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God Healed MY Back on 7-11

God Healed My Back 7-11-15

Roy for flyersMy name is Roy and I was born with a curved spine. Over my life’s span it hasn’t given me a lot of problems until the past few years. Although my chiropractor tells me I have arthritis in my upper spine, it has been my lower back that started to become a recurring problem. Often I would become stiff in my lower back with increasing back pain. Especially when I rose up from sitting, playing basketball or from lifting weights. Lately however, it started to bother me even while I was walking on my daily three-mile walk.

The Lord promised that as I get older, I would get younger. Even at 65 I love playing basketball with the youth running full court. I am one of those called to be a Joshua or Caleb and feel that I still have 15 years to go before I even BEGIN to take the Land from our enemies and possess it for God’s glory! I refuse to believe that just because you get older you have to loose vitality and deteriorate. Mainly because to touch God is to receive the life that is in God! Or course proper diet, sleep and exercise are all important factors that contribute to overall good health.

I love to hang out with the youth as they have energy and vitality. It seems that as many get older they loose sight of the fact that they still have a future. So I therefore refuse to resign to the notions that often come with the label of “senior citizen.” God wants to re-fire those who are tired or that are retired. Our Lord doesn’t age and His life gives vitality that brings healing and mental clarity. So to those who believe I am in pathological denial or experiencing a senior life crisis, I say, “Get a life- a holy Spirit filled life!” Ok, enough rambling.

During our June “Fire of His Presence” conference” (7-11-15) I received a voice message on my cell phone from John and Shili Haynes who are students of Global Awakening – the ministry of Randy Clark. A friend shared with me that this couple had posted on Facebook requesting if anyone knew a man named Roy? Our last conference meeting had just ended and out of curiosity, I ask our soundman, Ryan Allen, to put the voice message from this couple on our conference speakers so all could hear.

Just then, John and Sheli Haynes called. What timing! Now broadcast through the sound system, we were all able to hear their story. Being from upstate New York, they were in the mountains hiking when the Lord gave to John the name “Roy.” Not saying anything to his wife, she told him the next day that she had received the name Roy. So they went to Wall-Mart looking for Roy so they could pray for him. They checked out people that were in wheel chairs and so on, looking for the Roy that God wanted to heal. Eventually they posted their request on Facebook.

Well, they found me! After they told their story they said that God had given to them a word of knowledge to pray for my back. They asked for my level of pain and I shared this with them. BUT – before they prayed the Lord touched my lower back and the pain instantly left! Since then the Lord has slowly brought more healing to my upper spine between my shoulders, where arthritis had started to bother me.

It has been two weeks since God healed my back and I am still completely pain free. I recently played basketball running full court without any after effects. I also lifted a heavy refrigerator before thinking but this too did not cause any pain or inflammation.

Thank you John and Sheli for your faithfulness to find Roy. God is so good and it’s just like him to use someone as far away as New York to bring healing to someone through cyberspace witnessed by those in attendance at the very end of our “The Fire of His Presence” conference. It truly is His passion to reveal His goodness.

From a prophetic view- I believe the Lord is giving to His bride the backbone of Christ! Also, God healed my back on 7-11, which is the PO Box of our ministry.

In His heart and love with joy – Roy