See the House by Chuck Pierce

   This message was given by Chuck Pierce at the Advanced Prophetic Conference at MorningStar Ministries on Thursday 2-23-2012. You can obtain a copy of this message on DVD or CD by calling MorningStar at 1-800-542-0278. Please check out Chucks website at



   We are the crossroads of change and have now entered into the now moment of time for a shift to take place in the house of the Lord. We are coming out of the confusion of 2011 and moving into a new administration in 2012. We must pay attention to the signs that the Lord is showing us so that we do not miss the directives He is giving to us.

 Roy’s comment:  Chuck shared that on the day before his arrival at MorningStar to give this message on 2-23-2012, his wife pointed out in the Garden of Israel at their location in Texas, the first almond blossom that has emerged on the Garden’s almond tree. This is a sign of Jer. 1:11. But also please note that the date was 2:22-12, which to me is prophetic of Is. 22:22 and Ephesians 2:22, which has to do with the Key of the house of David and the new Kingdom Administration, which Chuck refers to in the following word.

   This date is also the national holiday that celebrates George Washington’s birthday, the first president of our Nation who was a patriot for justice and liberty. George was one of the founding fathers of a government that launched a new administration for America. Nearly everywhere in this season we are hearing of the restoration of the Tabernacle of David, the shift towards the new administration of the Government of God and the revelation of the blueprints of heaven. God is now revealing the divine constitution, the covenant that the house of God is built upon according to scriptures, the foundation built by the apostles and prophets with Christ the very cornerstone.

 It is now high time to awaken and rise out of the rubble to build the house of the Lord


The Place of Transition: 2011-2012

  Ch8uck begins his session with the statement, we are now in-between two seasons. The year 2011 was a year of chaos and confusion but now we are moving into a new administration. That is what the number 12 means. We are NOW moving into a new Kingdom order. This is the time to prophetically see until the fullness of what the Lord reveals to us in manifested.

  God is now moving us out of the confusion of 2011. The transition began last September on the day of Rosh Hashanah and by the time of the Passover in April, we will have begun to move into the new order.  Like the rod of an almond tree that Jeremiah saw, look for the signs that God is revealing to you. (The rod Jeremiah saw I believe is Aaron’s rod that blossomed before Israel that verified his priesthood.)


Now Is the Time to See

   Now it the time to see what the Lord is saying until the fullness of time when, that which we see, is fully manifested. We must discern the signs during this time in order not to miss the personal direction that God is giving to you that will enable you to come into the new order that He has for you, your family and ministry. So watch for the signs for we have crossed over into a supernatural season.

  Just as the Lord asked Jeremiah (Je. 1:11)  “What do you see?” What you see determines what you are moving in. There is an abundance of revelation being poured out in this season of seeing. We have to learn how to see and to hear differently from that which we are use to seeing in order to move into the new.  God wants to work with that which we are seeing with the understanding that will take us to the place of destiny.

    Consider the apostle Peter who had a vision of a net that came down from heaven filled with animals that the Jews were forbidden to eat. The Lord told Peter to rise and to kill and eat. Peter’s Biblical training taught him that this meat was forbidden. Soon however, clarity came as to the Lord’s purpose, which was to bring the gospel of the Kingdom to the Gentiles. Until this time, the gentiles were seen as unclean and they were forbidden to eat and fellowship with them, much less receive the gift of salvation.

  This is not the season to understand everything that the Lord reveals but the season for us to declare “I see” that which we are seeing. Like the prophet Jeremiah, once we declare what we see, the Lord will and say, “You have seen well.” He just wants you to know what you are seeing and because you have seen well, He is now ready to state, “ for I will hasten My word to perform it” (Je. 1:12)

     This is the year that is linked to the Sons and Daughters prophesying. Declare the decree.  Sometimes all we need to do is to declare what we see and He will do it.


Standing at the Crossroads of Time

  Hebrews 13:8 tell us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He can come down from the place of eternity in time to move with us in our time. During this season we will see a vision for our future. God wants us to see that which He is doing before it is even built. Because we can see the end sometimes before it even begins, we can grasp the vision that the Lord has for us. We are now at some intersection of time receive divine directives that will enable us to move forward.

  You have to stand at the crossroad in order to see what Christ wants to reveal to you in regards to the path that you are to turn on. Once you are in alignment with your assignment, activation will take place and you will begin to move forward with acceleration. Simply by seeing and responding by taking a step forward in the moment of time will do this, even if you don’t know where you are going.

   What we see in this season is that which the Lord will build in the next 8 years. To receive the blueprint of heaven and His directives, we must let our understanding and experiences of the past go so that we can clearly see without distortion that which is to come. The Lord is going to show you why you see the way that you do so that you may see the way in which to go.  Along with this, an open heaven will take place where angels will be assigned to you that will meet you at the crossroad of seeing.


Today – A Place of Expectation  

  God is ready to hasten His Word TODAY! Today He wants to perform that which is relative to new life. Today a new expectation should arise within you. Change is always linked with emotions. To have an expectation means that there is a point in the future that you need to get to that you have seen. WE have not gone this way before. This is why the enemy will try to hit you in the place of your expectations. If you do not expect God to move in the days ahead because of delays, fears or uncertainty, he can capture you in time TODAY and you will loose sight of where you are going.

   This is why we need the prophetic for without a vision the people perish. Without prophetic revelation the people will not know how to move forward or to make a turn in the right direction when the time comes. We also need the prophetic to provide encouragement to encourage God’s people to rise up from the place of warfare that we were engaged in during the last season, to build out of the rubble a new thing.

 Over the next 8-12 weeks, (March –April, 2012) there is a divine release of prophetic revelation. Record now what you see so that you can clearly obtain the understanding to see clearly the direction that you are to go. God has prophetic keys for you that will unlock every portion of the path that is assigned to you.


The Hebrew Year 5772

   The numbers 70 is 10 times 7, which indicates that certain things will come to pass in your life by the time of the Passover. (Which begins at sundown April 6th).  Certain things of your life will come to an end by this time and when they do, as you testify of these things the Spirit of Prophecy will fall on you!

   The areas of captivity that you have watched for will be broken in this season. This is the year that the Lord is breaking the power of captivity. Those things that have captured your bloodline in the last season will break in this season. Watch for those things that have held you captive for the Lord will reveal to you how to break the power of that captivity.

  New springs of living waters will arise in the earth. God is watching for those things that have been pressed down in you to rise up and bubble up and over that will enable you to move forward.

  The things that were pressed down in your life will now start to bubble up and will bubble over into the house of the Lord. This bubbling up and over will start changing the house along with a shaking that will bring in a new order.

  You are the TEMPLE of God called to release rivers of living water for Jesus said, “Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.”

  The number 2 stands for those things that were scattered in the past season. God will take that which is scattered and bring it into order that will cause things to come into fullness. Those things that have been adding up in your life, God is now getting ready to pour out.

  That which has been deposited in the DNA of your bone marrow (such as His word, vision and purpose) will now start bubbling up because the Word will become like a fire in your bones.  This awakening will cause the spirit of a man to come alive. What has been lost or stolen is still lodged in the DNA of your bone structure. God is going to release it NOW. The blessings of God held by the enemy will be recaptured. Where we have been in labor for the past 20 years will NOW be restored.


It’s About His House

    We are coming back into the house – His house.  It ‘s like we have been cast out of the house, but we are now coming back into the house, the house of the Lord.  It’s all about His house changing. Be prepared for change.

    This is the year that the house of the Lord must break out of conformity and pierce through the worlds patterns to establish the blueprints of God’s house. This is a transforming year. The Lord is going to show us how to transform ideas that will reform the house of the Lord into its true identity. It’s all about His house.

   And also, the identity that you displayed in the last season will not be displayed in this season. In this season what you will display will be that of a whole new, shinning creation. We must break out of conformity because the identity that is bring formed in you this year, will be seen in you for the next 8 years.

   God is now realigning His house with the establishment of the five fold ascension gifts of Christ, (Apostle, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers) as will those with the gifts of healing and working of miracles. In this new administration, the gifts and administration of the God will be established.

   We have entered into a Kingdom time where your house (your temple) is being aligned with that of heaven. This invasion of heaven in your life will propel you into a Kingdom reality that you have not known before and it will arise from an intimate relationship with the Lord. This is called Kraios time, which is the time when the Kingdom of God in you lines up with the Kingdom of God above, to where the atmosphere and nature of heaven consistently invades your life

  The Lord is coming to His house. Even in the midst of those who are troubled, fearful and full of unbelief, will not preempt the invasion of His glory. Just as Jesus came into the locked room where the disciples were secretly meeting after His crucifixion, He can come into any situation. And just as He told doubting Thomas to “Thrust your hand into My side so that you ay believe,” the Lord is coming not because of our perfect ideals, traditions, programs or righteousness, but to transform the hearts of the people.

   God is not worried about our past mistakes, or what is not happening or the mistakes and religious mindsets of the people. This will not stop His manifest presence from coming.  We have now entered into the NOW moment for the shift to take place in His house. We have NOW entered into the NOW moment for the shift to take place in your temple – the place where He lives.

    We have now entered into the now moment for the shift to take place in His house. We have now entered into the now moment for the shift to take place in your temple – the place where He lives.

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