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It’s a New Day – Rise Up and Roar

Fotolia_33313240_XSIt is a new day; we are in a new season. A Biblical parallel of the spiritual shift that occurred last September was rehearsed in the history of Israel. Under the leadership of Moses, Israel left Egypt as an unorganized mob. Under the leadership of Joshua, they marched into the Promise Land as a well-organized army. Overcoming their enemies, they obtained their promised possession.

 Overcomes are now posed for a righteous revolution to take the possession that is our inheritance in Christ Jesus. In preparation for battle, the Church is transitioning from a family fellowship to becoming a well-trained military force!

The role of mantles has shifted. Instead of Shepherds leading people that dwell in the wilderness, Generals are rising to lead God’s people to victory. When Moses, the great shepherd passed away, Joshua took over as a military leader. Same mantle but different purpose. One leads sheep while the other leads warriors!

The time has come for those with the spirit of Joshua and Caleb to arise! Their purpose is to organize, equip, and apostolically facilitate the gifts of others for a move of God that will attract a harvest and impact communities with the Kingdom of heaven.

It’s time to rise up and roar! The party is over. Soon a major battle will be upon all believers. The Lord is here AS THE LION OF JUDAH to impart courage, boldness and Kingdom authority to take and possess the land. As the King of Kings, He will lead His army into total victory! Read this article by Bobby Connor called “Restore the Roar” at