Angels in Your Field by Lance Wallnau

This message was given at the New Years Conference at MorningStar Ministries on Friday 12-31-10. You can obtain a copy of this message on DVD or CD by calling MorningStar at 1-800-542-0278. For more information about the ministry of Lance Wallnau, please go to his website at

This is the year 5071 in the Jewish calendar. The year God is going to give you fresh eyes to see what the Father is doing and that which we have missed. If you can see it, you can have it and manifest it now! This is the year to see what the Father is doing.

Stand in the night watch, because angels are going to show you what the Father is doing that you have missed. God is going to reveal to you where the spiritual activity is taking place. Many are being drafted into fields they have never served in.

When you look for something and it doesn’t show up, over time despair can set in.  The long pursuit of the activity of God can cause us to miss the time when God shows up. Because we are conditioned to our disappointment this may cause us to lower our expectation to something that is more predictable, thus missing our opportunity.

This is the year for you to look again to see what is coming. When you see with a fresh perspective, you will see God showing up in the very place where you have been looking and longing and not seeing the manifestation.

Your job is to stay at your post during the delay, which is not really a delay, but a process. We are in a hallway of transition caught between where we have been and where we are going. You cannot go back because the door has closed behind you, and you don’t know where you are going because the full revelation has not yet been revealed to you. The challenge is to maintain hope, faith and love during the process.

It is possible not to have a problem with your faith but with your hope. You can believe in God and have faith without having hope. Hope is the helmet that you wear. The helmet of salvation is hope. Hope covers your thought life while faith comes out of your heart. You can have faith in your heart but if you loose hope, you will have nothing to work with when it comes time to manifest that which you have been waiting for. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (He. 11:1). 

Warfare has the tendency to knock the helmet of people’s heads and cause them not to think straight. (Due to fatigue, confusion and weariness) This is the year to look again and see the activity of God because your Father is showing up with new strength.


Field of Dreams

Those who see the power of the age to come will walk in it. Your field is far vast and bigger than your imagination. Expand your field and invite God to make you the rain maker in your field. Your dreams contain the future of your Destiny. These  fields contain the dreams of your youth.

Christians have had their dreams, hope and aspirations circumcised in the name of Christianity. A religious spirit cuts off the dream in an effort to sanctify the dreamer. The youth is the impulse of the future because they haven’t learned how to fully eject the dreams.

The prophetic person is the only person with the grace to be in two places at the same time. There is a future is seeking to manifest now. If you can see it you are being strengthened by the Father to administrate the Kingdom to bring it into the present. This is the year of AYIN, (5071) the eyes to see what the Father is doing. Once you see what the future is, it becomes the goal, which enables you to establish the first starting point on your journey. This is called, “Reversed Engineering.”


 Royal Priesthood

   A King administrates in the natural what a Priest does in the spiritual. A royal priesthood does both. 1Pe. 2:9: “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people that you should show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.”

   A royal priesthood has two qualities, nitro and glycerin. A priest has the ability to go in and out of heaven to open a pathway, a portal between heaven and earth to administer supernatural things on behalf of human needs. A King has latitude on a horizontal scale to administrate and dominate over an assigned territory.

  The Lord is looking for a Kingdom of Priest, a royal priesthood that can access heaven and come down with tangible solutions to rule with dominion on earth in the presence of our enemies. 

When you show up, God shows off! That is the testimony of the gospel of the Kingdom.  It is the power of the Kingdom by someone who is at two places at the same time.

You rule with authority under the Lord’s authority over that which He has given to you. When everything else is shaken, you rule with dominion on a rock that cannot be shaken. Everything yields to you to carry out your mission.

Instead of moving or waiting for an outpouring to rain down upon you from above, he is calling us to release the Kingdom from within.  All power and authority and been given to us from Him.


Authenticity from Knowing Our Identity

God is building relationships by the Spirit. You have to identity the people that God is joining you to so that, together, you can build a habitation for the Holy Spirit.

Many times we are looking to the prophetic to get something positive to accurately define who we really are. What you are called to do is not what you are called to be.

If you just be who you are, you will do what you are called to do. Who I am is more important than what I do.  We must come from the place of genuine significance. Authenticity has power with authority.

We need to develop a culture of honor where we can complete the process of helping people find their identity and affirm them, rather than confine them. People are looking for their identity. Prophecy does not give to us our identity, but our purpose as well as affirmation with encouragement.


Cultivate Your Field

The field is the area God has given to you. It is your Kingdom. God’s kingdom cannot be shaken. Therefore when your kingdom lines up with God’s, it cannot be shaken.

What are you anointed to do? What is your greatest strengths and anointing? Where is the anointing? Where has God placed you? Widen it- lengthen your tent pegs and make room for expansion. Define what this is and put all your effort into developing this.

God is creating a garden place (Eden) within His people. We are the garden of the Lord. Elijah carried the rain within him. Mt. Carmel means a garden place. He birthed the rain because he carried it within him. (The mist that watered Eden is the Spirit of God within us) This rain is released when you operate in the field you are assigned to.

If the Kingdom is in you then the presence, authority and dynamics of God’s Kingdom is manifest around you. We have the responsibility to administrate it to bring down the high places and break the drought.

(Roy’s comments- That also mean that the resurrection life that is in you is to raise up others from the dead to awaken them to new life.)

There are Kings now being raised up in the body of Christ today to rule in the midst of their enemies. They have the authority and power to initiate progress and insure success that others cannot.

2011 is the year that God will position your relationships, your geographic location with clarity of assignment so that you can own your territory.

Once there is a proper response, what starts out with one angel leads to a heavenly host of angels in your field. As you listen to the angel in your field this year, a heavenly host will come and invade your field in 2012.

God knows how to put you in proximity to where the power is. You are anointed to fix your problem.


Small is the New Big

Like David who used a sling shot to take down Goliath, your ministry is the slingshot to take down the giants in your field – the strongholds in your area to open the portal of heaven for the King of glory to come in.  The slingshot was the tool that God used to take Goliath down, but it was God that took him down.

Cultivate what you have because God will take that instrument that is in your hand to leverage the anointing to solve a giant problem.  The moment you show up in the geography of the area that you are to dominate, certain things will materialize when you get there. When that happens, you get the next step from the Lord that will enable you to advance forward.  As you move forward with passion and with clarity of purpose, you will eventually arrive at your destiny.