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It’s Time To Ignite – The Fire is Here!

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It’s Time to Ignite – The Fire is Here! 

In the Shepherd’s Rod for 2014, Prophet Bob Jones was shown that a new birthing of the baptism of fire would begin this year. This baptism of fire will be far greater and more powerful than any move of the Spirit we have experienced thus far!

    A fresh baptism of the Spirit with fire is here. Daily I feel the warmth of this fire in my spirit with the light of God’s presence. At times I feel as if I am on fire with new life- resurrection life! The overflow is igniting others with fire and it’s happening everywhere!

     John the Baptist spoke of the ministry of Christ when He declared, “I indeed baptize you with water; but One mightier than I is coming whose sandals I am not worthy to loose, He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire (Luke 3:16).

       The Lord is empowering us to rule and reign as victorious overcomers. The baptism is to receive the fullness of the Spirit for power (Is. 61). The baptism of fire is to ignite us to shine with the light of His presence as a light to the world (Is. 60:1). This fresh baptism of the Spirit with fire is not only to refresh us with the Holy Spirit, but for the overflow to touch others with the life of His presence. God is igniting torchbearers with the fire to minister in power “The love of God that is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit” (Ro. 5:5).

    This baptism of fire is igniting hearts with the eternal flame of His love. Reports are that meetings are being invaded by heaven with fire. The fruit is transforming lives, redeeming the lost and restoring the fallen. People are being filled with the joy of the Lord. What takes place testifies the power of God is resident within those touched by His life.  Many feel the warmth of God’s presence that burns brightly in the fireplace of their heart. The warmth of God’s love is addictive, powerful, joyful and very fulfilling. The source of this fire is the love of God.

    Those touched by this fire changes their capacity to live. Awakened with new life; people testify they feel loved and accepted.  Some experience a spontaneous combustion in their heart with a “love explosion.” Relationships are being healed and restored; spiritual gifts and ministries baptized by this fire are ramped up to a new level of power and authority. We are seeing people return to their first love with a passion for God’s presence.

    The Fire of God is drawing us to live from the place of His heart. His love is the greatest weapon ever released from the arsenal of heaven. It imparts a love for our enemies and breaks every curse. His love repels demonic power, cast out all fear and heals infirmities. Anything that stands before the fire of His presence is not able to penetrate. His love sets the captives free from the bondage of guilt and shame to walk joyfully in the acceptance of our heavenly Father. This is the love that opens the eyes of our heart to see others through the lens of the Father’s heart.

     Some share this fire operates like a word of knowledge that enables them to be led by the Spirit. By the warmth of God’s love in their heart, they know who they are to minister to, those they are called to align with, where they are to go, and the people they are to mentor. Just as Jesus did that which He saw the Father doing, speaking the words of His Father, the fire of God’s love reveals His heart for the season as well as His wisdom. Love always has a direction with purpose. Love keeps us centered in God’s heart for the fire of heaven to be released on earth through vessels He can flow through. In doing so, “Kings will come to the brightness of your rising” (Is. 60:3).

       This fire is like a two-edge Sword. It can wield the light and warmth of God’s love, but also the fire that consumes the wood hay and stubble while purifying the gold and silver, “For our God is a consuming fire” (He. 12:29). This fire is purifying lives with the truth that makes men free. His light renews our thoughts, restores our heart and purifies the soul. His truth breaks mindsets held captive to a belief system. Transformed by a renewed mind, people rejoice with gladness and thanksgiving as they bask in the freedom of God’s life giving presence.

    The fire that Moses saw at the burning bush is the same fire the Lord is sending with His messengers. This is the fire that empowers God’s torchbearers to become messengers of fire, as it is written in Scripture “For the Lord makes His ministers messengers of fire” (He. 1:11). Let your light shine for it is the call and commission of every believer to  “Arise and Shine for your light has come” (Is. 60:1).

     A messenger of fire is a minister of life.  Our call is to speak the truth in love from the place of God’s heart, the Word of reconciliation that reveals God’s goodness (2 Cor. 5:19).  As brokers of faith, hope and love, our speech is to be peppered with grace (the anointing) to bring healing to the depressed, and hope to the hopeless (Col. 4:6). To heal the broken hearted, open prison doors and set the captives free as victorious overcomers empowered by the Spirit (Is. 61:1-4, Mt. 10:7-8).

    We are witnessing the favor of God restoring relationships. God is a relational God who desires His children to be in fellowship with one another. The fire of purification will cleanse all that divides, creates strife and division. Those who bear the torch of the Lord’s presence will be used to bring much needed healing. Many will move in the Spirit and power of Elijah to prepare a people to host the Lord’s presence (Lu. 1:17). Their hearts passion is to “Turn the heart of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers” (Malachi 4:6).

    Saints of light – the Church is about to catch on fire! The glory of the Lord will fill His house in such an extraordinary way; that the light of the Lord’s presence will transform individuals and even nations (Ez. 44:4). This fire is the light of His presence. As foretold by the prophet Isaiah, the light of His glory will be so bright in the last days when darkness covers the earth, that it will be seen upon His people. The kings of the earth will come from far and near to bask in the presence and power of the baptism of fire (Is. 60:1-3). Many will return home as torchbearers with the power to set people, cities, even nations on fire with the gospel.

    A great awakening has begun. Soon we shall see every Church, every ministry, even the market place, art, politics and education, lit by the fire of His presence. Greater than any theology and bigger than any man or ministry, this fire will increase until the knowledge of God’s glory covers the earth (Habakkuk 2:14).

    A great harvest is upon us. As good stewards of His manifold grace, we are asking the Lord for the wisdom to cultivate a culture where the fire can be released and carried forward with understanding and integrity. For this reason we are navigating to find the best pathway to establish healing centers to restore the fallen and bring healing to the wounded. To establish an equipping center with a media ministry to activate, empower and release believers for a world-impacting ministry.

    Our desire is to see the torch of His presence passed on from one generation to the next. To see a movement that grows stronger that burns brighter by those that stay close to the source of light – our Lord Jesus Christ.

 FBEagleFire    We also seek to network with those who are “torchbearers.” You know them by the fire that burns in their heart for the things of God. Not content with religious practices, they seek the fellowship of Christ, who is the glory of their inheritance.

   When those who carry the flame of His presence unite as one, the power and presence of the Lord is greatly magnified. Kingdom authority multiplies with unity, “For he that joined to the Lord is one Spirit (1 Cor. 6:17).  A candle by itself is but a single flame, but a multitude of lamps can illuminate an entire city with the light of God’s glory.

     We can have unity even in the midst of diversity, for in His presence we are one by His Spirit. The unified results will cause a great awakening with the Fathers blessing, even life forever more (Psalms 133: 1-3). This in turn will bring much needed healing and restoration to the body of Christ.

    Today is the day and now is the time! Seize the moment for the harvest is ripe for the hearts of many are ready to ignite! Catch the fire and let your light shine that the world may know God’s love and His goodness. As the apostle Paul exhorted,

“May the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God” (2 Thessalonians 3:5). 

      As always, this is a new day, for Christ has risen. Rise and shine for your light has come and His glory has risen upon you!

                                                                 In His heart and love – Roy Roden