Back to Eden Clothed in Light

The year 2011 is the Jewish year of 5771, which is the “Year of the Eye.” The year that God is going to revisit your “vision” which is your purpose and call that you may have forgotten or need adjustment. When you walk in your designed purpose the door of destiny will open to you as you step forward to fulfill your call.

It is also the year that the Holy Spirit will enlighten your eyes to see what the Father is doing that we have missed and that which He is doing in your life.  Our tendency is to see and listen to that which we are looking for – good or bad! As we spoke of before, you will attract what you are looking for and release that which you are conscious off.   It is also the year that they eye of the Father is upon you to reveal your true identity. Not how others see you, or what others may believe about you, but how God created you with the DNA of heaven itself to be all that you were created to be -your true self.

Called To Rule with Dominion

In this lesson we are going to look at the original plan of God, which is for mankind to rule with Dominion under an open heaven. In order for heaven to manifest on earth, (the prayer of Jesus) you must be at rest in His Kingdom. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God comes not with observation, but is within you. It is here within you as a citizen of His Kingdom of the household of faith, that you have been given the authority by Christ to administrate the Kingdom of heaven on earth. You were created to rule with dominion under the authority of Christ your King.

John 3:3, 5& 6– Jesus said that we are born again to SEE and to ENTER into His Kingdom. You are not of this world. Col. 1:12-14- We are delivered from the power of darkness and translated into His Kingdom. You are of the KINDDOM of God.  Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is in you! His Kingdom comes in His presence that reveals His divine nature, power and authority, which Christ in you the hope of glory. The territory God has given to you is where you have dominion under the Lordship of Christ to impacts the lives within the sphere of your influence.

In order to have dominion you must be at a place of internal peace and rest (See He. 4:10-12.) God wants your inner most being like a well watered Garden with your spirit shinning with the glorious light of the presence of God with your face beaming with His joy. Romans 14:17 – The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy IN the Spirit.

Take Your Mountain

The Kingdom is not only the Spiritual Kingdom of God, but the territory that you have been given to prosper and be fruitful. As noted in Genesis 1:27-28, mankind was created in His image with the blessing to be fruitful, multiply, subdue and have dominion under the Lordship of God. What are you anointed to do the most? If you are operating outside your sphere of your anointing, responsibility and authority, the Kingdom of God will not be present in you or manifest around you! 

In order for dominion to take place, the Lord is in the business for you to take your mountain – which is you! Before you can take the territory that He has given to you to possess it, you must first be able to possess your own mind, will and emotions.  There is no external power that can dictate your inner state or the condition of your mind will and emotions for God created you to rule in the midst of your enemy. It is in the place where we are living our fullest potential with clarity and purpose with passion, that we are fruitful and creative in every good work.

We are in the hallway between who we really are and who we think we are! Jesus is awakening hearts to see who we really are so that we can from the place of our true identify step into our place of purpose with authority.  Unfortunately most people do not know who they are as God created them to be.  Even though we may have the understanding that we are a spirit with a body, and that we are connecting with God who is a Spirit, we must from the place of walking in His presence being filled with His life understand who we are as God created us to be.

Return To Eden

In order to know who we are as a new creation in Christ, we must come to the place of being like a child – the place of trust and innocence. Christ is now restoring the Church back to Eden – a place of innocence. In the beginning Adam and Eve were clothed in the light of God. They were created in His image and likeness to be clothed in His presence as carriers of His glory. They were child like in faith living in the place of freedom not knowing the power of sin, fear, guilt, shame or condemnation. They did not know they were naked because in their eyes they were not naked!

A born again child of God is cleansed by the blood of Jesus and likewise,  their spirit is redeemed to be clothed in the light of God. It is the blood of Jesus that cleanses us from all sin, but it the living presence of the Holy Spirit that makes us holy. We are not holy because of our goodness, perfectness or righteousness, but because we are redeemed to be who we really are – children of light.

The apostle Paul declares “Let us put on the armor of light – the Lord Jesus Christ. (Ro. 13:13-14) Also stating “for we are partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light “(Col. 1:12).

Being born again of the Spirit places us in the Kingdom realm where there is no illness, sickness or sin. We are pure in the sight of God because of the cleansing power of the blood and His Spirit that is Holy that dwells within. We walk in the light when we turn from our ways to abide in His living presence – which the light of God.

The Atmosphere of Eden

The atmosphere of Eden contained the air of innocence. It was in fact the atmosphere of heaven – divine and free from deception, lies and any spiritual contamination. Adam and Eve knew who they were and their creative purpose.   It was from this place of innocence that Adam and Eve walked openly before God and with one another being clothed in His light that radiated His glory. Their heart and mind was in unity with God and His purposes. It was from this place of innocence being in unity with the Spirit of God that they walked in the highest order that God created for mankind! Heaven was on earth for there was no veil between heaven and earth at that time.

Adam and Eve were deceived by Satan to partake of the knowledge of the fruit from the tree of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil.  It was the pride of wanting to be like God apart from God that was the sin that caused them to fall.

When this took place their eyes were open to see another world apart from God- the realm of darkness. It was this deception began to permeate their hearts and minds with the veil that began to eclipse mankind with the true vision that comes from seeing God and His Kingdom from the place of innocence.

Because their eyes were opened to that of darkness, when they heard the voice of the Lord because The THOUGHT OR BELIEVED that they were naked, they hid themselves in the very Garden of Eden from the presence of God. Get this- they hid in the very territory that God had given to them to rule over with dominion.

Nothing had changed EXCEPT their mindset and how they viewed their own condition. It is here in the deception of our minds and hearts that separate us from being who we really are and created to be. Again, when our hearts and minds line up with God and His Kingdom, we are to rule victoriously under His Lordship from the place of innocence.

God knew where they were and was calling them out of hiding. God is still calling us today asking us the question “Where are you?” I called you to be free from hiding. To be free from the sin, fear and deception that placed a veil of deception over your soul that eclipsed your true vision of who you are and the Kingdom of heaven.

Instead of being clothed in marvelous light we cloth ourselves in the garments that hide ourselves from one another and who we are created to be.

God is now bringing us back to the place of innocence to be clothed in His presence being free from the deception that besets us. To be free is to be like that of a child that is trusting. It is from this place of simple trust in the Lord where we do not lean unto our own understanding or seek to fulfill our own ways and justify our own actions, hiding behind veils, that we can be clothed in light. The more veils that God removes where our true nature is hidden, the more we can emerge to be who we really are that enables us to be clothed in His light.

To be clothed in the light of God is to be free the deception that tries to rule over our hearts and minds. It is this armor of light that is our protection from deception!  His light is our armor! If we walk in the light as He is the light, we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin. (1 John 1:7) This suggest that God does not cleanse that which is hidden. The reason is if we don’t see it then we can’t deal with it. This is where the enemy hides, in our blind side.

Your true identity

There is a spiritual famine that takes place within many and yet Jesus said that out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters. The prophet Isaiah declares in 58:11 that “And the Lord shall guide you continually and satisfy your soul in drought, and make fat your bones, and you shall be like a well watered garden, and like a spring of water that fails not. “(THEN… you shall have the power to build, restore and redeem ..verses 12-14)

In order to be like a well watered garden, you must know your true identify.  It is not your job or what you do that defines you, but who you are. What you are called to do is not what you are called to be!

People have hollowness with the need to be established by affirmation. Because people are looking for their identity, they seek for the affirmation, approval and acceptance of others. The root of this is of course is insecurity. Again, who you are is not what you do or how others see you or their acceptance of you. Low self esteem is from a lack of true identity.

One of the major reasons why people look for a good prophetic word is to get something positive that validates them with something positive – something that accurately defines who they are. Who or what are is not based upon what we are called to do but in our being! The power of an authentic life carries true Kingdom authority and it is our authenticity that attracts the power and nature of the Kingdom.

The Holy Spirit is not given to bring you under guilt, shame and condemnation or to be critical and judgmental – that’s the role of the religious spirit and that of the accuser of the brethern.

The Holy Spirit desire is to reveal Christ to you. In doing so you are enlighten in the understanding of who you were created to be – a new creation that bears His image as a son and daughter of our Father. It is by revealing Christ to you that His truth breaks the lies of our deception! It is His truth that makes men free “As the truth in Jesus”, (Eph. 4:21) not our heads! Who I am is more important than what I do

To bring to light your true identity the Holy Spirit reveals our heavenly father (papa) to you and His love for you. It is by experiencing His love that has the power to remove the veils that leaves us innocent. It is for this reason that our heavenly Father is coming to His people to father His Church to restore His people back to Eden. This will come as a result of the powerful revelation of His great love that He has for them.

We are able to see clearly when the Lord melts our hearts with His love. When our hearts are full of His love, our eyes will reflect the light of His living presence. Just as a natural fire has light and warmth, the love of God has a warmth that sheds forth light.  1 John 4:16 states that God is love (It is His divine nature) and he that dwells in love dwells in God and God in Him FOR we are made perfect in love. AND “As He is in heaven, so are we on this earth” (1 John 4:18) If God is love and we are as He is, then our being and nature must also be that of love. When that takes place you are not only being set free from the veils of deception, but the power to set others free.

Love is the divine nature of God. All that He does arises from His divine nature. Love defines God, His motive and purpose. It is the essence of our being and not in our doing that we find our true identity. The love of God is pure for His love cast out all fear.

The prophet Ezekiel declared “A new heart also will I give you , and a new spirit will I give you (Ez. 36:25) When the truth of God’s love penetrates our heart, the mask that we wear and the deceptions of our false expectations and identity, and the unauthentic way that we present ourselves, will melt away like wax as we find the freedom to be free!

It is here in the truth of His love that we are able to see ourselves for who we really are – not only beloved of the Father but who we were created to be as a person in His image that is unique and gifted with the call to be clothed in His glory.

The power of love is that love never fails and that His love is the power that always prevails. It is by being filled with His love learning how to walk in love, that our true identify begins to emerge in the way that we were originally created.

The enemy seeks to harden hearts and cast shadows of fear, uncertainly, doubt and unbelief, knowing that it is these issues of life that puts a veil over well meaning hearts that eclipse our vision of heaven, and thus keeps us from emerging into our identity in that empowers us to have the rule and authority- especially over all the power of the enemy!

Redeeming the Land

We must see people for who they really are, which requires seeing them after the spirit, not after their human nature, or who they are not, by heir shortcomings and failures or how they personally affect us. We must see them as God does and love them with His love.

We must also network with those that God has placed in lives that see us for who we really are that speak to our true identity in Christ. It is these relationships by a people that see with the heart of the Father that fosters genuine fellowship that attracts the presence of God. It is these relationships that become a habitation for the Spirit.

The anointing is attracted to authenticity by those that walk in love that manifest the presence of Christ that empowers them to rule with the authority of the Kingdom. This is the new creation, a people clothed in God’s glorious light that shines with the brightness of His glory.

These are the Kings of the Royal Priesthood (1 Pe. 2:9) that are being raised up in the body of Christ today to rule in the midst of their enemies. They have the authority and power to initiate progress and insure success that others cannot. This is the year that God will visit your vision, perfect you with His love and position you with a clarity of your true identity so that you can proceed to fulfill your ordained purpose to  own your territory that God has assigned to you.

In His grace – Roy Roden