The Power of Testimonies- the manifestation of His great love

  Beautiful cherry blossom Testimonies are powerful tools to advance God’s Kingdom.  They testify that Christ has risen and is still doing the same works today as when He walked this earth (Acts 4:33). They validate the Kingdom of heaven comes not by the wisdom of men but in the power of the Spirit (1 cor. 4:20). They build faith for others to receive the same miraculous works of the Spirit (Ro. 10:17). They also confirm His Word with signs following that validate His works in our midst (Mark 16:20).

   Over the years I have seen people that had died come back to life by the power of His Word. I once led a dying alcoholic to the Lord while he was in a deep coma. When he awoke two ministers confirmed his salvation. I have seen God deliver people from strongholds such as fear, lengthen legs and grow new body parts and so on. These works of the Spirit took place over many years. God has saved His best wine for last for the hour of the greater works in here.

   One of the ways in which acceleration will take place is through corporate ministry where heaven invades the meetings. When the atmosphere of a meeting is permeated with the realm of heaven, God does all kinds of things in our midst. In His presence Jesus moves at will as a minister of the sanctuary ( Hebrews 8:2)

   Testimonies from our School of the Spirit meetings, webinars and events reveal the Lord is invading meetings with the realm of His Kingdom. Heaven comes in His presence. Those who attend feel they are part of a “family” united by His love where they receive an impartation of His peace and joy. Like the earth that absorbs rain to become saturated with water, those who bask in the atmosphere of the Kingdom, become saturated with His life giving presence, especially His love.

  Without praying for anyone, due to the realm of heaven permeating the atmosphere with God’s presence, people have been profoundly impacted by the Spirit. Here are some of the results we gleaned from recent testimonies, 

  • An acceleration of Spiritual growth that takes them to a new level
  • Fruit that not only remains, but multiplies as ministries explode
  • A heightened awareness of God’s presence with fullness of joy
  • A deeper level of worship then they have ever known
  • A heightened access to the Fathers heart with greater clarity
  • The Word becomes a “flames of fire” that brings life to others (He. 1:7)
  • Experiencing an awareness of feeling “different” with freedom
  • God invading their ministry as they activate the people (Acts 1:1) 

    This move I believe is due to an outpouring of rivers of the Father’s love (Rev. 22:1). As we humble ourselves before Him and serve with His heart, the atmosphere shifts to that of our Lord and His Kingdom. Here is a link if you would like to read testimonies that indicate an outpouring of God’s love is upon us! This is just a shadow of that which is to come in 2015. Get ready for a Kingdom encounter as we have never before experienced!