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Davidic Forerunners Fellowship Application

Please fill out the following application along with $25.00 dollar processing fee along with three references and mail to: DFF PO Box 711, Camden Maine 04843




Your Name: ____________________________  Spouse name: _______________________


Marital Status:_______ Website: ________________________________________  Cell ph: ________________________


Mailing Address:____________________________________________ State:_________ Zip:______________________


Home Phone:_____________ Email:___________________________________ Facebook page   Yes_____  N0_______


Professional Education or Experience:


Clubs or associations you belong to:


Hobbies or other interests:


Church history (such as denominations or movements you have belonged to):


 Present Home Church:


Length of time with this church


Position(s) you currently hold with this church:


Pastor’s Name : ____________________________________________________________________

Phone:                                                                            Fax:


Other Ministry Association(s) you belong to:


Describe your primary ministry (check one):   ∼ Apostolic ∼ Prophetic ∼ Evangelistic

∼   Pastoral ∼  Teaching ∼  Administrations ∼  Intercession ∼  Musician

∼  Helps ∼  Other:


Describe the gifts of the Holy Spirit that operate regularly in your life:



Describe your ministry experience:


Have you trained others to work in your field for ministry? ∼ Yes ∼ No


If so, describe their present ministry status

 Describe your personal vision for ministry



What are your reasons for wanting to join DFF?


How can DFF help you fulfill your ministry vision?


PERSONAL REFERENCES: Please list three individuals as references


1. Name and Address


2. Name and Address


3.  Name and Address


Signature                               Date