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Sunday Tidbit: Freely you have received, freely give

  SUNDAY TIDBIT: The means to equip the saints for ministry is by a people of presence and power (Eph. 4:11). The goal is to empower people by a people empowered. It is our joy to give the gift of God’s grace to others in the power of the Spirit. Jesus said, “Freely you have […]

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The Battle is at the Gates

One of the most difficult issues Christians face is confronting Church brethren. It’s not the witchcraft or demonic that is oppressing and defeating the body of Christ, but the curse of ill-fated words spoken through Christians (See James 3:6-8). The power of this deception is disguised as righteousness. Truth that slays love is not truth. […]

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Truth or Deception – That is the question – part 1

      These next three articles will cover deception voiced as “Truth.” We must discern the truth that becomes perverted by those who issue faulty information due to an agenda driven purpose. Also, how our own understanding can taint God’s prophetic perspective. To combat deception, the Spirit of truth is imparting a keen gift of discernment […]

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Angel With Holy Spirit Breakout at Eastgate School of the Prophetic

  This past Sunday, I noted an Angel standing to my left. I normally do not see Angels in their natural form, but as light. Because they stand before the throne of God, they reflect the light of His divine nature (See Is. 63:9). You can also “feel” their presence as well as discern an […]

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The Call for Unity

SUNDAY TIDBIT: It is better to have a few people in unity, than many who are divided without common vision. True vision sees the heart of the Father and His glory (2 Cor. 4:6). It is by those that gather around the hope of HIS calling that unites people to fulfill His mission with purpose […]

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