Roy 5mail

Greetings and welcome to our “Ignite the Fire” , 

   Here is the link with instructions to enter into our meeting room and the features available.  Please note, the url link to enter into the meeting room remains the same from week to week. Here are the instructions, especially for first time users. PLEASE USE A HEADSET to avoid feedback. It is also important to find a quiet location (if you plan on using your audio feature). Background sounds such as from pets, your TV, or music is picked up in the background. If these distractions exist or you are one who likes to multitask or has a problem sitting still, please mute your microphone.   

  A few minutes before the meeting starts click on this link –  It will take you to the meeting room connect page. Select the circle to enter in as a guest, and then enter your name and hit enter. It will take you to our Eastgate Sunday Webinar meeting room. Once in the meeting room, in order to connect your audio and webcam, ( optional optional) follow the color coded instructions  below.

 1. Your name will appear as well as the other attendees  present in the participation area. 

2.  On some of our layouts, you will find a Chat feature. Please fee free to chat with those on line while you are waiting for the meeting to begin, or to use this feature if you have any questions for the host.

   Note:  On the top bar, you will find four icons. Starting from the left, is the icon for the speaker, the second is the microphone, then the webcam. The person with the raised hand are selections you can use, such as raising your hand to speak. 

 3. To connect your audio, select the little down arrow to the right of the microphone, and select “Connect my audio.” The icon will then turn green. You can mute/ unmute your audio by selecting the microphone. When muted, it will have a diagonal arrow over it. 

 4, To start your webcam, select the down arrow to the right of icon and select “Start my webcam.” Once this is selected, you can click on the black box (shown to the right) to start your webcam. This “turn off and turn on” may also appear on the top of the webcam window display area. (Not shown here) PLEASE NOTE: When you we cam becomes active, you might see yourself but in the window may appear to say “Preview.” To enable your web am to be seen by others, click on preview and you will be live.

  PLEASE NOTE: As I monitor the feedback, there are times that I will mute your microphone in order to eliminate the feedback coming through your computers microphone. Using a headset will cut down on most feedback. We record our meetings so we want the best quality recording possible. During the times when I mute all microphones, it is when I am doing a presentation that is being recorded. 

 The following day you will receive a recording link that will enable you to watch the playback webcast. This is an important feature, especially if you want to capture the teachings or prophetic words that may have been given to you.