A time to See and Decree by Chuck Pierce

Advanced Prophetic Conference MorningStar Thurs PM March 31, 2011.

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We are at the place where the spirit of believers’ is being revived with great hope by the Lord.  The apostles and prophets are making a divine shift to take us into a spiritual dimension that we have not entered into before.  This means that a shift has taken place where something has ended and another place is beginning.

God is establishing Goshen’s’ for our future where we can come alive and receive our inheritance for the changes ahead.  The Goshen’s are places of life where prophesy will be uttered that we have not yet heard.  The glory realm in these places will be so strong that those who enter in will realign with God and come out 7 times brighter.

We are being launched from the place of our transition to a place of God’s glory where we will prophesy from a dimension where we have never prophesied from before.

The anti Christ spirit first attacks the prophetic voice of God and second the apostolic voice that executes the Word of God in the attempt to confine us to last seasons manna.

How you respond today determines your future. How you respond to the part that God has given to you today determines how you will move into your future.

* God is restoring the fragmented pieces of our lives to make us whole and calling us out to form armies. We are being assembled for such a time as this.

There are divine moments in our lives that create our future. God is more interest in us “getting it” than we are. We are in the vortex of visitations to accomplish that which He has prepared for us now. He is meeting with us in some incredible ways. (Kraos time)

Transitions require seeing something new rather then going back to where you are. It requires faith and taking steps through all the confusion to get were you are going.

Transitions are filled with death, ending and confusion. Your faith level and mind has to adjust to the shift and your emotions to the new. This process pulls out old things from the past so you don’t think the same way or carrying the same issues. The transition helps to set you free to arrive at the place that God shows to you. This is where the acceleration takes place that propels you forward into the new. (I recommend that you read the “Power of a Transformed Mind” by Bill Johnson)

The month of April is the most intense month of our transition. God is calling His people to come up to a higher level for this next season.

The key is to just “go with God.” We are going through things so God can pull out the old ways of doing things to become a new sharp threshing instrument for the future. (“Behold I will make you a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: you shall thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shall make the hills as chaff” (Is. 41:15).

The month of May will bring the clearest vision for your life and for those ministries that you are aligned with so you can move forward in a new accelerated way.

Watch carefully in the month of April and May. The veils are being removed that we may see clearly. Things are going to happen that will cause things to be re-arranged, such as the nations. Gifts are coming alive in you because of this new season.


There are six keys for change as follows

1.  Redeeming the time. We are getting back that which came under the control of the enemy in our generation.  You will bring back into order that which got out of time with the Lord during the last season. The enemy will try to keep the past revelations hidden that we need to build for the future.

Nations are going through state of affairs that will completely re-arrange them because of the shakings. Watch in your own life the re-arrangement of the government around you.  It’s not about the earthquake of Japan but the realignment of government caused by the shaking that will create economic structures to realign in a new way.

2. We are in a divine shift of prophetic alignment. Our connections and relationships are coming into a place for the future. We are being aligned into new levels of connections. Relationships are important and God is restoring covenant relationships for the next 14 year season that is upon us.

3. Diving meetings will take place that will hold the revelations of how to build our future. These revelations will begin to accelerate beginning with Pentecost this year and accelerate for the next 18 months. (June 2nd is the 40th day of Pentecost)

These revelations will accelerate in order to place us under a revelatory spout for divine revelation for future building. We will not only go back to reclaim the past revelations to bring them into the right order but they will be joined with the new for God to build the right order to establish His Kingdom plans for the next season..

4.  The prophets are now re- aligning with new apostolic prototypes being created.  We are shifting into a new administration to do things that God has for us to enter into.

The way we have seen things done in ministry will now change. Do not hang onto last season’s administration because that will stop the move of God for the coming season. There is a new administration coming forth with divine order.

This is the time to see and decree. A time to prophesy in a way we haven’t done before. God is going to take us from place to place. The old Church structures are going to change as the religious spirit in high places are displaced and defeated.

Divine alignments are now taking place. A new anointing is coming upon those that will administrate for the future to set a new order. You are not just getting a new order in place but a new order is being established now for the future.

Prophesy – The Lord says I will position His people as troops and will bring them out during the Passover time. And those who say, “I don’t like to engage in warfare,” are now ready to go to war says the Lord.

5. We are now in a place of divine negation with the Lord. We are the agents of change for this hour. When we stand where we are called, God will re-arrange the order of things, even by fire as conflicts cover the earth.

As noted in Genesis 19, Angels on their way to Sodom and Gomorrah appeared to Abraham who negotiated with the Lord for Lot and His family. It was here also that the angels rehearsed the promise of God to Abraham concerning his future.

6. Angels remind you of your promises and will show you the conflicts that lie on the road ahead. These conflicts do not look like the ones you have seen in the past. These angels will show you the conflicts that will take place in the sphere of your influence and authority. It is here that God wants you to negotiate with Him just as Abraham did as an agent of change. (If there are 50 righteous will you….)

It is in the midst of these conflicts that a portion of your inheritance must be liberated. Just as Abraham’s brother Lot was liberated by Abraham’s negotiations with the Lord, the Lord will reveal His purpose and plans that they might know His intentions with the opportunity to negotiate with Him.