The following are Prophetic articles by Roy Roden  


A Word for 2013 – A Time to Rise Up and Build 



It’s Time to Build with Apostolic Vision – 12 -12-12:  

The Atmospheric River of God and the Outpouring 

Maine & The Key of David – The East Gate for His Glory 


A prophetic word by Roy RodenA Prophetic Word to Watchmen-   (Audio) 

A New Spring Season – The River Is Here 

Now Is The Time To Prepare 

God’s Prophetic Pulse  (Audio message)  

Sons of Thunder – A poem 

8-19-2010  Release the Glory 

Manifest Sons Arise  

You Have Resurrection Life 




 The Power of Honor 

Isaiah 22:22 Key of David Company 

2011 – The Year of Ayn 

Born From Above of the Spirit 

The Gift of the Holy Spirit b

Back To Eden Clothed in Light 

The Battle For Your Identity