See The New By Chuck Pierce

This message was given at the Advanced Prophetic Conference at Heritage USA- the home base of MorningStar Ministries on Friday 4-01-11. You can obtain a copy of this message on DVD or CD by calling MorningStar at 1-800-542-0278.

Build the Garden

    A brief mention by Chuck is that it was not time to build or repair a natural building, but to build the garden. In order for the glory to come, the garden must be built the way God built His.  It is imperative that we come into communion with the Lord. It is imperative that we build the garden that will enable us to come into a new level of communion with the Lord and the glory of the Lord will come into the structure. 


Time to Go Up in Spirit 

   God is removing the old ceiling so that we can reach new heights – a whole new place with a different dimension. God is in the process of removing old layers that have accumulated that will enable us to go up to the new level. 

  God is now creating a plan that will remove every structure that has set itself up over us and is now being removed from us. Anything that is keeping you from “Going up” is being removed that we might receive a greater revelation that God has for us.  The Lord is saying “Come up here” and I will show you things you have never seen before. Break through your ceiling and “Come on up.” 

   The Watchmen eye of the Lord is going to and fro throughout the earth to see who is linked with Him.  Heaven is coming down with the earth responding by releasing living waters that rise up and bubble over.  (Living springs) We have entered into a new season of seeing the well of God rise up and bubble over in our lives. The results of connecting with heaven are that we bubble up and bubble over with the spirit. 

  In order to bubble over, you must know the tribe you belong to and that which the Lord is saying. It will be from the fresh revelation given to your tribe, the place that the Lord has connected you to, that will enable you to bubble over with new life. 

  Roy- “As our praise goes up, His Spirit comes down. As our spirits soar by going up, His presence goes deeper to fill our well where living waters flow. The higher we go up, the deeper His love goes into our heart. Lately, as we have been rising to soar into the heavens, the spirit of the Lord has been filling our inner most being with living waters. It’s time to go up to be seated with Christ in heavenly places. “(Eph. 2:6)

  Get ready for the pouring out! This will be the result of heaven and earth connecting together in this season. Things shake when heaven and earth come together. Things are really going to shake up, so we need to learn how to enjoy the shaking. The purpose of the shaking is to bring in a greater glory. We are at a place where heaven is shaking and the earth is responding that is causing us to quake on the inside. 

  We are the key factor in this season to prophecy a new dawn, to release what God is doing. We are the connectors that bring heaven and earth together. It’s time to speak and decree how heaven is bringing this new model into the earth. 


A New Season of Seeing

   We are at a place where heaven is shifting and the earth is shaking. What we couldn’t see in the last season and the new order will now be created in this season.  The season that we are in during the next ten years is linked to this new vision. Like pieces of a puzzle, this new vision will come from the realm of heaven that will come together to create a new prototype of ministry. 

  The heavens are shifting and they often change because of a shift in seasons. Watch for the ending of things in your life and the beginning of new things. (Everything is changing)We are called to rise up in spirit and from the place of the heavenly realm, look upon the earth beneath. It is from this position that we prophesy that which is in heaven to be revealed on earth.

   “Lift up your eyes to the heavens, and look upon the earth beneath: for the heavens shall vanish away like smoke, and the earth shall wax old like a garment…” (Is. 51:6). 

  If we stay in the old atmosphere we will be in trouble. We can’t stay in the old garments anymore for the Lord is ushering in the new. We are called to speak to recreate a new atmosphere rule on earth from the heavenly realm. 

  The shift that is coming is as radical as the difference from the ministry of John the Baptist, where the people came to him in repentance, to that of Christ going to the people with the message of grace and mercy. It is as radical as the day of Pentecost when the outpouring of the Holy Spirit birthed a new administration and order. When Christ ascended up on high, he gave gifts to men for the work of ministry that established new ministries. 

   We are now in a new season where heaven is shifting that will birth a new administration that will take us from a church gathering to a Kingdom expression. 

    God is moving in this year to form new prototypes. God is bringing His glory into a structure in a different way. God is ordering our steps right now. If is from this place of a fresh apostolic/prophetic revelation from heaven that will set the course to enable us to move forward out of that revelation. 

  A new model is coming into the earth. We must get into the foundational structure – the apostolic/prophetic foundation that God is establishing in this season. In every season there is a foundation, a structure that we stand upon to prophecy from. 

   It is here where we stand on this foundation that the prophecy, vision and dreams we receive is released into the structure at the place (the tribe or ministry) that we are connected to. 

  In this year we have access to revelation that we have never had before. Divine revelations are coming that will cause the Scriptures to come alive in this day. A new level of maturity is coming because of the greater light and understanding. 

    There are walls and strongholds that have never been torn down before. Leadership needs to know what these strongholds are that have never been torn down, what their specific assignment is, and what their target is and who is called to go with them. 

   The Lord says “Let me go deep within you, stay in tune with my divine order and position yourselves as troops on the move, and I will administer a greater glory on earth than you have ever seen.” 


The Year of the Bull, Tribe of Judah and the Lions Roar

   This is also the year of the bull. Bulls can create a mess, but without an ox in the stall, there will be no strength. God is imparting new strength to His people. 

  This is also the year of Judah. The worship structure of our worship is changing. Whenever the glory cloud moved, the tribe of Judah was the first tribe of Israel to rise up and follow the glory of God who led them to their new location. This represents a divine order that God is now establishing in this new season. 

  This is also the year of the Lion of Judah. The expression that comes out of us is going to come forth differently than we have known before. (He will roar through His sons and daughters, His mighty warriors.) These sounds are going to make the demonic ceilings begin to crack as we express what heaven is releasing through us. 

   Everyone has a voice, a sound that is unique to them. Corporately it has the power of multiplication. Like Gideon’s army of 300 men, when they made one sound (when they slam their pitchers into the ground to shatter them) it shook the entire force (The Midianites) that had been robbing them of their cattle, sheep and produce. 

  When the toothless Lion comes to rob, steal, and destroy, when that sound is expressed through God’s people, he will flee. The sound of the host of heaven is about to blend with the sound being released on earth. This sound will cause the enemy to back off so that a Kingdom perspective can enter into structures where the Kingdom of God has not yet been established. 

    Roy– Just as in the beginning the Holy Spirit is about to move over the earth to bring forth a new creation. Out of the greatest darkness, confusion and chaos, the Lord will bring forth a new Eden, that of His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. He will do this through His people. 

    Jesus not only came to redeem mankind from sin with the gift of eternal life, but to restore us back into the original plan God created in the beginning, which is for intimacy and fellowship with the Father, to be clothed in light and walk with an open heaven that brings life to the earth.  To subdue, be fruitful and multiply with Kingdom dominion in the earth. 

  For the Lord shall comfort Zion: He will comfort all her waste places; and He will make her wilderness like Eden, and her desert like the garden of the Lord: joy and gladness shall be found therein, thanksgiving and the voice of melody (Is. 51:3) 

      In His heart and love, 

        Roy Roden