The Process of Change by Chuck Pierce

   This condensed message by Chuck Pierce is the second message that he gave at the Advanced Prophetic Conference at MorningStar Ministries on Friday 2-24-2012. You can obtain a copy of this message on DVD or CD by calling MorningStar at 1-800-542-0278. Please check out Chucks website at


Time To Move Forward

     We are coming out of the confusion of 2011 and moving into a new administration in 2012. We are at the crossroads for a major shift to take place in the house. It is time to go forward to rise and build that which the Lord wants to build, which means we need to get past where we are. The house of the Lord will become an Oasis, where living waters flow. You have to know your watering holes this year to drink living waters.

   It is time to get of “dead center” of where we are and move forward. We are to return to our first love and get HOT this year for the Lord. Trying to stay on dead center to take a balanced approach will not make it.  We need to return to our first love – the Lord Jesus Christ. No more lukewarm Christians.

   Because we have followed Him, we are now at the place where He has led us. Because of this, we are able to make an advance from the place where we are positioned. You cannot lean upon your own understanding in order to move forward. God may even take you on a different path to get you to the next place. In other words, God may take you to one place that opens the door to another place that is different. You may have to go north before you can go south – meaning that God will take you to one place that has a purposes just to end up somewhere else where destiny awaits you .


A New Pathway To Reveal His Glory

   We must pierce through conformity to create a new model. The Lord is creating Goshen’s, places that are an Oasis. He is providing a blueprint of heaven that will enable His people to build. But in he days ahead you will begin to face powers and principalities that have ruled what the Lord has long to display His glory in. (Chuck described looking at a serpent, a principality and power, that flew and landed on a communications tower. He looked at this until it left. We may have to face the powers that need to be displaced with the Lord’s glory.)

  This is the season to get the communications systems established. To get the intercessory gifts established in the body of Christ so that the Lord can establish what He wants to build in the next season. There is a divine progression to build in the next phase that requires that we “see the new” with the wisdom of God that will enable us to build, which includes the community of gifts. Such as as the five fold ministry gifts of Christ the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher, as well as the ministry of healing and the working of miracles. (Eph. 4:11 mandate)


 Healing Fragmented Hearts

   The Lord is creating our “identity” which is why we are going through what we are. The Lord is making His people into a sharp threshing instrument. Isaiah 41:15 states, “Behold, I will make you a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: you shall thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shall make the hills as chaff. “ The type of identity being forged in Christians will enable them to face their mountain and keep moving forward.

  The Church has pressed down the emotional release of God’s people to where it is hard for them to feel God’s heart. We are not talking about emotional immaturity, but the expression of God’s heart in love that minister to the heart of others. To know the Word of God is to hear His heart that expresses His thoughts, feelings and purpose. (Our relationship with God is a “heart to heart” connection where life flows)

  Truth that arises from the heart of the Father has the power to enlighten the eyes our heart with His understanding. When we speak His truth with His heart, it has the power to transform lives by the power of His love. It is this truth sets the captives free. It is the prophetic Word from the heart of God that will shift people and release them into their true identity that will bring healing and restoration.

   In order to release the emotional aspect of God in our midst, the truth that arises from the heart of God with the power that works by love, we must allow God to push up through the fragmentation of our hearts.  This means that we have to be a healed people. We are now entering a healing season where we have not been before.


A Triumphant Remnant

    We are also in a season where the triumphant remnant will arise to align themselves with the “David’s” that are called to lead. 1 Samuel chapter 22 is the account where “every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and everyone that was discontented, gathered themselves unto David, and he became captain over them, and there were with him about four hundred men” (1 Sam. 22:2).  (In time this band became a great multitude of thousands upon thousands)

  The next 8 years we will see the fullness of David’s Tabernacle established (See Amos 9:11, and Acts 15:16). We are a triumphant people. A triumphant alignment is now being formed in the earth. When David was in the wilderness, many came to join themselves to Him. That’s alignment! Here is the relevancy compared to the times,

 1.  The season of Judges had ended and those that had been aligned with the prophet Samuel now became aligned with David. (Prophetic to Apostolic- God’s government)

 2.  Some, who had been aligned with Saul, because his Kingdom was rent from him, became aligned with David. (Religious works to true spiritual authority)

3.   Those who had never been aligned with anyone before saw David’s faith. In response and they caught the vision declared “I want to be a part of what he is doing.”  

   When one season of alignment ends, you have to align yourself with the next alignment that God leads you to. An incredible spiritual alignment is now taking place in the Lord by a remnant that will create an evangelistic move in the earth.

   Remember, David did not take the best, he took those that were discouraged, in debt and discontented and formed them into a disciplined overcoming triumphant army.  Divine alignments are now taking place through the clarion call of the prophetic voices being heard today. As noted in 2 Chronicles, these prophetic voices are the Sons of Issachar that knew the times and how to instruct the people. God is forming an army and He will lead it as the Lord of Host.


The House Will Shake This Year

    From April on there will be a great shaking. Structures, cities, bridges and so on, will be shaken. (Chuck doesn’t say from what, but we can assume this is the perfect storm, such as political, economical, natural disasters etc.) This shaking will start in the house of the Lord. People will come in one way to worship and leave another.

  The power of the spoken word will recreate something in us in a moment with the power of restoration. You will say a word and they will become a new creation right before your eyes. You will be messengers of the Spirit of God that will shake what has been built around people. As you declare a thing, it will shake that which has been build around them and that which rest on them, to come off of them.


The Prophetic Voice

   Just as Israel stopped building the temple for 16 years because of the oppression of their enemies, the Lord will send those, who like Haggai, will encourage the people through the prophetic, to rise and build again. This shaking will cause us to come out of our last season of warfare to rise up out of the rubble to build the temple of the Lord. The power of fear that leads to complacency will be broken so that we can come out of our dead place to move forward to build what we are called to build.

  A new form of prophetic ministry is coming that will shake God’s people out of complacency and the fear of the future. Prophecy is going to shake you out of what has been postponed in your inheritance that has delayed your destiny.

   Suddenly, you will see it and in response, declare those things that have not yet come to pass, to come forth. God is a God of eternal time. We are called to see into eternity past, present and future Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is coming to us to reveal from the place of eternity, His perspective so we can see into the future land call it to manifest our present reality today. He wants us to see the blueprints, the eternal building blocks that enable us to build His house that will host His glory for a habitation for the Spirit. (Eph. 2:22)

   You are called to see into eternity and call it into the present reality. The creative power of seeing and decreeing what God has called you to build and recreate in the place that God has called you to be in. Again, you must know the place of your Oasis, your Eden that you are to call forth, recreate and cultivate. It is here that as you walk with God, He will show you the design along with creative ways to bring it forth.

  The Seer gift is the ability to see in the midst of rubble that which it is to look like. Just as Ezekiel saw a living army in the valley of dry bones and he prophesied the Word of God that raised the dead to life again, God is raising up His oracles with the power to prophesy life that will quicken the dead.


The Lord is Moving Us From Praying to Saying

  The Lord is calling us to see and decree with a creative power that will recreate life from a place of vision.  In the beginning God saw that the earth was void and without form and He spoke and said, “Let there be light and there was light.” It was the power of His spoken Word that light came and life came forth.  And just as Haggai prophesied to the remnant of Israel when they ceased from building for 16 years due to warfare, God is prophesying to those of the last season that are weary from warfare, to rise and build again.  Complacency is our enemy.

    God is building a house out the captivity of the past. Whatever held you in captivity in your family, ministry, business and so on, will be broken. This is the year that prophecy will minister with the power to bring you out of captivity. There is also a shaking of resources this year for the gold is mine and the silver is mine, says the Lord.

  It’s time to prophesy, declare and decree that which the Lord reveals to us from the place of vision, to see it manifest in the present.

     In conclusion by Roy, It’s time to rise and build the house of the Lord with the Father’s heart that reveals His love! To read prophetic tidbit articles by Church Pierce, click on these titles that are posted in our websites Prophetic Tidbit section.


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