The Battle for Identity

In a Church where the family fellowship evolves around the culture of honor and love, a beautiful thing begins to take place. People begin to emerge as to who they really are as God has created them to be. When we walk in our true identity, we become full of light and love with the joy of being free. There isn’t anything more freeing then when people walk as a new creation in Christ that is their true identity.

When people begin to walk in love as to who they truly are honoring one another; their spirit begins to emerge from within. Most Christians serve God in the natural because they haven’t found their true spiritual identity. They see themselves as a body that has a spirit rather than a spirit that has a body. Thus they see themselves as a body that has occasional spiritual experiences and go from one blessing to another, one meeting to another, looking for the next blessing and fix.

Those who see themselves as having a spirit will allow their spirit to rise and shine understanding that they are a spirit with a body. Thus they see themselves as a spirit created in the image and likeness of God who is a spirit. Rather than having a body with occasional spiritual experience, they walk in the spirit having occasional human experiences.  Their spiritual life comes from a dynamic relationship with God from the place of intimacy where their spirit is touch with God who is a spirit.

This attracts the presence of God because we are made in His image and likeness to live in the Spirit. When your spirit emerges and you allow the Holy Spirit to rise from within to infuse your spirit with the divine nature of the Holy Spirit, you soul is filled with God’s life, light and love. It is this infusion of grace that allows your spirit to, Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of God has risen upon you (Is. 60:1)

Also as the next two verses indicate, the glory of the Lord will rise upon you and  become visible because of the infusion of grace that permeates your spirit. This is the light that we are to let shine – the light of God that burns upon the wick of our candle.  As King Solomon declared, “the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord…” (Pro. 20:27).

To rise and shine means to learn how to let your spirit come to the front that puts your soul underneath in subjection to the authority of the Holy Spirit. To allow the Holy Spirit that dwells within you to rise and fill you with His living presence is the key to living a life of victory.  Our spirit was made in the image and likeness of God, and like Moses, to radiate the countenance of His glory.

It is this light of the infusion of the grace of God, the Holy Spirit, that is in us that we are to let shine. It is this light that attracts the gentiles and the Kingdom to the brightness of your rising. (Is. 60:3) So Burn baby burn!

Kingdom Reality

When your spirit comes forth infused with the Holy Spirit you will become one with the Father and the light of God will rest upon you as carriers of His glory. It is the prayer of Jesus that “The glory that you have given to me I have given to them, that they may be one, even as we are one” (John 17:22). The glory of God is His Holy Spirit. Jesus said of, But you know Him; for He dwells WITH you and shall be IN you” (John 14:17).

When your spirit emerges into the light, because of the Holy Spirit that fills you, you become aware of the Kingdom of heaven within you and around you. When your spirit emerges and you dwell in the culture of love where honor is ascribed to one another, you will attract God’s presence. Why? Because “God is love and those that dwell in love dwell in God and God in them (1John 4:16).

Love is the essence of God and who we are as well. The Kingdom of God comes in His presence and those who abide in His love will experience the reality of the presence of heaven. It is this love relationship that removes the curtain that hangs over the veil of our eyes that enables us to see and perceive the Kingdom of God. Heaven then comes to earth. This is in answer to the prayer of Jesus for “Thy Kingdom Come” on earth as it is in heaven. Heaven comes in the presence of the Kingdom of God.

When you emerge into the light like a fog lifted at the rising of the Sun, you come into the dawn of a new morning each day of heaven’s reality as your spirit rises to shine. Let your inner man rise and as you worship, for the Holy Spirit to infuse your spirit with resurrection life.

In doing so, the fog that has ruled over your spirit that has held you in captivity will burn away. The light of heaven with the Lord’s understanding then becomes your normal reality. Our call is to be supernaturally natural.  When you walk in this light, you reality is the Kingdom of God that prevails in you and around you. Like a light that comes on at night, in the midst of darkness, chaos and confusion, when you walk in the light your perspective of life itself is from the Kingdom reality that you live in.  Like the Cherubim in Isaiah 6, those who abide in His presence will say “The whole earth is filled with His glory,” When we dwell in God’s presence we will not see anything but glory.

The War Wages for our Identify

When people begin to find the freedom to rise and shine to be who they really are, those around are often taken by surprise, stunned and at loss as to how to relate to them. This is because the reality of their relationship is in contrast to the nature or person that they thought they knew. Since we go from glory to glory, change is always required in order to go to higher levels of Glory and deeper into the realms of heaven.

In 1988 the Lord began to teach me how to live in the Spirit. At that time my whole life changed radically and drastically. Within a few short weeks I was shown through many vision and encounters with heaven, who I really was in the spirit and my call. As I began to walk out this reality, I became engaged in a battle against the spirit of religion that was losing control. Once in submission to the doctrines of men, I began to walk by faith to fulfill the call of God upon my life. Faith scares the enemy because they can’t control a person that lives in the heavenly realm that is directed by the Holy Spirit.

I also found that those closest to me resisted the change. In order to maintain the ground I had obtained by God’s grace, I endured the tactics of intimidation, false accusations and the attempt to subvert my true identity. Thus I endured the abuse in the form of accusations, intimidation, and brow beating by those that attempted to overthrow and undermine what the Lord has established in my identity in the Spirit.

The purpose of this was to submit to the pressure and compromise that would place me in subjection to the old nature, where people feel comfortable and in control. In the year of jubilee in 1988, God began the process of liberating me from the bondage that had held me in captivity. This became the process that perfected me in love and the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Out of a real need, I had to learn how to walk in love, humility in order to shine in the spirit of the Lord, which required that I walk in love and forgiveness and find the grace to prevail.

We must understand that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers, rulers of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places. Thus the battle is to guard our hearts in order to preserve the issue of life- which is abiding in God’s presence and His love. Love is therefore the key to prevailing for love never fails.

Who You Are

As a result of the culture of honor based on love we have seen a great deal of personal growth in a short time.  However, just as the identify of Christ was challenged by Satan on the mount, (If you are the son of God… Luke 4:3)) the adversary will challenge who you really are in Christ with the  quest to put you under the dominion and influence of another spirit other than the Holy Spirit.

To stand our ground requires like Jesus, that we fight with the Sword of the Spirit of the Lord proclaiming, it is written! The following is just a few truths in regards to WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST. Proclaim WHO YOU ARE daily from the heavens until you shine in the glory of your heavenly Father! BECAUSE

You are His beloved of the most High

You are of the Royal Priesthood, a chosen generation. (1 Pe. 2:9)

You are His workmanship created in Christ for good works (Eph. 2:10)

You are knights of the Cross like Jon of Arc, warriors with a pure heart

Warriors of valor and honor of Kingdom royalty – the apple of God’s eye

Filled with God’s grace and wisdom – a treasure from heaven

Members of the household of faith with the righteousness of Christ

Heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus

You are Queen Esters- God’s mighty intercessors.

Sons and daughters of the inheritance of the saints in light (Col. 1:12)

Strong as an Ox raised up by the Father in His stall. (Malachi 4:2)

Sons and Daughters of our heavenly Father (2 Cor. 6:18.)

This are but few of the things that our heavenly sees when He looks at you.

In His heart and mind,

Roy Roden