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Report of Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry & Praise Report


To our Eastgate Round Table Members, (CC: Cassie, Zackery, Alyssa)

  It is with great joy to announce that as of Wednesday April 23rd, we officially launched the “Ignite” Youth Ministry. The following is a very brief overview of the meeting we held last night along with some thoughts to pray forward.

   I was sharing at the kitchen table with the youth how the Lord once grew my left leg to its normal length. You could tell by the way they leaned forward wide-eyed with anticipation, that this youth group has a heart, not only know God, but carries an insatiable hunger to walk in the supernatural power of God. 

    From there we retired to the living room and upon declaring loudly with one voice the name of JESUS, the room atmosphere shifted to that of the Kingdom. It wasn’t long before they were either laughing hysterically or bombed with the peace and comfort of God. One youth in particular, sat on the floor leaning against the wall basking quietly in the glow and warmth of God’s presence. Two of them felt the warmth fire of God’s love in their chest, which indicates they have “caught” the fire.

     I don’t think I have ever heard the youth (and adults) laugh so loud in my life. I was thrilled to witness their freedom and filled with awe at how easily this group flows in the presence of the Lord.  We talked about being supernaturally natural, especially when new youth come to the meeting that do not know Christ. Using examples, we acted out some possible scenarios that were fun and informative.

    We then shifted into another phase of teaching. Last week as the youth ministered to one another, Alyssa began to experience oil flowing from the palms of her hands. This increased as she imparted it to the others. Being that this was what the Lord highlighted that evening, I had a group do a study on John 17 and the oil of unity. We shared what this means, what it looks like, it’s purpose and so on, which is also the assignment to discuss the next time we meet.

       OK, now for the Administration aspect of the meeting:

     I encouraged the youth I will introduce them to other youth leaders and ministries such as the Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry in Redding, California, I-hop, and Global Awakening with Randy Clark, as well as other opportunities to connect regionally with youth ministries and so on.

    The foundational core youth group is Zackery Mullen, Allyssa Rollins, Seth Rollins, Isabella Jacobs, and Kyle Fitzpatrick. Steve and Cassie Rollins presiding

    The Youth meetings will be held Wednesday evenings at Steve and Cassie’s resident in Richmond, Maine. The start time is 5:30pm.  Roy Roden (Lisa when available) will be attending the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month; the youth will preside on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday with Steve and Cassie Rollins presiding.

     The youth have agreed to tithe to a fund set aside for the Eastgate “Ignite” Youth ministry. (Name still to be finalized) Once a month Cassie will collect the tithes and bring them to the monthly Eastgate House of Glory meeting in Augusta.

    During the Wednesday meetings, Zack will play two worship songs to begin the meeting. I encouraged them to have those that play instruments/drums to bring them to the meeting to participate.  

   Alyssa is appointed as the group watchmen. Zachery as the group facilitator. I encouraged the group to work together to empower one another. A facilitator is one that sees the gifting and talents of others, and with a listening ear, find out what each person has to contribute, their insights and concerns, and mobilize the group as a team that works together to accomplish their purpose and mission.

    Also for them to communicate well with one another, to share hearts and perhaps 15 minutes or so before each meeting, come together to unite in prayer as well as to provide a time for sharing.

    During the first Sunday of each month at the Eastgate House of Glory service in Augusta, Roy will be doing a Q&E period with the youth at 2:00 pm, with a focus on prophetic training as well as establishing a foundation in the Word.

    We talked about being involved in evangelism as the group makes progress in the months ahead. We also talked about doing family outings this summer. One Saturday in June we can spend in Camden hiking Mt. Battie and in July a barbecue with water baptism service at Damariscotta Lake in Jefferson, Maine.

  Some things to look forward too we can start to plan now

  Because some things take months to plan and schedule before they materialize, it might be wise to look at what we can do now to establish our goals in 2015/2016.

   Such as “supernatural fund raisers!” In other words, finding creative ideas of how to raise funds in a tangible way, (such as a yard sale) while ministering to those who come. The funds can be used for field trips, like going to Bethel or to another nation as part of a ministry trip, or a local youth outreach ministry.

     Something we can begin to look at, is participating in the annual Augusta Family Day held at the State Capital Park and secure a booth at the Rockland Lobster festival in 2015, as well as host a booth at the Maine State Fair that comes around to the various towns every year. Perhaps we can have a product to sell while attending these “supernatural” booths to lead others to Christ.

    I wonder if Cassie and Wendy Allard would like to spearhead this as they both have the gift of administration to get things done, as well as a heart for the youth. Wendy may want to combine her praise dance ministry and the artistic gifting of the youth group to put something together at these fairs and events, etc.