Prophetic Ministry by Rick Joyner

There notes were transcribed from the first message that Rick Joyner gave at the Advance Prophetic Conference at MorningStar March 31st am service. You can order the DVD or CD of this message directly from MorningStar -to order please click here.

You can watch the message by Rick on the internet by subscribing to MorningStar TV located at I feel is extremely important for anyone that wants to stay abreast of the times to align themselves with the Kingdom of heaven for such as time as this. Starting with the New Years Conference last December up until now, these are the best timely messages being proclaimed on the earth today. Major voices are declaring that your destiny and even your life may well depend upon how close we are walking with God and hearing His voice, how we respond and prepare for the times.

Transcription of Message given by Rick Joyner at the Advanced Prophetic Conference March 2011

The Japanese earthquake was prophetically seen 22 years ago. The earthquake is a major sign of the unraveling of the world’s economy and that of a devastating earthquake to hit the West Coast. (Southern California and one from the North that will impact San Francisco)  Another earthquake is predicted to hit Tokyo. To view a video of this original message,  please click here.

There is an economic meltdown coming if a radical economic change doesn’t take place in the US Congress. The earthquake is a prophetic sign that it is coming and the meltdown will begin in Japan as it has been teetering on the brink of economic collapse now for quite some time. (Chuck Peirce states Japan will form a new government).

This is the grace of God to reset the nation’s economy. There may be a run on the banks and for a period of time, the US Dollar may become worthless, but his Kingdom will not fail. We are called to live and walk as Jesus did. We must however be prepared now for that which is to come. (Get out of debt, stockpile food, and invest wisely.)

The storm is coming to every house and problems are coming. The house that is built upon the Rock (Jesus) will stand. It is time to call upon the Lord while it is not too late.

The year 2011 is the year of second chance. (See Is. 11:11) The most critical thing that we can do to prepare for the times is to build our lives upon the Kingdom of God that cannot be shaken, hear His voice, obey His commandments and be led by the Sprit AND most of all,  follow Him.  (See Deut chapter 28)

Finances are built on Kingdom principles such as truth, honesty and obedience. Christ tells us to seek His Kingdom first and all these things will be added unto you.

Roy’ comment – Malachi 3:8-11 tell us that if we trust the Lord and tithe faithfully, the Lord will rebuke the devourer and cause you to prosper even in hard times. If we don’t we are not only robbing God but we cannot prove His faithfulness to us if we are not faithful in our giving to Him.  Use what you have to give to the Lord. Don’t wait till He gives to you more or wait until you can afford to give, as that is not faith. Like the bread and fishes, that which we bless and give out will multiply in His hands.

Back to Rick- God increases the seed that we sow, not so that we can increase our standard of living but so that we can increase our standard of giving to expand the Kingdom of God.

The US is headed for anarchy followed by tyranny of the worst kind. But God is not finished with America for her best hour is yet to come. (Rick just wrote a book called, “I see a new America” available from MorningStar.)   These are the times that are crucial and it will become more intense over time.

Daniel 2 tells us that the Kingdoms of this world will fall but the little stone will increase until the Kingdom of God and His glory fills the earth. A new economy is coming, not the worlds system but that of God’s kingdom. (We may be using the barter system for awhile).

A time of transition is upon us. Certain things are coming to America, such as judgment with death and destruction, which can be lessen by our prayer for mercy through prayer and intercession.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in line for food, store up enough supplies for three months so you can spend your time ministering the things of the Kingdom.

Prophetic Ministry (Rick switched the topic)

The call is to go higher in prophetic clarity this year – to go twice as high and to go further than ever before. We will be trusted with more when we are rooted and grounded in the prophetic basics. We are being prepared for promotion which is determined how well we are grounded in the foundational.

God reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets – both are plural. God does not reveal His secrets to on person but too many. We therefore need each other if we are to put the different parts together.

Knowing the voice of the Lord is basic Christianity, which is a requirement to walk with God. And everyone that walks with God will prophesy.  Prophetic utterance is the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the word of God and the communication of God.

The Church will begin to come into martial order. Just as Israel came out of Egypt as a disorganized mob and became organized as the twelve tribes of Israel with divine order and discipline, so will the present day church come into divine order.

The title of the Lord as the “Lord of Hosts” which means Lord of armies is used 10 times more than any other title in the Bible. He is a marshal God, a military leader.  The church is now in disarray – a huge mob. A military discipline is coming upon the Church until there is a spiritual divine order in the body of Christ.

Like the apostle Paul who could not go to the next level until he linked up with Barnabus, we must be properly joined to Christ and His body and connected properly to those that we are to be in relationship with in order to go to the next level.

We are in time of Ezekiel Chapter 37 where Ezekiel prophesied to the dry bones until the different parts come together, each one in their proper place “bone to bone and joint to joint.” Each person must know the tribe that they belong to and how they are to function in the body of Christ as God has called and set each one – See Eph. 4:15-16.)

Those who see the dry bones through the eyes of the Spirit will prophesy life to them until the different parts come together and each one is joined to the other in their correct place. This will take place until a great army stands on its feet at which time the Spirit of the Lord will rest upon them.

Just as in the days of Nehemiah when Israel stopped building the house of the Lord because of the voice of the oppressor, weariness and fatigue with loss of vision, the Lord will raise up voices that will prophesy life that brings encouragement to the people. And like Nehemiah who prophesied to the elders of Israel, they will rise to build again when their hearts are revived and enlarged with new found hope and faith that brings fresh courage and vitality.

The call today is to arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. In doing so, the gentiles will come to the brightness of your light and bring with them the treasures of the nations. (Is. 60:1-2)