Prophetic Tidbits

  The following messages contain the main teaching points extracted from some of the most powerful and timely teachings available to the body of Christ. I call them “Prophetic Tidbits” because they contain golden nuggets of truth. Credit is given to each speaker as well as their source and where you can purchase the CD/DVD of their message.

  May the Word of Christ dwell richly in you that you might be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding (Col. 1:9 and 3:16). 

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 YEAR 2015

8-18-15 Walking with God 

6- 25-15 Repairers of the Breach part 2

1-27- 15  Repairers of the Breach 


YEAR 2014

12-1914: Love – The key for change

 12-16-14 : The Gospel Message, God Loves You!

12-09-14 Sons of thunder – Its time to Arise and Run

12 – 05- – A concern for our region – Truth or Rhetoric

12-02- The Holy Spirit or The Political Spirit 

11-06-A new Area Has Begun – The Recent Nor’easter 

10-18- A Burst of Glory at Moravian Falls 

7-23-14- A New Breed of Leadership is rising

 6-15-14 – It’s Time to Prepare – The New is Here

 3 -19-14  It’s Time To Ignite – the Fire is Here

3-11-14  A Fresh Baptism of Love is Here!

2-27-14  God’s Love Heals and Breaks Every Chain – Even through Prophecy, Vision and Dreams

1-14-14 Christ in you- the Light of Heaven 




The Number 11:11 – The Call to Recover, Restore and Gather

10-14-13  The Call for Unity Part 2

9-2-13  The Call for Unity Part 1

8-26-13  Intercede from Heaven’s View and Displace the Darkness by John Belt 

 9-12-13 The Key to Heaven Empowered Intercession 

 8-05-13  Heaven’s Door is Open, Rise up and Align with Heaven

7- 29-13  Revealing Christ – The Spirit of Prophecy 

7-15-13  The Lord is Doing a New Thing – A Gathering Anointing for the Harvest

7-9-13   Let the Sound of Freedom Ring 

 7-3-12  Knowing the Joy and Light of God’s Face 

6-11-13 Aligning With Heaven to Dwell in His Presence

 6-6-13  Apostolic Vision by Paul Keith Davis 

5-27-13  Spirit to Spirit Connection with Abba Father

 5-20-13 Prepare For War

 5-13-13  The Favor and Grace of God

4-15-13  The Power of Wisdom and Revelation 

3-25-13  The Power of Easter – Christ Has Risen

 3-11-13 It’s All About Presence Part 2

3-4-13 It’s All About Presence Part 1

2- 18-13 It’s time to Dream Again 

2-13-13 – Combating White Witchcraft

 2-5-13 – The Spirit and Mantle of Wisdom

1-28-13 – Called to Inherit a Blessing  

1-13-13 – The Place of God’s Blessing

 1-07-13: A Word for 2013- A Time to Rise Up and Build  

 A Prophetic Sign For Revival by Robin McMillan

Time to Align With Heaven – Roy Roden 

Apostolic Vision with Paul Keith Davis – Report of MFM meeting

Spirit to Spirit Connection with Abba Father by Roy Roden

A  Word for 2013 by Cindy Jacobs, Paul Keith Davis and Dana Conlan – Video

A Word for 2013 – A Time to Rise Up and Build by Roy Roden


12 -31-12: The Power of Alignment

12-24-12: The Heart of Christmas 

12-17-12: Anointed for War 

 Prophetic Bulletin by Rick Joyner ” A Field of Dreams or Nightmare?”  Another name fitting for this bulletin might be “The Coming Fiscal Cliff.” 

It’s Time to Build with Apostolic Vision – 12 -12-12: A prophetic word by Roy Roden 

The Atmospheric River of God and the Outpouring – A prophetic word by Roy Roden

Behold the Blessings A prophetic word by Bill Yount

Maine & The Key of David – The East Gate for His Glory by Roy Roden 

Five Prophetic Teaching Articles on Angels – by Roy Roden 

The Woman of War A poem by Roy Roden 

 The Isaiah 22:22 Key of David Company Freedom Fighters Rising by Roy Roden 

A Prophetic Word to Watchmen-  by Roy Roden (Audio) 

A New Spring Season – The River Is Here by Roy Roden 

Now Is The Time To Prepare by Roy Roden 

The Process of Change by Chuck Pierce

God’s Prophetic Pulse For These Times – A Prophetic Word by Roy Roden (MP3) 

See the House by Chuck Pierce

Sons of ThunderA poem by Roy Roden 

Chaordic Revival by Lance Wallnau

Manifest Sons Arise by Roy Roden 


Davids Tent – A Tabernacle of Worship by Bill Yount 

A Season to Ascend by John Mark Pool 

Living in the Resurrection Life and Power of Christ by Roy Roden 

 Maine – The Womb of the Nation by Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce

The Authority of the Lion by Bob Jones 

Angels In Your Field by Lance Wallanu 

 You Have Resurrection Life by Roy Roden 

See The New by Church Pierce 

Anointed for Victory by Paul Keith Davis

MorningStar  “Lions roar” Conference Owego NY

A Time To See and Decree by Chuck Pierce

The Importance of Rest by Bill Johnson

Prophetic Ministry by Rick Joyner

The Power of Honor by Roy Roden

2011 – The Year of Ayn by Roy Roden

Born From Above of the Spirit by Roy Roden

The Gift of the Holy Spirit by Roy Roden

Back To Eden Clothed in Light by Roy Roden

The Battle For Your Identity by Roy Roden