Nugget of the Week


A New Era Has Begun – the recent Nor’easter and coming storm

snow_27 Just a few days prior to the election on Tuesday, a major Nor’easter blew in that took the State of Maine by surprise. Although this storm was expected, the severity and intensity was far beyond the projected forecast. High winds blew trees over into power lines causing major power outages. Days later, the power is still out in some locations.  When trees are allowed to grow too close to power lines, they become a major hazard to the source of power! Like the great ice storm of 1988, trees laden with snow and ice, due to the heavy burden will bend over contacting the power lines creating widespread power outages.

This has a prophetic significance as Biblically trees represent people. Spiritual power can be disrupted when leaders fail to trim back and remove the obstacles that break the lines that carry the power to the people.  Storms are coming and we must be prepared in order to avoid “spiritual outages. “ It’s time to trim back and remove the branches that are not bearing fruit and the dead limbs that we tend to hang onto, (dead works). Especially the things that hinder, quench and disrupt the power flow of the Spirit. The best place in any storm is to be sheltered in Christ.


The Coming Storm – A Civil / Political War

A Civil /Political war looms on the horizon. Now that the republicans have the majority of the Senate and the House, political storms are coming! Although this has been taking place, I believe like the Nor’easter, it is coming with a fierceness that will impact everyone! Battles will rage as “agents of change” rise up to restore and redeem our constitutional inheritance. This will take place both spiritually in the Church and nationally in the government. An army of the Lord has been prepared for such a time as this. A major conflict is coming and there is no escape. No should we desire too! The outcome depends upon me and you – the Church.

Both in the natural and spiritual, a real change of government will bring renewed hope to the people. However, along with it will arise battles for the King and His Kingdom to rule and reign, versus the Kingdom of men. Some will see this as a battle for freedom. For others a battle to remain in power to maintain the status quo, the people of ‘their party” that are with them and their ideals.  A leadership is now prepared by the Lord that are willing to fight a civil war in order to set the captives free. The primary motive is freedom versus slavery. While the primary issue for others will be to maintain their influence, their role in leadership and finances.

A falling away will take place by those who seek to be known on earth with the desire to wear a title, display their gifting, promote their ministry and establish their rule with authority. A promotion by the Lord is given to those who desire is to be known only by His name. Their quest is to minister in His love and from the place of humility, serve with His heart – to be one in Him. Their whole desire is to display the splendor of His glory – the evidence of true spiritual authority. To these God will trust with even greater power and authority of His Kingdom.

The days of spiritual rhetoric to affirm, justify and promote our spirituality is passed. It is not about titles, or who is in authority, the doctrines of men or ministry. It is entirely about Him – the one who is our love and our life, the Lord Jesus Christ. And like Paul, it is not about ‘Enticing words of man’s wisdom but demonstration of the Spirit and power” (1 Cor. 2:4). It’s time we demonstrate that which we believe!


The Coming Exodus

     People across this nation are experiencing a deep thirst with a holy appetite. Deep is calling unto deep to prepare hearts to receive the fullness of God’s glorious presence. It is this “awakening to a new dawn” that people are realizing the need for more of His love, His light and life. Especially for His manifest presence. It is this innate hunger for God, His truth and justice that is the driving force for change.

It is no longer a quest for a manifestation of His power, a good worship service, or a great sermon. Although these things are wonderful and to be desired, the hunger is for the Lord’s majestic manifest presence! Their quest is to drink living waters and feast on the bread of life that is found in Jesus Christ. Soon, people are going to seek those whose sole purpose is to unlock the Kingdom within them with the ability to empower them to rise and shine with the light of God’s glory. This too is ushering in a new era of government – that of the Kingdom of heaven. Because of this we can expect conflicts to arise that will pave the way for the fulness of the New Day.

The greater the darkness the brighter the light that shines upon those that “Rise and shine with the light of His glory” (Is. 60:1).  It is this visible light that will embolden a people to rise up and go where their true identify as a new creation, can be nourished.  As born again believers, it is our spirit that is reborn. It is our spirit that bears the image of God who is love.  The manifest sons are those who reveal Christ on earth as He is in heaven – that of love (1John 4:16-17).

Because of this change, I see an exodus coming. Many are waking up to the state of their true spiritual condition to go where the glory is!  To escape from the bondage and belief system holding them in captivity to that of freedom, “For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” We must be positioned as agents of hope to see healing, restoration and redemption come to the body of Christ. To build His house – which is His people, to rise and shine with the light of His presence. Then we shall a glorious church – the beloved bride of Christ, filled overflowing with rivers of living water that brings life to the nations (See Is. 60:1-5))

A great harvest is coming. People will be searching for the light, life, and love that comes from a close intimate relationship with the Lord of liberty. We are empowered by the Spirit for such a time as this to “preach the gospel to the poor, heal the brokenhearted, preach deliverance to the captives and recover the sight of the blind and set at liberty them that are bruised” (See Luke 4:18, Mathew 7-8).

A New Era has begun!

Blessings with love – Roy