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A New Dawn Has Begun

  We have all heard that God is doing a “NEW THING.” Individuals are being awakened to fulfill their purpose as a son /daughter of our heavenly Father. This awakening is causing every fiber of their being to come alive. Heaven is awakening hearts by the fire of God’s love that is bringing resurrection life […]

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Get Ready for Prophetic Fire

The question we must ask is “Where is the glory?” Much of what we call ministry is Church activity void of the power and presence of the Lord. We have settled for a minute portion of that which is available to us – Christ the anointed one who is our inheritance. This will now change. A […]

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The Power of Abiding

  This past year has been one of the most exciting and fruitful spiritual journeys of my life. Our team and ministry associates are experiencing a closer walk with the Lord that is enriching our lives with the life of His presence. We are also seeing a move of the Spirit taking place with increase […]

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The Role and Ministry of a Church Prophet

People are becoming more interested in the role and ministry of a Church Prophet. In response, I decided to do a repost that recently received rave reviews called “The Ministry and Role of a Church Prophet. Read by 1200 readers throughout Midcoast Maine on Village Soup, and our website that has 4000 pages read each […]

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The Role of a Church Prophet

THE ROLE OF A CHURCH PROPHET is not just to prophesy and demonstrate the prophetic, but also to equip and release the saints in prophetic ministry (Ep. 4:11 -12). A Prophet equips believers to hear the heart of the Father to know what He is saying, that which He is doing and how He is […]

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