Prophetic Bulletins


A Concern for our region – Truth or Rhetoric?


Over the decades I have seen a pattern in our region. What some call “unity” often stems from those who demand “submission to authority.” It’s a military style of “command and demand” that is directive and corrective rooted in the need to control. True unity ushers in the blessing of the life of heaven as we gaze upon the face of Jesus. (Ps. 133:1-3) It is His presence that makes us one where there is true authority with the freedom to serve for “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” (2 Cor. 3:17). Servant leadership works by love – a love for God and His people with a view to expand His Kingdom on earth as in heaven.

Lets be real! What some are calling “revival” due to their congregational expansion is often the result of Christians migrating from one church to another. While people are coming in the front door, people are also leaving out the back. How many are true converts? Truth growth is how close we walk with God and how much brighter the love and life of Christ is burning in our lives as a light that shines in our city (Proverbs 4:18). True revival compels people to know God and walk with Him.

Why are we broadcasting an awakening is taking place while in the mix people are quietly proclaiming they are starving for the presence of the living God? The awakening is the realization of their true spiritual condition manifested as a holy hunger for the knowledge and presence of Lord. Why does this condition exist when Jesus promise is that those who drink of His living water shall thirst no more? Jesus promised to these who hunger and thirst after Him, shall be filled (Mt. 5:6). Our call is not to build up our ministry, but to build up the body of Christ in love that they may overflow with the abundance of His goodness!

Change is here, but in order to step into the new we need to put on the cloak of humility that clothes us in His grace – the grace of His presence (1 Peter 5:5). To be led by the Spirit of Truth – the Truth that is in Jesus who is our guiding light (Eph. 4:21). The truth that makes men free from the depth of deception that we may embrace His understanding and wisdom with the power to move in the anointing. Let our words measure up to our actions and motives as “doers” of the word in power and demonstration of the Spirit.

My daily prayer is “Father, I ask for more your wisdom, counsel and understanding. I need more of your life, light and love, in Jesus name I ask and receive.”

You see, I too am hungry with a holy passion for more of His glory. It started 38 years ago and continues today. We go from “glory to glory” by the Spirit of the Lord, that leaves us hungry for more of Him!. Christ has risen and as the “I am” is ever present. Our call is to learn how to abide continuously in the presence of His glory. Then we shall be one and the world will come to the brightness of our rising (Is. 60:3). As always, the call is to:

Rise and shine for your light HAS come and the glory of the Lord HAS risen upon YOU! (Is. 60:1)

In His heart and love Roy