we must embrace the Father’s hand to build up one another in HIs love. His love edifies and His love never fails.  We are all aware what is wrong in the region, where change needs to take place, and what the adversary is doing. This knowledge does not create change.  It is Christ and His love revealed by a people that host His presence, that invades the impossible with the glorious light and power of heaven  “But those who know their God shall be strong and do great exploits” Daniel 11:32.


The Word of Reconciliation

  190690_1674243614707_2457489_n    What doe you see? The Lord posed this question to Jeremiah and his response is noted in Jer. 1:11. Your call is blossoming with the anointing to build and to plant and God will hasten His Word to perform it. It is the Malachi four anointing to see restoration by the power of His love take place in the heart of His people.

To implement this, the Lord is releasing the WORD OF RECONCILLIATOIN with a newfound power and authority. The Word of reconciliation is the power of God’s Word that reveals the love of God with signs and wonders. As Paul said,

“To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them, but has commended unto us the Word of reconciliation” (2 Cor. 5:19).

To those who can be trusted with their word, God is granting the silver sword, the Word of Reconciliation with a greater measure of the power and authority of the Spirit. Jesus is the Word of God (John 1:1). Those who wield the Sword of His Word will reveal the glory, power and splendor of God with signs and wonders.

  And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them,, and confirming the Word with signs following A-men (Mark 16:20).


In Conclusion

   fhoval  I believe the number 11:11 is the call to embrace the Father’s heart of mercy.  It is the call to gather around His throne to receive the strategies that arise from His heart to full His purpose. The fruit of this will recover that which the enemy has stolen along with the healing ministry of restoration.  From the heavenly realm, God is birthing something new that will take place through a people that host His presence. God’s heart is to impact every segment of society with the life of the Kingdom with the power to transform cities and the nations. Once again the hand of the Lord will move to recover His people to bring them back into the fullness of their inheritance.  Get ready to catch the wave of another great awakening!

When you see the number 11:11, write down the date and how it came to you. Rise to the Lord’s throne in worship and inquire of the Lord as to how you are to respond and your part in this move of God. Ask the Father to anoint you with fresh oil to help recover that which the Lord is redeeming. It may be an impartation or an awakening of your spiritual gifts and talents, or  your purpose in life with fresh passion that the Lord wants to recover. Or it may be your spouse, ministry, church or neighbor. There is an anointing being poured out for such as time as this that King David declared when he said I shall be anointed with fresh oil.”

This is the year to ask for wisdom. It is the wisdom as how to respond to the work of His hand that He is doing and how He desires to use you to help recover that which the enemy has stolen. Again, His eye is upon His people to redeem the lost and restore the fallen. This is the season for the harvest and the laborers are few. Ask the Lord to send those that will labor with you. As in the days of Nehemiah, God’s heart is to rebuild the walls and the gates that have fallen. To see the light, glory and splendor of God’s glory impact our families, community and cities that reveal the life of the Kingdom of heaven.

As always,   “Rise and Shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!” (Is. 60:1)

                                In His heart and love,

                                                        Roy Roden