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The Fire of God’s Love by Lisa Richards

The Fire of His Love   When worship started Sunday during our meeting, I heard the Lord say,” write down what I say to you now!” (By the time I started writing this down, it began to rain outside but the sun was still shining).

And the Lord said, “I’m going to begin to speak to you in the thunder and lightning around you.”  I saw fire being released over all kinds of kindling and dry wood. He said, “Whatever can be burned will be.”

I knew there were altars in this wood that have been prepared for the fire, that once ignited, will continue to burn. I also knew that there were others that were not prepared and the fire quickly went out. But the fire still kept moving looking for a place to burn. These are the fires of His love. He said, “Feed it and it will continue to burn.” (Anything that fosters His love will keep it burning).

I believe God is looking for altars that have been prepared so that He can release His fire of love. He is also sending the wind of the spirit to blow over it that will bring increase the fire. Even over the coals to keep them hot! Then I heard,

 “I will bring a purity in worship that has not been witnessed before on the earth in the days ahead, I will capture the hearts of my people and they will come alive like never before. “

 The fire that is being released will serve many different purposes, but the world will take notice. They will witness something “Otherworldly” happening to those in the fire of my burning.”

There was something else I saw happening in the fire as it began to burn. I saw thousands of butterflies flying out of the flames as if the fire was releasing them…they were Monarch butterflies. The fire is releasing them to do what they are called to do…as if they were born out of the fire. The fire is literally in their wings and it’s giving them the strength to fly as if they were a byproduct of the flames.

The word Monarch deals with authority…The dictionary says this: One who reins over a state or territory, usually for life and by hereditary right…A person or thing that holds a dominant position.

So, if you have thousands upon thousands of intercessors (fueled by the power of burning love), you have a movement!! They are Gods’ secret weapons that are a new breed with the authority of the King Jesus unified by his fiery love.

Amen! Lisa Richards

 From the desk of Roy Roden

For a number of months, we have been experiencing a free baptism of fire  (Luke 3:16) Butterflies often represent intercessors. Today, out of the fire of God’s love, many are emerging from the transformation process they endured while in the Chrysalis (cocoon) stage to soar in the Spirit with a newfound freedom. Confined for a season, they are now emerging with wings to soar above the confines of the earth. Moving upon the wind of the Spirit, they pollinate the earth with the fire of the Lord’s presence – the manifestation of His great love.

Lisa Richards serves on Destiny Eastgate’s leadership team. She has the passion to see God’s people draw close to the heart of the Father and experience His love. As a prophetic minister, she loves to help God’s people find their identity in Christ and mature in their gifting. As a Watchmen / Seer, she helps many to find their wings to soar with freedom on the wind of the Spirit.

One of her impacting ministries is the monthly “I am” soaking room ministry. People come from the region just to sit quietly and bask in the Lord’s presence. Here in a quiet anointed environment, they find His rest, His peace and being touched by His presence, receive a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit.

The testimonies that we hear reveal those who participate have a heavenly encounter with Abba Father, their creator who reveals His love and heart to them and for them. For more information about the ” I Am” Soaking ministry click here.

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