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Lions roarLast Tuesday at our “Gift of Prophecy session, a word was brought forth about Jesus as the Lion of Judah. We talked about this followed by dancing with praise to the song “God is not dead” (Like a Lion) by the Newsboys. We all roared “ as one” to release the sound of Christ the Lion of Judah. A question was asked about the significance of roaring.

Jesus is both “The Lamb of God” and “The Lion of Judah.” To the young He is the Lamb of God – the gentle and caring Savior. To the more mature, He is also known as the “Lion of Judah” the conquering King. A new dawn is upon us. Once again Christ is revealing Himself to His people as the Lion of Judah mighty in battle (Psalms 24:8).

We see a Biblical parallel of this in the Old Testament. Moses as the Lord’s Shepherd led an unorganized mob out of Egypt through the wilderness. The Lord was with them as a cloud by day and fire by night. At the passing of Moses, Joshua was commissioned to lead God’s people as an organized disciplined army. The Lord then appeared to Joshua as the Captain of the Host with a two-edge sword in His hand. (Joshua 5:13-18) The Lord of Host means Lord of armies.

The Lord’s purpose was to lead the army of Israel into battle to conquer their enemies and to posses their Promise Land. We are about to see the authority of the WORD of God – the Lord of Host, unleashed to a new level of authority and power. The Lord will now recover, redeem and restore all that has been stolen by the enemy and He will do this though His people. We see a portrayal of this by King David a in 1 Samuel chapter 30.

The Church is about to become a well-trained military force. In preparation the Lord is establishing leaders to equip and train an army for a great advance. The church and the army of God are one. The Lord is now appearing as the Lion of Judah to His shepherds. All of the Lord’s shepherds are like King David with the heart of a lover and the spirit of a warrior. They are not consumed with their own authority, titles, or position, but will lay down their lives for God’s people. They are fearless in warfare against the Lords enemies and pure in worship. 

    Soon a major battle will be upon all believers. The Lord is here AS THE LION OF JUDAH to impart courage and boldness with Kingdom authority to empower His people to take and possess the land. As King of His Kingdom, from the place of His victory Christ will lead His army into total victory!   In the midst of His people Christ will be seen as the risen King that reigns far above every principality and power as the head of His body – the Church (Eph. 1:21-223).

Overcomers are now posed for a righteous revolution to take the possession of their inheritance in Christ Jesus. The time has come for those with the spirit of Joshua and Caleb to arise! The time has come to organize, equip, and apostolically facilitate the gifts of others for a move of God that will attract a harvest and impact communities with the Kingdom of heaven.


The Lord of Host, He is the King of Glory

     The Lion is the symbol for the Hebrew tribe of Judah. Judah means praise. This tribe is known as worshippers, fearless warriors that go before their enemies with praise. When Israel was surrounded by a host of barbaric enemies who sought to slaughter them, at dawn they went out before the army with singing and praising the Lord with thanksgiving. As they did the Lord set ambushes against their enemies (1 Chronicles 2:21-22.). The power of worship is that God goes out on our behalf like a mighty warrior to defeat our enemies.

   The Lord will go forth like a warrior, He will arouse His zeal like a man of war. He will utter a shout, yes; He will raise a war cry. He will prevail against His enemies (Is. 42:13)

We also see when the musicians and singers made one sound in worship the Lord filled His temple with His glory (See 2nd Chronicles 5:13). King David tells us that as we lift up our heads to worship, the King of glory is ushered in. “Who is the King of Glory? The Lord of Host, He is the King of Glory (Psalms 24:10.)

When the Lord of glory comes, not only will the people rejoice with praise, but miracles, healings and deliverance will become common place. The enemies of the Lord are scattered as prisons doors open and the captives are set free.


Rise Up and Roar

Revelations 5:5 tell us that one of the names of the victorious Lord is “The Lion of Judah.” Rise up and freely worship the Lord with boldness. Worship Him in the dance and

24155977 - close-up of a lioness roaring profile, panthera leo, 10 years old, isolated on white

with musical instruments. Cast off all intimidations, insecurity, fear and rejection,

“For He that is in you is greater than He that is in the world” (1 Jn. 4:4).

Did you know that the Lioness takes more prey than the Lion? The time of the Lioness has come. Rise up oh women of war and roar! Make a joyful sound unto Him with gladness of heart. Be joyful in your King and let your high praises be shouted unto heaven.

Release the Roar in Worship

Praise His name with your mouth with a two – edge sword in your hand – the Word of God. AND from the place of His victory, proclaim His Word with declarations and proclamation declaring WHO HE IS, HIS POWER, HIS AUTHORITY, HIS LORDSHIP, HIS GLORY, HIS NAME THAT IS ABOVE EVERY NAME AND EVERY PRINCIPALITY AND POWER, FOR HE HAS RISEN AND IS LORD OF ALL.

It’s time to break off all intimidation and the bondage of a passive spirit. It’s time to rise up as a victorious warrior. Worship the Lord for He is worthy to be praised. In doing so, you are roaring like a Lion. Shout with joy and roar from the inside like a Lion for it is “Christ in you the hope of glory” (Col. 1:27). As a son and daughter of the Most High God, establish the authority that is yours in Christ Jesus

Let the Lion of Judah rise up from within you. When you worship and praise the Lord you are roaring like a Lion. In doing so, you are releasing the authority of Christ, the King of Kings within you and around you.

Whenever the roar of a Lion is released in the jungle, all the animals tremble. The roar of the Lion establishes his authority and the ground shakes before Him. Remember, it is Christ in you the hope of glory. Rise up and roar for you are a citizen of His Kingdom, called to rule as a joint heir of Christ, who is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

Let your voice be heard for you are called to release a sound that manifest the rule and reign of Christ on earth as in heaven, as a manifest son /daughter of the most high God.

   Restore the Roar – Bobby Connor had an encounter where the Lord appeared and roared in His face. Read this article by Bobby Connor called “Restore the Roar” at

In His heart with love – Roy Roden