“Ignite the Fire” Eastgate Sunday Webinar

Sundays 7:00 Pm Eastern Time

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     Come and join us as we experience a fresh baptism of fire – the manifestation of His love. Its amazing how powerful God presence is during these webinars! People testify of the life changing encounters due to the fresh baptism of fire that is birthing new life.  The life of His love is filling hearts to overflowing with the goodness of God. It’s time to Catch the Fire * Be the Fire * Impart the Fire and take the fire of God’s love to the gates of our city. 

From the heart fire of God, comes His passion with purpose that is awakening hearts. This fire is empowering people with renewed faith, hope and His joy to fulfill their divine assignments. We especially enjoy the presence of God as we fellowship in the unity of the Spirit. The fellowship is amazing. All are welcome who desire more of Jesus.

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Click here to read an article called “Its time to ignite the Fire is here” by Roy Roden  

For more information about our Webinars and other Eastgate events, please see our website at, or call (207) 236-4904. Send email to    This is the dawn of a new day.  Christ has risen and within you is His resurrection life and power. Rise and Shine for your light has come.

In our Father’s love,   Roy Roden

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